The Rosenheim cops

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Television series
Original title The Rosenheim cops
The Rosenheim Cops.png
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 2002
Bavaria Fiction
length 43 minutes
Episodes 453+ and 4 specials in 19 seasons ( list )
genre Thriller
Theme music Haindling - whistle!
production Alexander Ollig, since 2008; 2002–2008: Michael Hild, Klaus Laudi
music JJ Gerndt, Dieter Schleip, A. Kreuzer / C. Rocker, Paul Vincent , Oliver Gunia, Michael Hofmann de Boer, Hans-Jürgen Buchner
First broadcast January 9, 2002 on ZDF

The Rosenheim-Cops is a German television series by Bavaria Fiction GmbH on behalf of ZDF . The previous evening crime series takes place in Chiemgau and Rosenheim .

The cost of an episode is put at 425,000 euros. From September 2019 to April 2020, 27 episodes (always on Tuesdays) were shown on ZDF. The shooting for 26 new episodes began in June 2020, and these are to be broadcast on ZDF from December 1, 2020.


From the beginning, the series relied on the contrast between a long-established Upper Bavarian investigator and a colleague from the big city, who was transferred to the country for different and often not easily understandable reasons. The new person is therefore always welcomed and quickly integrated into daily work processes. The two Commissioners are fundamentally different because of their different backgrounds.

At the beginning of each episode there is usually the finding of a murdered person, which is usually communicated to the commissioners by Mrs. Stockl with the words “There was a corpse!” (“There would be a corpse!”). The chief inspector, who lives with Mrs. Hofer on the farm, is disturbed while eating (mostly while having breakfast, which takes place outdoors, as the series is almost always beautiful and summery), whereupon he leaves everything and goes to the crime scene . In the course of the program, the investigations of the commissioners are shown, which usually take a surprising turn in the last few minutes, so that the previous main suspect turns out to be innocent, while initially nobody expected the actual perpetrator.

The program also always tells a parallel story (for example a lottery win, events on the farm or in the presidium), which, like a running joke, results in amusing situations and, like the murder, usually clears up at the end.

Figures and storyline

The Rosenheim cops were initially chief inspector Korbinian Hofer ( Joseph Hannesschläger ) and chief inspector Ulrich Satori ( Markus Böker ). The two chief inspectors always identify themselves with a hinged case containing a police ID card and, incorrectly based on the American model, an “official badge”. The latter, however, is only a cap star of the Bavarian police uniform. Hofer's trademark in the early episodes is a first-generation cell phone. He also runs a farm with his sister . For him there is constant difficulty in reconciling his duties as a civil servant and as a part-time farmer . The tasks on the farm often lead to complications in everyday work, which is a dramaturgical highlight. The mess on his desk is a kind of " running gag ".

Hofer was no longer seen between 2012 and 2013 in a particularly noticeable way in various episodes. The background was several leg injuries, because of which Joseph Hannesschläger had to take a break from work. For the series he was replaced by guest commissioners in the relevant episodes, while Hofer was then on the road for the EU or the farmers' association . He was also mentioned somewhat casually as a temporary worker in Aschaffenburg . At the beginning of October 2019, the actor Joseph Hannesschläger announced his departure from the series. The reason for this is cancer ( neuroendocrine tumor ). Joseph Hannesschläger succumbed to cancer on January 20, 2020. His last appearance in the series as Korbinian Hofer was in episode 453 (March 17, 2020).

Korbinian Hofer's sister Marie Hofer ( Karin Thaler ) holds the position on the farm. She also initially worked as a temporary worker in the Rosenbräu and was elected to the city ​​council in season 4 . Since then, her work as a local politician , preferably in the music academy, has brought her into contact with her brother Korbinian's superiors. On the other hand, her activities leave her less time for farm work. There are often tensions with her brother, but these always dissolve in a good way. Marie Hofer is particularly valued by Gert Achtziger, and in return for the speeches she writes for him, he releases her brother from doing the otherwise idle farm work. Marie Hofer has a son, Vincent ( Thomas Stielner ), who, however, left unexplained after 6 seasons.

