Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls
genre Dramedy
Television series
German title Gilmore Girls
Original title Gilmore Girls
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2000-2007
length 42 minutes
Episodes 153 in 7 seasons ( List )
Theme music Carole King , Louise Goffin - Where You Lead
idea Amy Sherman-Palladino
music Sam Phillips
First broadcast October 5, 2000 (USA) on The WB
first broadcast
February 24, 2004 on ORF eins
main actor
supporting cast
Gilmore Girls: A New Year (2016)

Gilmore Girls is an American drama - and comedy - TV series of the television producer Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino, which was produced from 2000 to 2007. Between 2000 and 2006 the series was very successful on the US television channel The WB and from 2006 to 2007 on the new channel The CW . In November 2016, the video-on-demand provider Netflix released a four-part sequel entitled Gilmore Girls: A New Year .

The life of the single parent Lorelai Gilmore ( Lauren Graham ) and her teenage daughter Rory ( Alexis Bledel ), who live in the fictional small town Stars Hollow in Connecticut, is depicted. It's about family, generation conflicts, love in a tight-knit small town with many bizarre characters and celebrations. The series is known for its extremely fast and lively dialogues with many allusions to film, music, politics, literature and current events.


First season

At the beginning of the first season, Rory is accepted into the prestigious Chilton Private School. Her mother, Lorelai, wants her daughter to do this so that she can later study at Harvard University . However, since she cannot pay the Chilton's fees on her own, Lorelai has to ask her parents, with whom she does not have a good relationship, for a loan . Her parents, Richard and Emily Gilmore, are willing to help on the condition that Lorelai and Rory have dinner every Friday and that she calls once a week. Lorelai doesn't like the weekly visits to her parents that much, but they give Rory a chance to get to know her grandparents better.

On the last day at Stars Hollow High, Rory meets Dean, who soon becomes her first boyfriend. The move to Chilton was not without problems. Rory is cut off by the other students at the beginning and also has difficulties with the high level of performance on the Chilton. In addition, she has to rework the missed material because of her change in the middle of the school year.

In the meantime, Christopher, Rory's father, appears again. When Lorelai was pregnant with Rory at the age of 16, she did not want to marry him. Now she refuses to resume the relationship. Luke, the owner of Luke's Diner , is also interested in Lorelai. However, his old love Rachel reappears in Stars Hollow, and it looks like the two will be resuming their previous relationship. Rachel leaves Stars Hollow knowing that Luke is in love with Lorelai. When she says goodbye to him, Rachel admonishes him not to wait too long to confess his love to Lorelai.

The relationship between Lorelai and Max Medina, Rory's literature teacher on the Chilton, also runs through the first season. Lorelai meets Max at a parents' evening. They begin a relationship but break up for a short period of time due to the vortex that builds up around them. At the end of the first season, Max Medina Lorelai proposes marriage. Among other things, this causes conflicts with Rory and Emily Gilmore, as the relationship between a mother and one of the teachers at Chilton is judged rather critically, both there and among mutual acquaintances. It also influences the relationship between Lorelai and Luke, which is one of the core plot of the entire series.

Second season

Lorelai accepts the marriage proposal for the time being, but says nothing to her parents. Luke wants her wedding to a chuppah pay, he brings over before with Lorelai. During a conversation with him, Lorelai has doubts and realizes that she doesn't really love Max. She abandons the wedding and takes Rory on a short vacation that brings a few surprises.

Rory's best friend Lane, who met Henry at a party at the end of season one, uses all the tricks to hide her relationship with the Korean from her strict, religious, and conservative mother. The two never meet, so Henry finally turns away from Lane.

Jess, Luke’s nephew, is sent to Stars Hollow by his mother (Luke’s sister Liz) to live with Luke when Liz is having great trouble with her rebellious son. Dean doubts his relationship with Rory more and more when he notices that Rory is becoming increasingly attracted to Jess. Rory doesn't want to admit this to herself at first, because she can't stand the very sullen and taciturn Jess at the beginning, but little by little a good friendship develops between the two bookworms. The situation escalates when Jess Rory's car, which Dean built for her, wrecks. Jess then goes back to Liz in New York.

