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Michael Pan (* 18th October 1952 in Madrid as Michael Nathan ) is a German actor , synchronous and radio speaker .


Michael Pan's father was the cabaret artist and chansonnier Peter Pan alias Alfred Nathan , who had emigrated to Spain because of the National Socialist regime . Michael Pan was born there in 1952. In 1957 the family moved to Germany. At the invitation of the actor Ernst Busch , Peter Pan moved to East Berlin in 1958. It was here that his son Michael made his stage debut alongside Busch in 1960 at the age of only eight with the Berliner Ensemble in a performance of Bertolt Brecht's Life of Galileo .


In the following years Pan worked as a child actor at the Berliner Ensemble and the Volksbühne . In 1970 he began studying acting at the State Drama School in Berlin-Schöneweide, which he completed in 1973. Engagements in Berlin and Gera followed. In 1974 Pan moved to the Deutsches Theater Berlin , in whose ensemble he remained until 1989. He also acted in the local pantomime ensemble. In addition, he gave guest performances at the Maxim-Gorki-Theater and at the German State Opera in Berlin.

In 1987, Pan applied for release from citizenship of the GDR, which was granted two years later. Since then he has been working as a freelance artist on various Berlin stages and revues .

Movie and TV

Pan made his feature film debut in 1962 with the family comedy Igelfreundschaft . He also played a permanent role alongside Helga Göring in the television series A Room with a View , in several comedies about Maxe Baumann ( Gerd E. Schäfer ), in the television film Der Lude about Horst Wessel , alongside Meret Becker in the crime thriller 12 o'clock and made guest appearances in TV series such as The Public Prosecutor has the floor , Nikola , SOKO Leipzig and Polizeiruf 110 (in the following information in Braille he was seen as a police lieutenant). In the socially critical television play Zwei Freunde in Preußen or Whether a noble Jew is something unusual about anti-Semitism and the friendship between Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (portrayed by Jan Spitzer ) and Moses Mendelssohn , Pan embodied the philosopher who is considered a role model for Lessing's Nathan .


Pan achieved fame through his voice. As a voice actor, he lent his voice to international fellow actors, including Christian Clavier and Clovis Cornillac in the Asterix films, Martin Short (including Mars Attacks ! , Damages and Alice in Wonderland ), David Hyde Pierce in the comedy series Frasier , Ryo Saeba in the Anime series City Hunter , Gavin MacLeod on the Mary Tyler Moore Show , Hugh Laurie in Peter's Friends , Peter Scolari in the TV version of Darling, I've Shrunk the Children , Dilbert in the animated series Dilbert and Brent Spiner as Lt. Cmdr. Data in Starship Enterprise: The Next Century and Star Trek: Picard , as well as the Star Trek movies Star Trek: Meetings of Generations , Star Trek: First Contact , Star Trek: The Uprising and Star Trek: Nemesis . He also gives Taelon Zo'or his voice in the Roddenberry creation Earth Final Conflict . In the American series Supernatural he speaks the Archangel Gabriel and other supporting actors.

He also lent his voice to Asgard Thor in Stargate SG1 and the 2009 Autobot Skids in Transformers . For the series Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul , he took over the dubbing of the lawyer Saul Goodman ( Bob Odenkirk ), and in the Canadian television series Being Erica - All at the beginning that of Gary Strange . He also speaks the role of Don Conrado Sol in the American television series El Chapo . In new dubbing he gives the French actor Louis de Funès his voice.

Pan is also known for the title role in the animated series Isnogud or the anti-hero Freddi Faulig ( Stefán Karl Stefánsson ) in the Icelandic children's series Lazy Town and as the narrator and Patchy the pirate in SpongeBob SquarePants . He also lent his voice to the parrot Iago in the animated series Disney's Aladdin , as well as in the real-life film of the same name .

For the computer game Batman: Arkham Asylum , released in summer 2009 , he lent his voice to the villain Scarecrow , and in 2015 he repeated this role in Batman: Arkham Knight . He lent his voice to Undertaker for the anime adaptation of the manga Black Butler . In the series My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic , he has dubbed the recurring guest role Discord since 2012, spoken in the English-language original by John de Lancie . In addition, he speaks Cheezi in the currently running children's series The Guard Lion (The Lion Guard) .

At a young age he also gave his voice to Jes Holtsø , who played the role of Børge , in various episodes of the Danish gangster series Die Olsenbande , back then for DEFA . He also spoke Ivan in the Russian cartoon The Humpbacked Horse (1975).

Michael Pan's son David Nathan , u. a. the German standard voice of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale , also works as a dubbing and radio play speaker. Pan's younger son Joshua Nathan also took on several speaking roles between 2010 and 2014.

Activity as a singer

He is often active as a singer in films. He was also heard alongside Charles Rettinghaus on the maxi CD Trekker - Energie from 1995, in which the two impersonated their roles Data and Geordi La Forge .

radio play

In the radio play series Das Sternentor Pan speaks the role of Camiel . In the radio play series Revelation 23 he can be heard up to episode 30 as NSA agent Miles Davison , from episode 30 in the role of Hendrik van Boysen . He also speaks to the parrots Caruso in the radio play Tiger Taps and in the radio play series Mark Brandis: Space Partisans the character of the flight engineer William Xuma. In the Lady Bedfort episode Lady Bedfort and the Mourning of the Gypsies , he lends his voice to the character Bunie . Pan also sets characters in video and computer games to music, including the character of the Inquisitor in Sacred 2 (2008). Pan also lends his voice to the figure of the Grand Inquisitor in the radio play series based on Sacred 2 .

As part of staged readings and live radio plays in front of an audience, Pan also appears several times a year in Oliver Rohrbeck's listening lounge and screenwriting lounge in Berlin.

Michael Pan also provided his voice in several small roles in John Sinclair - The Ghost Hunter and Benjamin Blümchen.

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