Ulrich Satori, from Munich , who lived as a tenant on the Hofer-Hof while he was at work, was portrayed as an elegant and charming womanizer, but also as a meticulous worker who, for example, speaks his impressions of the crime scene on a dictaphone . The reason for his transfer to Rosenheim was a failed mission at the Bavarian LKA . After some time with the Rosenheim homicide squad, he was transferred back to Munich and finally left Rosenheim after a total of 54 episodes and 4 seasons.

He was succeeded by 55 Chief Detective Inspector Christian Lind ( Tom Mikulla ) from Göttingen . He was transferred to Rosenheim as a punishment for having uncovered the machinations of the Deputy Police Chief of Göttingen with incorruptible tenacity. After four longer seasons, he temporarily left the series in 2009 and went to Hamburg , ostensibly because of an amorous affair. He was succeeded by 140 Chief Detective Inspector Sven Hansen ( Igor Jeftić ), who was transferred to Rosenheim through his father, who knows the current police director personally. In contrast to his predecessors, Sven Hansen apparently has more personal reasons for going to the provinces. Since, in contrast to his predecessor, he is not prepared to make up for Hofer's absence with extra work, the relationship between the two was marked by tension from the start. In the course of the seasons Hansen became known for using the sentence "I had a case in Hamburch", which refers to his old job, often in exciting places, which then usually happened by people or interlocutors entering the room is terminated. In episode 70 The Lawyer's Wife , Igor Jeftić, curiously, previously played the role of fitness trainer Miquel Schneider and was later installed as the main actor. At the end of 2009, Hansen paused for seven episodes and Christian Lind returned briefly. Lind was also used as a representative in the further course of the series.

Since episode 82 Hofer became more common by the foreign detective chief Florian Prantl ( Andreas Giebel represented), the free Hofer lived with his wife and for auxiliary works, how to repair the chicken coop or some Ster wood pile, had to take over. As part of an exchange program with the Bielefeld police, Detective Inspector Torsten Voss ( Robert Lohr ) came to Rosenheim for five episodes in 2008 as a substitute for Lind in Rosenheim and immediately took a liking to Marie Hofer. Because it was mutual, they entered into a love affair while he was there in Rosenheim.

Since episode 129 Tobias Hartl ( Michael A. Grimm ) from the theft department could be found more and more frequently at the homicide squad, where he was first consulted in various cases and then since episode 161 was also seen more often as an investigator in order to instead of Chief Inspector Prantl from Straubing , to represent Hofer, who is absent from time to time. Since Hartl's wife was on cure or sick for a long time during one of these substitution periods, the opportunity arose to extend his presence on the Hofer family's farm again and again. Michael A. Grimm was already seen in episodes 32 Zoff im Kuhstall as an officer of the forensic investigation and 121 Till Death Do You Part (in an episode role as carpenter Walter Reitmann, brother of the victim) and was later elevated to the role of a main character. Since season 12 there has been a lot of switching between the commissioners. The reason for this is the new concept of always producing with two film teams in order to be able to shoot more episodes.

After Hofer took part in a police exchange program, he was repeatedly represented by Chief Detective Anton Stadler (played by Dieter Fischer ) from Passau . Fischer was seen as a murder suspect in episodes 100 and 189. He sometimes seems a bit solitary and in a bad mood, but is always ready to help his colleagues and always tries to do his job objectively and soberly. During his replacement times, he rented Marie Hofer's farm on the farm. In season 14 he investigates together with chief detective Dirk Bergmann ( Florian Fitz ) from Düsseldorf as long as his colleague Hansen is on vacation. Although known as a womanizer, his heart catches fire when he meets Marie Hofer. The two take advantage of their brother's long absence to enter into a love affair. Bergmann is also used again in the later episodes 397-399 in season 17. In episodes 221 to 223, commissioner candidate Ludwig Loibl ( Stephan Zinner ) from Garmisch-Partenkirchen appears for the first time alongside Stadler and Hansen. He is always highly motivated and always ready to help the commissioners, although he is occasionally portrayed as a little overzealous and quickly upsets both Stadler and Hansen. In episodes 241 and 242 he investigates again alongside Chief Inspector Stadler to announce that he has passed his apprenticeship training in the Presidium, but is no longer considered in later episodes.

