Mr. Selfridge

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Television series
German title Mr. Selfridge
Original title Mr. Selfridge
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 2013-2016
ITV Studios
length 44-46 minutes
Episodes 40 in 4 seasons
genre drama
idea Andrew Davies
production Chrissy Skins
music Charlie Mole
First broadcast January 6, 2013 (UK) on ITV
first broadcast
April 3, 2014 on Sony Entertainment Television

Mr Selfridge is a British drama series about Harry Gordon Selfridge and his London department store Selfridge & Co, starring Jeremy Piven . The series project is based on the book Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead . The series was created by Andrew Davies . Chrissy Skinns is the producer, while Kate Lewis is executive producer. Directed by Jon Jones, who worked for Downton Abbey . As a production studio, ITV Studios is behind the series.

The broadcast of the series ended with the finale of the fourth season on ITV on March 11, 2016. In Germany, the series was always first broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television. The fourth season will be broadcast there from August 23, 2016. The free TV broadcast of the first two seasons in Germany took place from November 23 to December 29, 2014 on ZDFneo .


The television series Mr. Selfridge is about the establishment of a luxury department store in London by the American Harry Selfridge. The plot extends so far from 1908-1910 (season 1), through 1914 (season 2) and 1918-1919 (season 3) to 1928 (season 4).

Cast and dubbing

Role name Actress Voice actor
Harry Selfridge Jeremy Piven Uwe Büschken
Rose Selfridge Frances O'Connor Daniela Hoffmann
Lois Selfridge Kika Markham Katharina Lopinski
Agnes Leclair (née Towler) Aisling Loftus Dascha Lehmann
Ellen Love Zoë Tapper Annina Braunmiller
Lady Mae Loxley Katherine Kelly Sabine Arnhold
Roger Grove Tom Goodman-Hill Peter Flechtner
Grace Calthorpe Amy Morgan Ann have a lot
Josie Mardle Amanda Abbington Marion Musiol
Kitty Edwards (née Hawkins) Amy Beth Hayes Giuliana Jakobeit
Frank Edwards Samuel West Michael Pan
Reg Towler Nick Moran Jaron Lowenberg
George Towler Calum Callaghan Ricardo Richter
Roderick "Roddy" Temple Oliver Jackson-Cohen Leonhard Mahlich
Victor Colleano Trystan Gravelle Bernhard Völger
Lord Loxley Aidan McArdle Florian Krüger-Shantin
Henri Leclair Grégory Fitoussi Julien Haggége
Tony Travers Will Payne Dirk Stollberg
Dolphins Day Polly Walker Andrea Aust
Arthur Crabb Ron Cook Frank-Otto Schenk
Connie Hawkins Sacha Parkinson Tanya Kahana
Gordon Selfridge Adam Wilson Vincent Borko
Greg Austin Sebastian Fitzner
Mr. Thackeray Cal Macaninch Alexander Doering
Nancy Webb Kelly Adams Victoria Storm
Princess Marie Zoë Wanamaker Margot Rothweiler
Eleanor Grove Felicity Grimes Alice Bauer
Pierre Longchamp Edward Akrout Jaron Lowenberg
Serge de Bolotoff Vanya Gerick Leon Ockenden
Rosalie Selfridge Poppy Lee Friar Luisa Wietzorek
Kara Tointon
Violet Selfridge Freya Wilson Marie Christin Morgenstern
Millie Brady
Hannah Tointon Maria Hönig


Juliane Frisse of pulse noticed that were "the stars not the actor but the pompous Department Store and the period costumes", but missed "fine intellectual wit and razor-sharp punch lines, wrapped in an old-fashioned expression." For Marcel Pohlig of is the series “worth seeing”. The “impressive pictures” and the brilliant “acting by Jeremy Piven” are praised. Ulrike Frenkel from the Stuttgarter Zeitung criticizes the fact that "many thin narrative strands are woven into a colorful, yet not exactly surprising braid" and still considers the television series to be an "interesting TV change from the eternal crime thrillers on all channels".

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