Lorelai and her best friend, the gifted cook Sookie, start thinking about their own hotel. Especially after Mia, the boss of the Independence Inn and Lorelai's surrogate mother, paid a visit to Stars Hollow and Lorelai told her about her dreams. Lorelai and Sookie have finally decided on an item and are ready to buy it. However, it is not for sale. The two are more than disappointed about it.

Lorelai is finally catching up on her school leaving certificate, which she was unable to complete at the age of 16 due to her pregnancy. However, Rory misses the ceremony because she is visiting Jess in New York and is delayed on the return trip. Lorelai is deeply disappointed. After Rory confesses to her going to New York, Lorelai realizes that Rory has fallen in love with Jess. Rory still refuses to admit it.

Jackson proposes marriage to Sookie, and they get married at the end of the season. While Lorelai is planning the wedding, she gets closer to Christopher again, and the two agree to try again. Not even 24 hours later, Christopher gets a call from Sherry, the friend he wanted to leave for Lorelai: She is pregnant. He doesn't want to make the mistake of not being a father to his newborn child again and decides to stick with Sherry. So the Gilmore Girls are very confused at the wedding, because even with Rory not everything is going as she imagined: She kissed Jess, who has just returned, even though she is still with Dean.

Third season

In her senior year in Chilton, Rory is also vice president of the student council and editor of the school newspaper. She feels more and more drawn to Jess and Dean tries for a long time to suppress it. Ultimately, however, he no longer wants to maintain the relationship and breaks up with her in public. Shortly after breaking up with Dean, Rory and Jess become a couple. Jess is having increasing problems at school as he prefers to work in the supermarket. But instead of talking to Rory about it, he withdraws more and more. When Luke finds out that Jess no longer goes to school, he gives him a choice: Either he repeats the school year or he has to move out with him. Jess's stubborn head stands in the way of the first option and he chooses the second option. He leaves town, again without saying goodbye to Rory. He goes to Los Angeles to look for his father, who shortly before had contacted Jess again after many years of absence.

Lane begins a relationship with Dave, in whose rock band she is now a drummer. Her mother doesn't know about the band or the relationship. Although she likes Dave, she refuses to have him accompany Lane to the school ball because he is not Korean. Instead, she tries to pair Lane with the Korean Young Chui. Lane takes advantage of this, takes him as a bogus friend and asks him to "break up" with her again after a while, since her mother has said that if she ever end a relationship, she would never be allowed to meet a boy again. However, she only realizes very late and only after Dave's annoyed persuasion that Young Chui has actually fallen in love with her, which is why he is delaying the end of the pseudo relationship further and further. That's why she's so desperate at a party that she drinks too much. Tipsy, she calls her mother and tells her about Dave.

Sherry has her child from Christopher, Gigi (short for Georgia), and Sookie becomes pregnant too. Towards the end of the season, Rory has to decide which college she wants to go to and submit her applications there. She also has to think about her career choice and take her final exams. While Rory's ambitious friend Paris is turned down by Harvard, Rory gets an acceptance from all the colleges to which she had applied. With the help of one of her pro-and-con lists, she finally decides to go to Yale University , the college favored by her grandparents. As the best of the year, she gives the closing speech at Chilton.

Sookie and Lorelai become unemployed as the Independence Inn has to close after a fire. During Rory's graduation ceremony, Sookie and Lorelai received the message that the "Dragonfly Inn" they wanted for a long time is now for sale because the owner has died. You finally have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of your own hotel.

Fourth season

Rory begins her studies in Yale , New Haven . She's moving into the dormitory, which means she doesn't see her mother that often anymore. Since Rory does not receive a scholarship, her grandparents have to pay for the study. The condition is that Rory continues to show up for Friday dinner. Lorelai also sometimes comes to dinner because she can see her daughter that way.

Lorelai and Sookie are now in the process of building their own hotel. To finance this company, the two set up a catering service. Because the money earned in this way is not enough, Lorelai asks Luke for a loan of US $ 30,000, which he willingly grants her.

Lane meanwhile has success with her own band, even if she has to look for a new guitarist first because her boyfriend Dave has moved to college, which is why the relationship has ended. She is faced with the big problem of having to hide the gigs from her devout mother, who strictly rejects rock music. When she comes home late one time, her mother discovered all of the hiding-places in the floorboards that Lane used to camouflage her “ double life ” for years , and threw them out of the house. She moves into an apartment with her bandmates (Zach and Brian). Lane can now lead a life of her own because she is allowed to work for Luke.