In season 15, the figure of Chief Detective Verena Danner ( Katharina Abt ) from Regensburg is the first time a woman is used as an investigator. This was initially only accidentally moved to Rosenheim due to a mix-up of the personnel number, but was transferred to Rosenheim for a certain time in Season 16 as Chief Detective Inspector at her own request. She also appears in seasons 17 and 19. After episode 437, she left the series at her own request. Also in season 14 appeared for the first time with the figure of Detective Inspector Sebastian König ( Mark-Alexander Solf ), the nephew of Dr. Lauser-König (from the Ministry of the Interior), for some episodes as an investigator. Commissioner König was there again as an investigator at the beginning of the 16th season before he was transferred to Bremen at his own request. With Chief Detective Oliver Gehring ( Roman Roth ) from Munich, a psychologist investigated the Rosenheim cops for the first time in season 16, which caused occasional friction, especially with Commissioner Danner with her “female intuitions”. Danner initially represents Commissioner Hofer and is therefore a colleague of Hansen and then of Hartl, later of Gehring and von Stadler. In the 17th season she investigates three episodes together with Chief Detective Dirk Bergmann and after both have to return to their old offices, from episode 400 the commissioners Anton Stadler and Christian Bach ( Patrick Kalupa ), who represents Hansen, take over. Chief Detective Bach's area of ​​work is actually the fraud department, in this role he was seen in the 16th season in episode 389 and 390.

The two detective inspectors have been supported by the police chief Michael Mohr ( Max Müller ) since the first episode . Mohr, who is always highly motivated and is sometimes treated like an errand boy by the two chief inspectors, always takes on precisely those investigative work that is lengthy and uncomfortable, requires a lot of leg work or appears hopeless from the start. Michi Mohr was able to gain decisive insights into the clarification of the cases time and again and is now consistently showing considerably more commitment. In January 2012, after some quarrels in the administrative process, he was finally promoted to chief police officer. This promotion almost failed because the post office had not sent his personal papers to the Ministry of the Interior in Munich , "because the (envelope) was too big" - said the controller, Ms. Ortmann, to the police director of the 1980s. Since Mr. Achtziger wanted to know who had got the job, he asked Mrs. Hofer, who knows the press spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, to ask. The latter had learned that nothing had been decided and the deadline had been extended. So Mohr was promoted after all. Mohr has the habit of removing the arrested person from the place (usually the interrogation room) after a murder case has been resolved by the investigating commissioners with the words "If you would like to come with me ...", and is then usually praised by the commissioners for his good work , always doing this literally.

Also there since episode 1 is the good soul of the homicide squad, police secretary Miriam Stockl ( Marisa Burger ). She is responsible for the office gossip and small intrigues and receives large parts of their own work from the two chief inspectors, but also from Mr. Achtziger repeatedly assignments relating to the music academy, for which she is certainly not responsible as a police secretary. From her place of work, she has to carry out investigative work for the investigating chief inspectors, for example when it comes to obtaining information about suspects by telephone or the Internet. Ms. Stockl tends to have choleric temper outbursts, from which the other workforce can usually only flee.

Rosenheim's police director was Werner Balthasar ( Gerd Lohmeyer ) in the first 55 episodes , whom the commissioners preferred to avoid during their investigations. He retired and was in episode 55 by Dr. Maximilian Heppt ( Hubert Mulzer ) replaced. Heppt was also a colleague of Marie Hofer in the city's culture committee. He also liked to come to the crime scene to keep an eye on the inspectors. In episode 79 he was replaced by Gert Achtziger ( Alexander Duda ) from Lower Bavaria with the explicitly mentioned reason to want to devote himself entirely to his beloved culture . Achtziger is the honorary director of the music academy, which also takes him a lot during working hours. He likes to be written by other people - primarily Marie Hofer - and has thus been able to establish himself as the head of the academy. Alexander Duda already played the pharmacist Hartl in episode 27. In the 13th season he represents Sven Hansen for a few episodes.

