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Peter Flechtner

Peter Flechtner (born January 18, 1963 ) is a German film and theater actor and voice actor .


As an actor, Peter Flechtner had supporting roles in the major films Like a Light in Dark Night and Schindler's List . He also frequently synchronizes films , TV series , radio plays and commercials .

In the dubbing studio, he lent his voice to Ben Affleck (for example in Armageddon or The Stop ), Ralph Fiennes (in Mit Schirm, Charme und Melon ), the anime character Lupine III and a variety of series actors, including Peter DeLuise in 21 Jump Street , David James Elliott in JAG - On behalf of Honor , Jack Davenport in Coupling and FlashForward , Sam Trammell in True Blood , Doug Savant in Desperate Housewives , Timothy Omundson in Psych , Brian Stepanek in Hotel Zack & Cody , Matthew Fox in Lost , William Fichtner in Prison Break , Colin Ferguson in Eureka - The Secret City , John Barrowman in Torchwood and Arrow , Brían F. O'Byrne in The International and Law of the Street - Brooklyn's Finest , Tate Donovan in OC, California and Damages , Michael Kelly in House of Cards , Ty Burrell in Modern Family, and Billy Burke in Zoo .

He is also the spokesperson for Timothy Olyphant in Just 60 Seconds Left , Die Hard 4.0 and Hitman - Everyone Dies Alone and for Billy Crudup in Mission: Impossible III , The Good Shepherd and Watchmen, among others . His voice, he is also in a repeat of the 80s TV series Knight Rider the new KITT In the radio play area he speaks the title role in the series Takimo - adventures of a star travelers . In the German version of the video game Murdered: Soul Suspect , he took on the role of Ronan O'Connor. He also lends his voice to Principal Bradford on The Thundermans .

His twin sons Marlon and Lennart Flechtner and his niece Derya Flechtner are also active in the dubbing sector.

Filmography (selection)

As an actor

As a voice actor

for Alistair Petrie

for Ben Affleck

for Billy Crudup

for David Harbor

for Doug Savant

for James Frain

for Jason Lee

for Matt Walsh

for Michael Kelly

for Neal McDonough

for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

for Peter Sarsgaard

for Ron Livingston

for Tate Donovan

for Timothy Olyphant

for Ty Burrell

for Val Kilmer

for William Fichtner

  • 2007–2009: Prison Break (TV series) as FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone
  • 2013–2014: Crossing Lines (TV series) as Carl Hickman
  • since 2016: Mom (TV series) as Adam Janakowski

for John Barrowman

  • 2012-2017: Arrow (TV series) as Malcolm Merlyn
  • 2009–2012: Torchwood (TV series) as Captain Jack Harkness



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