Rory's love life comes very short this year. After she already seems to exude a cloud of loneliness and everyone is asking her about it, Emily organizes a date for her. Of course this is a disaster. In her need, Rory calls her ex-boyfriend Dean, who is now married to his former schoolmate Lindsay. Dean rushes to their rescue and the two realize that they still have feelings for each other. How big these feelings are becomes clear at the latest when Jess suddenly appears again. He tries to get Rory to run away with him, but Rory sends him away.

Lorelai starts a relationship with Jason, Richard's new business partner, this year. Lorelai wants to keep the relationship a secret from her parents, but Jason's father has the couple exposed with the help of a private detective. Eventually Richard rejoins Jason's father's company, leaving Jason humiliated and without customers. Since Jason cannot accept this, he sues Lorelai's father. As big as the problems between Lorelai and her parents are, she cannot be with Jason in this situation and separates from him.

Richard and Emily's marriage is also in crisis, the two of them live past each other. Lorelai tries to help with a rather drastic method: During the test run of the new hotel, she gives her parents the bridal suite outside the main building in the hope that the two will speak out. However, these efforts fail, Emily and Richard get into an argument and eventually separate.

Luke, who married his girlfriend Nicole on a whim on the cruise, regrets this hasty step and now wants to get a divorce again. After this crisis he buys a self-help book and finally realizes who really is the woman of his dreams: Lorelai.

He now realizes that he has to fight for her and therefore invites her to his sister's wedding. Lorelai gets to know the otherwise loosely dressed and sometimes grumpy Luke in a whole new way: he's charming, can dance well, looks great when he dresses up and has the same sense of humor as her. After a very successful evening, Luke seizes the opportunity again and invites her to the cinema, even if he never goes to the cinema otherwise. Lorelai is confused, of course accepts the invitation and doesn't know if this is a date or not. Nevertheless, she felt a “moment”. And she too now recognizes the qualities of Luke. When he is supposed to come to the hotel test run, she becomes very nervous, and now Rory realizes that her mother is in love. Jason also comes to this appointment uninvited, and Lorelai makes it clear to him that she is no longer interested in him.

Luke, who now believes Jason and Lorelai are a couple due to a misunderstanding, confronts Lorelai. Lorelai assures him that everything is over between Jason and her, and a first kiss ensues.

Excited with joy, Lorelai storms home to tell her daughter the great news; but her happiness is suddenly destroyed: she meets a very confused and guilty-looking Rory. Shortly thereafter, Dean comes out of Rory's room and after seeing the rumpled bedspread, Lorelai realizes the situation: Rory slept with a married man.

Fifth season

Rory has an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Dean, who is married. Lorelai does not agree with the situation and the two keep silent. To avoid the conflict, Rory travels to Europe with her grandmother. Shortly before they come back, mother and daughter reconcile on the phone and Rory also writes Dean a letter, which a little later gives his marriage the fatal blow when Dean's wife Lindsay accidentally finds him. Then she throws Dean out of the apartment. When Rory returns, she and Dean attempt an official relationship, but this proves to be difficult.

Meanwhile, Rory's grandparents, Emily and Richard, are looking for an appropriate match for Rory, and for this purpose they throw a party with former Yale graduates and their sons. Among them is Logan, who comes from a good family and whom Rory knows from university. When Dean picks Rory up from her grandparents' party and sees her with the many rich young men, he realizes that he and Rory live in different worlds. Dean draws the consequences and ends their relationship.

Rory and Logan slowly get closer and eventually have a casual relationship. But Rory soon realizes that this situation is not sustainable for her in the long run. When she wants to part with Logan with a heavy heart, she experiences a surprise: Logan does not want to lose Rory and is ready for a strong bond.

Lane comes together with Zach, her band and flat-share colleague after a few trials and tribulations. Sookie becomes pregnant again and has a daughter named Martha after her son Davey. Paris mourns her lover, the much older Yale professor Asher Fleming, who has died of a heart attack. She later finds a new partner in Doyle, the senior newspaper editor of the student newspaper Yale Daily News .

