from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (further domains , , , , and ) is an online service that provides complete websites with images and style sheets under several top-level domains , Writings and advertisements archived on request or automatically if they are e.g. B. be linked in Wikipedia. A URL consisting of a time stamp and the original URL is created. In addition, a short URL is generated as a redirect, which can also be used as a hyperlink . Readers are enabled to access a memento of a website that remains unchanged over time.


Originally was financed exclusively from the founders' funds. The net cost of the servers in 2016 was around US $ 3,500-4,000  per month. Donations have been solicited since November 2016. Before the appeal for donations, there were several DoS attacks and the need to have the domain protected by Cloudflare .

In contrast to WebCite, can save dynamically generated web pages (from websites such as Twitter or Wikimapia ), but does not save video, PDF and Flash content. The Memento protocol is supported.

Opt-out or opt-in functions, e.g. B. using robots.txt or HTML meta robots tag are not offered. According to the operator, content that contradicts the terms and conditions of the web host (e.g. pornography) can be deleted.

The copies on are not blocked for search engines and therefore appear in their index. Techniques such as the Robots Exclusion Standard and the meta-element noindex , which prevent websites from being indexed, are circumvented in this way.

The operators of the service want to remain anonymous and do not publish any legal information or other data on their identity. According to their own statement from 2013, they were a small team at the time, consisting of a few people.

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