From episode 43, Dr. Ursula Kern ( Maren Schumacher ) as a forensic specialist can always be found at the crime scene. She also liked to help the inspectors on the right track. Sometimes she could only be seen at the crime scene for a while and the pathologist Franz Gastl ( Martin Walch ) in forensic medicine . She worked on the series until 2010 and was suddenly shown from episode 189 by the character of Dr. Sabine Eckstein ( Petra Einhoff ) replaced as the new coroner, whose actress had already played a murder suspect in the episode Reiche Sacks, Poor Pigs (6th season). She has an affair with Dr. Lauser-König from the Ministry of the Interior, who has not appeared in the series so far. In episode 362 (2016), Dr. Eckstein without notice, her role will be taken over by the coroner Sandra Mai ( Sina Wilke ). Shortly before the departure of Dr. Eckstein would be her affair with Dr. Lauser-König, which in many cases led to precarious situations, almost became known and was only kept secret by accident. Only the nephew of Dr. Lauser-König, Inspector Sebastian König, had a suspicion, which he kept to himself. The new young forensic doctor Sandra Mai participated in the investigation with her scientific theses from the start, often to the chagrin of the inspectors.

Since episode 83 Ferdinand Reischl ( Wolfgang Fierek ), factory director and “gray eminence from Rosenheim”, has been there time and again and accidentally interferes with the inspectors. In an early episode, however, he was seen as an alleged criminal who took part of the police crew in the secretariat hostage. After a few seasons, however, Fierek dropped out of his later role and was no longer mentioned. There is no justification for its absence. Dieter Thomas Heck was also casually incorporated into the series for several episodes in the role of globetrotter and Rosenheim wine merchant Harry Norden .

As of season 1, the role of Dr. Rainer Fischbach ( Norbert Heckner ) as a lawyer and good friend of Korbinian Hofer. Fischbach is always asked if there are discrepancies in the wills of the deceased or the like. Since the lawyer always has lunch in the Rosenbräu, Hofer usually finds him there for questioning. Fischbach got out of the series for no reason after season 14.

In the first season, a frequent meeting place for the inspectors is Bobby Levinsky's ( Andreas Schwaiger ) beer garden . However, in the 12th episode this is associated with illegal gambling and has not appeared since.

The Gasthof Rosenbräu has been a venue since the 2nd season. Leo Bernrieder ( Horst Kummeth ) was the landlord there, and Marie Hofer, who was referred to as his fiancée, initially worked here as a temporary worker. From episode 43, he no longer appeared. He was mentioned again in the 97th episode, in which Marie talks to Korbinian about her time with Leo. Since the 4th season and Leo Bernrieder's exit, the Rosenbräu has only been a sideline. New owners are in episodes 47-144 Rosi ( Senta Auth ) and from episode 155 Maria “Mitzi” Reitmann ( Marion Mathoi ), who had already made guest appearances in episodes 16 and 105. "Mitzi" had her last appearance in episode 304.

The "Times Square" bistro has been the main venue and meeting place for the commissioners since season 5. It was led in episodes 56-76 by Ronald "Ron" Barthl ( Jannis Spengler ), who was replaced in episode 77 by Ignaz "Jo" Caspar ( Christian K. Schaeffer ), who often appears as a profound expert on the respective secrets. Christian Lind was close friends with Ron and later Jo. In the eighth season, with episode 140, this pub is in a different location, which is not explained.

Since episode 98, controller Patrizia Ortmann ( Diana Staehly ) has been a new employee in the police department. Ms. Ortmann is often very meticulous and not very popular with the other employees. Police director 1980 came up with the idea that Christian Lind should take care of her controller. That worked quite well, which sometimes led to gossip because they were assumed to have a relationship that Frau Ortmann was not averse to. With the departure from Lind to Hamburg this hope was shattered. After initial difficulties, Sven Hansen also seemed to make friends with Ortmann, which occasionally "cooled down". As a result, on February 7, 2012 (episode 233), Mr. Hansen even vigorously forbade the (well-meaning) interference of Ms. Ortmann in the ongoing investigations. To do this, he uses Patrizia Ortmann's sense of thrift for his investigations by frequently giving her files and documents from suspects in his current cases for review. She usually does this reluctantly, but due to the otherwise increasing costs (if experts would have to be called in) she surrenders to her fate. Such research is always successful and she can help investigators through her work.