Richard and Emily now live separately. However, this is not to be understood spatially, as Richard lives in the pool house on the property. Rory and Lorelai now have the dubious pleasure of always enjoying two Friday dinners. After a while, Richard and Emily reconcile and decide to renew their vows.

Lorelai is happier than she has been in years, and she and Luke are in a happy relationship. The new hotel is also doing very well and has received praise from all sides. Then, however, Rory's father Christopher appears again, who was recently left by Sherry and now lives alone with his little daughter Gigi. Emily and Richard disagree with Lorelai's relationship with Luke and try everything to get their dream son-in-law Christopher back into the game. When Christopher's father dies, Lorelai goes to Christopher and comforts him. Luke only finds out when Christopher shows up at the ceremony in honor of Richard and Emily's renewal of their vows. Christopher tells him in a drunk state that Emily invited him because he was the right person for Lorelai. An argument breaks out and Luke breaks up with Lorelai. This then blames her mother for the fiasco and stays away from her parents. Emily realizes that she is about to lose her daughter and decides to take an unusual step for her: She visits Luke in his diner and asks him to reconsider the separation from Lorelai. Luke then reconciles with Lorelai.

At dinner with Logan's parents, sister, and grandfather, Rory is treated very condescendingly. Mrs. Huntzberger in particular leaves no doubt that she rejects Rory as her son's friend. Mitchum, Logan's father, offers her an internship at a newspaper he owns in return. Rory accepts the offer, gets involved and is also very popular with the other employees. But then a world collapses for Rory: Mitchum tells her very directly in a feedback discussion that she has no talent as a journalist and will never get very far. As a result, Rory commits a short-circuit act: she steals a yacht with Logan. The two are caught and go to jail. Rory now makes a momentous decision: She wants to take a break from studying. Lorelai is appalled by this - she fears that her daughter will make a mistake and endanger her future. An argument ensues, as a result of which Rory moves in with her grandparents.

Lorelai is very disappointed and hurt because she was hoping for the support of her parents. But Emily and Richard supported Rory instead of sticking to Lorelai. Luke is the only one who is still there for her and whom she can trust. When Lorelai comes to him in the evening, he comforts and encourages her. Lorelai realizes how much she loves him and she makes him a spontaneous marriage proposal.

Sixth season

Rory now lives in the pool house with her grandparents. Instead of going back to Yale at the beginning of the new semester , she works in her grandmother's women's club. Lorelai, who is now engaged to Luke and is suffering from the separation from Rory, buys a very idiosyncratic dog that she calls Paul Anka .

Rory is sentenced to 300 hours of community service as a result of the yacht theft, which she must do within six months. Meanwhile, Sookie tries to end the radio silence between Lorelai and Rory by sponsoring their children. She hopes that this way Rory and Lorelai will have to talk to each other, but this turns into a noisy discussion during the baptism.

Richard has always hoped that Rory would soon return to Yale University . But little by little he also realizes that this will not happen so quickly. He turns to Lorelai, but she is of the opinion that Rory must make this decision of her own accord. Rory invites her mother over for her birthday and Lorelai thought it was an attempt by Richard and Emily to blackmail Rory into returning to Yale University. That's why she didn't react. Rory angrily calls Luke and persuades her to come. Lorelai agreed and the Gilmore Girls will meet again.

Surprisingly, Rory gets a visit from Jess, who is now the author of a novel and employee of a publishing house. Jess encourages Rory to return to college. In the middle of the reunion Logan bursts into it. Logan is jealous, a heated argument develops between him and Rory, whereupon the two fall apart irreconcilably. Talking to Jess, Rory realizes that her life is not going the way she wants it to be. She moves out with her grandparents, resumes studying at Yale , and makes up with Lorelai. She shares a flat with Paris, who has been promoted to editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News , and her friend Doyle near the campus. A short time later, Rory reconciles with Logan.

Christopher has made a handsome fortune through the death of his grandfather, which is why he offers Rory to finance her studies. Rory gladly accepts the offer, which means that her grandparents, who were previously responsible for funding, are deeply affected. Meanwhile, Luke and Lorelai expand Lorelai's house so it is big enough for both of them. They seem to be completely lucky, but then Luke finds out that he has a 12-year-old daughter named April from a previous relationship with Anna Nardini. Luke then decides to postpone Lorelai's wedding so he can get used to his fatherly duties.

Rory, meanwhile, will be appointed editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News after Paris turned all the other editors against her. Paris throws her out of the apartment, whereupon Logan offers her to move in with him.

While Logan is on a trip to Costa Rica with his secret society "Life and Death Brigade" , he is seriously injured in a reckless act. Rory takes care of Logan, but his father sends him to London after graduating from university . Rory is left alone in the shared apartment.

Luke keeps April out of Lorelai's life and puts off the wedding so that Lorelai begins to wonder more and more if Luke would still like her in his life. Meanwhile, Christopher seeks advice on parenting issues from Lorelai because he is having problems with his daughter Gigi. Since Luke is on a school trip with April, Christopher and Lorelai attend Lane and Zach's wedding together. Lorelai drinks too much at the wedding party, and in a spontaneous speech she lets her pent-up feelings run free. After she accidentally met a psychologist and he poured out her heart, Lorelai realizes that she has to make a decision. The next day, she gives Luke the choice of either running away with her and marrying her or ending the relationship. Luke is taken by surprise and hesitates, then Lorelai breaks the engagement. She seeks consolation from Christopher and wakes up in his bed the next morning.

Seventh season

Lane returns from her terrible honeymoon and complains to Rory of her suffering. She finds out that she is pregnant with twins.

Christopher receives a letter from his ex-girlfriend Sherry in Paris, who apologizes for her mistakes and asks him to send their daughter to visit Paris. Lorelai and Christopher bring Gigi to France and stay there for a few days. In the evening, Christopher Lorelai proposes marriage.

Rory spends a weekend with her new friends and is shocked to discover that her old friend Marty is her friend Lucy's boyfriend, only Marty doesn't seem to want to admit her acquaintance. After her parents return, Rory receives an invitation to dinner from them. Here she learns that Christopher and Lorelai have married.

Luke asks Lorelai to write a reference letter about him, which he can show to the judge during the custody dispute with Anna. She agrees. When Christopher discovers the handwritten template of this letter, he confronts Lorelai with the assumption that he is only her second choice and leaves the house angrily.

Richard becomes a professor at Yale University and teaches economics. During a lecture, he has a heart attack and collapses. Emily, Lorelai, Rory and Logan spend days in the hospital to help Richard. Even Luke comes by and offers to help by u. a. brings something to eat. Only Christopher is initially absent, who has kept his distance after the argument with Lorelai and has not responded to any of Lorelai's calls. When Lorelai and Christopher later talk about the situation at home, the two split up.

Logan asks Rory if she wants to marry him. He tells Lorelai about his plan to go to the west coast with Rory as his wife when he gets her blessing. Rory asks Logan to think it over. At the official graduation ceremony, Rory tells him that while she loves him, she doesn't want to marry. She suggests a long distance relationship, but Logan is out of the question. He gives her a choice: Either she goes with him or they split up. With a heavy heart Rory gives him back the ring and accepts the separation.

Desperate to recreate Rory's graduation ceremony, the residents of Stars Hollow organize a party to re-enact the moment of testimony.

Rory meets her favorite reporter, Christiane Amanpour, at Lorelai's hotel . Rory immediately likes her and gives her her business card. After meeting the editor of an online magazine, she got a job at his magazine: She was able to accompany the presidential candidate Barack Obama on his campaign tour.

When it turns out that Rory has to leave in two days, the residents of Stars Hollow believe that the party can no longer be organized. But Luke doesn't give up and gathers everyone together so that the celebration can still take place. Even the rain forecast by the weather service doesn't stop him. He spends the whole night making a huge tarp. At this festival, he and Lorelai finally get back together.

A New Year (Miniseries)

Episode list


The series is best known for its fast dialogues with many allusions to music, books, films, series and people. The episodes are so dialog-heavy that a script is 75-80 pages long, while the scripts of other series usually only have 45-50 pages per episode.


In addition to German, the series was dubbed in many other languages.

The French dubbed version is a specialty. The figure of the Frenchman Michel Gerard, who speaks with a clear French accent, has become an Italian in the French version. He can speak French with an Italian accent and is clearly different from the other characters who speak without an accent.