In seasons 12 and 13, Patrizia Ortmann is represented by Felix Seitz ( Gábor Biedermann ) for half a year . Ms. Ortmann goes to the Ministry of the Interior to see Dr. Lauser-König to restructure the controlling department as a special representative. Shortly after she is back in Rosenheim, Ms. Ortmann has to go to Munich again for a few weeks because data was lost due to a missing backup . During this time Felix Seitz will take over the representation at the police headquarters in Rosenheim. In episode 296, Seitz finally succeeded Heike Gebhardt, who had taken early retirement. Gebhardt was the superior manager of the external offices of the controlling departments. This results in the situation that Seitz has been Ortmann's supervisor since then. Finally, Ms. Ortmann left the presidium in episode 338 and went to the Griessner management consultancy in Bayreuth . Andreas “Andi” Lorenz ( Benedikt Blaskovic ) took over the controlling until episode 439 and Seitz was Lorenz's manager. Lorenz left Rosenheim and moved to a small town on the Baltic Sea and Seitz temporarily took over controlling in Rosenheim.

Since season 14, Marianne Grasegger ( Ursula Maria Burkhart ) and Christin Lange ( Sarah Thonig ) have been at the registration desk of the police station to show guests the way, to take calls or to greet the staff. Grasegger has a casual acquaintance with Ms. Stockl and occasionally appears in her office to hand in the mail and learn or pass on news about gossip. Her young colleague Christin Lange, however, sees work as a necessary evil and often seems to be absent. Grasegger and Lange always have a tense relationship, with the older of the younger often dictating what needs to be done. In episode 99 A Murderous Taste (2007) Ursula Maria Burkhart already played the wife of a large farmer and murderess.

From episode 389 (season 17) Michael Mohr and all his uniformed colleagues wear the new blue police uniforms of the Bavarian Police. The police vehicles have also been blue since this episode.


Arranged according to the order of entry.