The original title "Gilmore Girls" was retained in many countries. Exceptions are Italy, as the series was broadcast here as Una Mamma per amica (German: "A mother as a friend"), and Spain, where the series runs under the name Las Chicas Gilmore (the Spanish translation for "Gilmore Girls") . The series is also called Kochane Kłopoty in Poland , which means “beloved worries”. In Croatian television the series is called Gilmorice (in Croatian the female form of "Gilmores"). In Hungary the series runs under the name Szívek Szállodája , which means something like "Hotel of the Heart". On Slovak television the series runs under the title Ženy z rodu Gilmorovcov , d. H. “Women from the Gilmore tribe”, in Portugal the series is called Tal Mãe, tal Filha , which means “like mother, like daughter”. The Icelandic title of the series is Mæðgurnar , which can be translated as "mother and daughter". In Romania, the series initially ran under the name Părinți și copii ("Parents and Children"), only from the second season is the title Fetele Gilmore ("Gilmore Girls").


Music is given a central role as it is an important part of life for many characters. For example, the protagonists swear by the life of the front man from Blur or discuss whether they are more Nick-Cave - or Johnny-Cash - gloomy.

The title song Where You Lead first appeared in 1971 on the album Tapestry by Carole King . King re-recorded the song for the series with her daughter Louise Goffin. It is completely included on the series soundtrack Our Little Corner of the World: Music from Gilmore Girls . Carole King played the supporting role of Sophie, the owner of the music store in Stars Hollow, several times in the series.

The jingles that are played over and over again come from Sam Phillips and are partly available on the series soundtrack and on fan pages on the Internet.

Stars Hollow's city troubadour was cast by Grant-Lee Phillips , former lead singer of Grant Lee Buffalo. In 1999 the troupe broke up and Phillips started his solo career. Sebastian Bach , who plays the role of musician Gil, starred on Broadway on The Rocky Horror Show and Jekyll & Hyde, and became known in the 1980s as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Skid Row .


The facade of Lorelai's house on the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank

The series is filmed on the Warner Bros. studio site in Burbank, California (north of Los Angeles ). The street and the building have already appeared in several films and series (the outside of the "Dragonfly Inn" is, for example, the Waltons 'house, the Gilmores' house that of Uncle Jesse from Ein Duke is rarely alone ). One of the mountains that can be seen occasionally in the series is "Mount Hollywood ", the mountain on which the Hollywood Sign stands. Because of the Californian location, the series-typical, snowy winter episodes are also shot with a lot of film snow and often at 20 ° C.

Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel, who initially produced the series and wrote scripts for more than 90 of 153 episodes of the Gilmore Girls, could no longer agree on a new contract with the producing studio Warner Brothers in 2006, so David S. Rosenthal , who had been with the Gilmore Girls' writing team since season six, was hired as the new showrunner for the final season.

Broadcast Notes

The first four seasons of the series were broadcast in Germany from April 2, 2004 by VOX five times a week in the afternoon program. After the very good ratings on this slot, the fifth season was broadcast weekly in prime time from November 8, 2005 . From August 29, 2006, the sixth season ran weekly on VOX. The seventh and final season was broadcast on VOX every Friday evening at around 9:05 p.m. from October 26, 2007; the last episode of Gilmore Girls was first broadcast in Germany on March 14, 2008.

Since the beginning of 2004, the series can be seen almost continuously Monday to Friday in the afternoon program of the Austrian broadcasting company ORF Eins (as of September 2012). The last season began in Austria one day after the German premiere, also in the afternoon program.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was for a dialogue book by Martina Marx, Oliver Rohrbeck and Nana Spier and under the dialogue director Oliver Rohrbeck by the synchronous company Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin .

Main cast

actor Role name Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Lauren Graham Lorelai Victoria Gilmore 1-7 Melanie Pukass
Alexis Bledel Lorelai "Rory" Leigh Gilmore 1-7 Ilona Brokowski
Kelly Bishop Emily Gilmore 1-7 Regine Albrecht (1.01–6.17)
Almut Eggert (6.18–7.22)
Edward Herrmann Richard Gilmore † 1-7 Jürgen Thormann
Scott Patterson Lucas "Luke" Danes 1-7 Thomas Nero Wolff
Melissa McCarthy Sookie St. James 1-7 Anke Reitzenstein
Keiko Agena Lane Van Gerbig, b. Kim 1-7 Jill Cooper
Yanic Truesdale Michel Gerard 1-7 Stefan Krause
Liza Weil Paris Eustace Geller 2-7 1 Sonja Spuhl
Jared Padalecki Dean Forester 2-3 1, 4-5 Vanya Gerick
Milo Ventimiglia Jess Mariano 2-3 4, 6 Julien Haggége
Sean Gunn Kirk Gleason 3-7 1-2 Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Chris Eigeman Jason "Digger" Stiles 4th Johannes Berenz
Matt Czuchry Logan Huntzberger 6-7 5 Dominik Auer

Supporting cast

actor Role name Period
Voice actor
Liz Torres Patricia "Miss Patty" LaCosta 1-7 Regina Lemnitz
Jackson Douglas Jackson Matthew Belleville 1-7 Dietmar miracle
Michael Winters Taylor Doose 1-7 Roland Hemmo
Sally Struthers Babette Dell 1-7 Karin David
Emily Kuroda Mrs. Kim 1-7 Katarina Tomaschewsky
Ted Rooney Morey Dell 1-7 Andreas Hosang
Grant-Lee Phillips Grant, the city troubadour 1-7 Bernhard Völger
Teal Redmann Louise Grant 1-4 Sarah Riedel
Shelly Cole Madeline Lynn 1-4 Giuliana Jakobeit
David Sutcliffe Christopher "Chris" Hayden 1-3, 5-7 Sebastian Christoph Jacob
Dakin Matthews Director Hanlin Charleston 1-3, 5, 7 Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
Scott Cohen Max Arturo Medina 1-3 Peter Flechtner
Chad Michael Murray Tristan Dugray 1-2 Nicolás Artajo
Marion Ross Lorelai "Trix" Gilmore † 1, 3-4 Bettina Schön (Season 1)
Barbara Adolph (Season 3–4)
Adam Wylie Bradley "Brad" Langford 2-3 Ozan Unal
Girl amick Sherry Tinsdale 2-3 Bianca Krahl
Elizabeth Franz
Kathy Baker
Mia 2
Gertie Honeck
Karin Grüger
Todd Lowe Zack Van Gerbig 3-7 Marcel Collé
John Cabrera Brian Fuller 3-7 Sebastian Schulz
Jim Jansen Reverend Archie Skinner 3-6 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Arielle Kebbel Lindsay Anne Lister-Forester 3-5 Uschi Hugo
Adam Brody David "Dave" Rygalski 3 Timmo Niesner
Danny Strong Doyle McMaster 4-7 Klaus-Peter Grap
Kathleen Wilhoite Liz Danes 4-7 Andreschka Grossmann
Michael DeLuise TJ, actually Gary 4-7 Sven Hasper
Sebastian Bach Gil 4-7 Charles Rettinghaus
Rini Bell Lulu 4-7 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Wayne Wilcox Marty 4-5, 7th Norman Matt
Michael York Professor Asher Fleming † 4th Thomas Danneberg
Gregg Henry Mitchum Huntzberger 5-7 Hans-Jürgen Wolf
Vanessa Marano April Nardini 6-7 Lydia Morgenstern
Sherilyn Fenn Anna Nardini 6-7 Bettina White
Krysten Ritter Lucy 7th Anja Stadlober


In order not to present the episodes monotonously, The WB and later The CW put together a team of directors consisting of over 20 directors. Likewise, the basic idea and the storyline were determined by the scriptwriters mentioned above, but not every script was written by them. The first season alone (according to the booklet) has 13 directors and nine scriptwriters.