actor Role name Seasons consequences Year (s)
Detective inspectors and environment
Joseph Hannesschläger Chief
Detective Korbinian Hofer
1-5 1-76 2002-2006
6th 77-81, 84-96 2006-2007
7th 97-107, 112-126 2007-2008
8th 127-132, 138-154 2008-2009
9 155-160, 163-167, 174-184 2009-2010
10 185-192, 197-199, 206-212 2010-2011
11 215-217 2011
12 256-258, 261-263 2013
13 273-275, 282-284, 291-292 2013-2014
14th 293, 298-303, 315-319 2014-2015
15th 326-331, 335-336, 341-345 2015-2016
16 351-352, 357-358, 364-368, 373 2016-2017
17th 381-386, 394, 404 2017-2018
18th 405-407, 413-417, 423-426 2018-2019
19th 435-438, 445, 448, 453 2019-2020
Markus Böker Chief
Detective Ulrich Satori
1-4 1-54 2002-2005
Tom Mikulla Chief Detective
Christian Lind
5 55-76 2005-2006
6th 77-89, 91-96 2006-2007
7th 97-115, 123-126 2007-2008
8th 127-140 2008-2009
9 160-166 2009
10 193-198 2010-2011
11 213-214, 224-229 2011–2012
12 253-258 2012-2013
Igor Jeftic Chief
Detective Sven Hansen
8th 140-154 2009
9 155-159, 167-184 2009-2010
10 185-192, 199-212 2010-2011
11 213-223, 230-240 2011–2012
12 243-252, 259-266 2012-2013
13 267-269, 274-281, 288-292 2013-2014
14th 293, 298-311, 317-319 2014-2015
15th 320-322, 327-347 2015-2016
16 355-373 2016-2017
17th 381-396 2017-2018
18th 411-424 2018-2019
19th 438-446 2019-2020
Vanessa Eckart Chief
Detective Eva Winter
19th 449-456 2020
Karin Thaler Marie Hofer
sister of Korbinian Hofer and city councilor
since 1 since 1 since 2002
Thomas Stielner Vincent Hofer
son of Marie and nephew of Korbinian Hofer
1-6 1-82 2002-2006
Police Headquarters Upper Bavaria South in Rosenheim (also a few guest appearances by former)
Gerd Lohmeyer Kriminalrat (police chief)
Werner Balthasar
1-5 1-55 2002-2005
Hubert Mulzer Criminal Director (Police Chief)
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Heppt
5-6 55-79 2005-2006
Alexander Duda Kriminaldirektor (police chief)
Gert Achtziger
since 6 since 79 since 2006
Max Muller Police chief
(up to episode 230: police chief)
Michael "Michi" Mohr
since 1 since 1 since 2002
Marisa Burger Police
Secretary Miriam Stockl
since 1 since 1 since 2002
Maren Schumacher Forensic
specialist Dr. med. Ursula Kern
4-10 43-188 2005-2010
Petra Einhoff Forensic
specialist Dr. med. Sabine Eckstein
10-16 189-361 2010-2016
17th 398 2018
19th 445 2020
Sina Wilke Forensic
doctor Sandra Mai
since 16 since 362 since 2016
Diana Staehly Controller
Patrizia Ortmann
7-12 98-258 2007-2013
13 274-275, 288-292 2013-2014
14-15 293-338 2014-2016
Gábor Biedermann Controller
Felix Seitz
12 258-266 2013
13 267-274, 276-287 2013-2014
15-19 321, 326, 328-329, 350, 368, 375, 397, 413-415, 424, 438-440, 442 2015-2020
Benedikt Blaskovic Controller
Andreas "Andi" Lorenz
15-19 338-438 2016-2019
Paul Brusa Controller
Daniel Donato
since 19 since 447 since 2020
Ursula Maria Burkhart Porter
Marianne Grasegger
since 13 since 291 since 2014
Sarah Thonig Porter
Christin Lange
since 14 since 306 since 2015
Isabel Mergl Mrs. of Commissioner Anton Stadler
Hildegard "Hilde" Stadler
since 18 418-420, 454 2019-2020
Temporary commissioners
Andreas Giebel Chief
Detective Florian Prantl
(from Straubing)
6th 82-83 2006
7th 107-111 2007-2008
8th 133-137 2008
9 168-173 2009-2010
10 200-205 2011
Robert Lohr Chief
Detective Torsten Voß
(from Bielefeld )
7th 116-120 2008
Michael A. Grimm Chief
Detective Tobias Hartl
(from the Theft Department)
9 161-162 2009
10 193-196, 199, 208-209, 211-212 2010-2011
11 213-214, 224-240 2011–2012
12 247-252, 264-266 2012-2013
13 267-269, 276-281 2013-2014
14th 306-311 2015
15th 348-350 2016
Dieter Fischer Chief Detective
Anton Stadler
(from Passau)
11 218-221, 223, 241-242 2011–2012
12 243-246, 253-255, 259-260 2012-2013
13 270-272, 285-290 2013-2014
14th 294-297, 304-305, 312-314 2014-2015
15th 320-325, 332-334, 337-340 2015-2016
16 353-356, 359-363, 369-373, 378-380 2016-2017
17th 387-393, 395-396, 400-403 2017-2018
18th 408-412, 418-422, 427-429 2018-2019
19th 430, 433-434, 439-444, 446-447, 449, 452-456 2019-2020
Stephan Zinner
Detective Inspector (episode 221–223: Candidate Inspector )
Ludwig Loibl
(from Garmisch-Partenkirchen )
11 221-223, 241-242 2011–2012
Florian Fitz Chief
Detective Dirk Bergmann
(from Düsseldorf )
In episode 325 of the 15th season
as a partner of the millionaire Marion Süßmayr
13 282-287 2014
14th 294-297 2014
15th 325 2015
17th 397-399 2018
Mark-Alexander Solf Detective Inspector
Sebastian König
14th 312-316 2015
15th 323-326 2015
16 351-354 2016
Katharina Abbot Chief
Detective Verena Danner
(from Regensburg )
15th 346-350 2016
16 374-380 2017
17th 396-399 2018
19th 431-437 2019
Roman Roth Chief
Detective Oliver Gehring
(from Munich)
16 374-376 2017
Patrick Kalupa Chief Detective
Christian Bach
(from the Fraud Department )
17th 400-404 2018
18th 405-410, 425-429 2018-2019
19th 430-432 2019
Thomas Birnstiel