  • The character Jess , played by Milo Ventimiglia , was to get its own spin-off in 2003 called Windward Circle , in which Jess ' relationship with his father, played by Rob Estes , was to be thematized. But since the planned location Venice Beach was too expensive, The WB canceled the project.
  • Liza Weil , who plays Paris in the series , originally auditioned for the role of Rory , which then went to Alexis Bledel .
  • Sean Gunn played a telecommunications technician named Mick in the second episode of the first season , a swan supplier in the third episode and the manager of the supermarket in the fifth episode. Only in the eighth episode does he appear as Kirk Gleason , who takes part in the annual battle re-enactment.
  • Sherilyn Fenn plays the girlfriend of Jess' father in the third season and the ex-girlfriend of Luke and mother of his daughter April Nardini in the sixth and seventh seasons.
  • The building on the studio lot in Burbank used for the exterior shots of Lorelai's house is actually the back of Sookie's house.
  • The Huntzbergers refer to the Sulzbergers , the owners of the New York Times.
  • Although Mr. Kim is mentioned from time to time in the first few seasons - this is not the case later - he never appears. First seen in Gilmore Girls: A New Year .
  • The character Lane Kim is based on the co-producer Helen Pai, the best friend of Gilmore Girls inventor Amy Sherman-Palladino.
  • The name of Lane's band Hep Alien is an anagram taken from the name of co-producer Helen Pai.
  • Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright made a guest appearance as herself, in one of Rory's dreams she took the place of her mother Lorelai .
  • The US writer Norman Mailer also made a guest appearance. He is interviewed as himself at the Dragonfly Inn while Sookie tells Lorelai about her pregnancy. The original title of the episode Dance of Hormones therefore also made direct reference to this cameo (Norman Mailer, I'm pregnant!).
  • In the episode Baby Alarm! Season 3 features a flashback that takes place in Lorelai's teenage years, shortly before she found out about her pregnancy, during and until after Rory was born. Lorelai is portrayed in flashback by Chelsea Brummet and Christopher by Phillip Van Dyke .
  • In the series finale, which was broadcast on May 15, 2007, Christiane Amanpour had a guest appearance as herself. Rory meets her role model in the Dragonfly and says that she too would like to become a journalist.
  • Melissa McCarthy's pregnancy last season was carried over to the series.

Books on the series

The books for the series have been published by VGS-Verlag.

tape subtitle Publishing year ISBN
Like Mother like daughter
ISBN 3-8025-3245-7
Wedding plans
ISBN 3-8025-3246-5
What is love?
ISBN 3-8025-3261-9
The serious side of life
ISBN 3-8025-3262-7
Lorelai in need of love
ISBN 3-8025-3462-X
Small and big secrets
ISBN 3-8025-3480-8
Secret love affairs
ISBN 3-8025-3481-6
Because I love you
ISBN 3-8025-3482-4
He loves me, he doesn't love me
ISBN 3-8025-3529-4
Sweet worries
ISBN 3-8025-3530-8
Forever and ever
ISBN 3-8025-3531-6
butterflies in the stomach
ISBN 3-8025-3532-4
Old love doesn't rust
ISBN 3-8025-3567-7
spring feelings
ISBN 3-8025-3568-5
Kissing allowed!
ISBN 978-3-8025-3619-9
A perfect couple
ISBN 978-3-8025-3620-5
Watch out love
ISBN 978-3-8025-3642-7
Castles in the air
ISBN 978-3-8025-3643-4

VGS-Verlag is starting a different book series than softcover for the Gilmore Girls. Here, two already published books are always put into one book.

tape subtitle Publishing year Corresponds to the original volumes ISBN
Like mother, like daughter & wedding plans
1 & 2
ISBN 978-3-8025-3611-3
What is love? & The serious side of life
3 & 4
ISBN 978-3-8025-3633-5

DVD publications in German-speaking countries

Season Publication date Episodes consequences
First season November 18, 2005 001 to 021 21st
Second season March 17, 2006 022 to 043 22nd
Third season May 5, 2006 044 to 065 22nd
Fourth season July 7, 2006 066 to 087 22nd
Fifth season September 15, 2006 088 to 109 22nd
Sixth season part 1 December 1, 2006 110 to 121 12
Sixth season part 2 February 9, 2007 122 to 131 10
Sixth season complete March 30, 2007 110 to 131 22nd
Seventh season part 1 December 7, 2007 132 to 143 12
Seventh season part 2 March 14, 2008 144 to 153 10
Seventh season complete April 25, 2008 132 to 153 22nd
All seasons as a complete box (book design) September 12, 2008 001 to 153 153
Second complete box (all individual boxes combined) June 12, 2009 001 to 153 153


  • Our Little Corner of the World , soundtrack CD for the Gilmore Girls series


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