Detective Theo Aubinger
(from Berchtesgaden)

19th 452 2020
Rosenheim population
Andreas Schwaiger Bobby Lewinsky
host at "Chez Bobby"
1 1-12 2002
Horst Kummeth Leo Bernrieder
host in the "Rosenbräu"
2-4 13-42 2003-2005
Senta Auth Rosi
landlady in the "Rosenbräu"
4-8 47-144 2005-2009
Marion Mathoi Maria "Mitzi" Reitmann
waitress in the "Rosenbräu"
2 16 2003
7th 105 2007
Maria "Mitzi" Reitmann
landlady in the "Rosenbräu"
9-14 155-304 2009-2014
Jannis Spengler Ronald Barthl
host of the "Times Square" bar
5 56-76 2005-2006
Christian K. Schaeffer Ignaz "Jo" Caspar
host of the bar "Times Square"
since 6 since 77 since 2006
Wolfgang Fierek Ferdinand Reischl
factory director
6-10 83-188 2006-2010

Performing the temporary commissioners who also starred in other roles in the series

Arranged according to the order of entry.

actor Role name Seasons consequences Year (s)
Dieter Fischer Werner Kembügel 7th 100 2007
Ernst Golling's
neighbor of the dead
10 189 2010
Mark-Alexander Solf Sascha Kraus
grandson of the old ladies
9 173 2010
Katharina Abbot Paula Mitterschlag 1 12 2002
Petra Black 13 278 2013

Roles timeline by seasons

Role allocation

Season 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10 11 12 13 14th 15th 16 17th 18th 19th
Detective inspectors and environment
Chief Detective Korbinian Hofer
Chief Detective Ulrich Satori
Chief Detective Christian Lind
Chief Detective Sven Hansen
Chief Detective Eva Winter
Marie Hofer (Hofer's sister)
Vincent Hofer (Hofer's nephew)
Rosenheim Police Headquarters
Detective Werner Balthasar
Detective Director Dr. Maximilian Heppt
Detective Director Gert Achtziger
Police chief (chief) master Michael "Michi" Mohr
Police Secretary Miriam Stockl
Forensic specialist Dr. med. Ursula Kern
Forensic specialist Dr. med. Sabine Eckstein
Forensic doctor Sandra Mai
Controller Patrizia Ortmann
Controller Felix Seitz
Controller Andreas "Andi" Lorenz
Controller Daniel Donato
Marianne Grasegger (information)
Christin Lange (information)
Temporary commissioners
Chief Inspector Florian Prantl
Chief Detective Torsten Voss
Chief Detective Tobias Hartl
Chief Detective Anton Stadler
Detective Inspector Ludwig Loibl
Chief Detective Dirk Bergmann
Detective Inspector Sebastian König
Chief Detective Verena Danner
Chief Detective Oliver Gehring
Chief Inspector Christian Bach
Chief Detective Theo Aubinger
Rosenheim population
Bobby Lewinski / landlord at Chez Bobby
Leo Bernrieder / landlord in the Rosenbräu
Rosi / landlady in the Rosenbräu
Maria "Mitzi" Reitmann / landlady in the Rosenbräu
Ronald Bartl / host of the Times Square bar
Ignaz "Jo" Caspar / host of the Times Square bar
Factory director Ferdinand Reischl

Guest stars

Episode list


The Rosenheim cops are shot almost exclusively in the southern Bavaria area. The police headquarters is actually the Rosenheim town hall. The Max-Josefs-Platz is also often the location for scenes. However, in reality it is located in a pedestrian zone and is therefore not allowed to be driven over by car, but is shown in the series as passable, which is confusing for some tourists. The Landgasthaus Liegl in Dietramszell serves as the backdrop for the “Rosenbräu” inn , the “Times Square” was part of the “Old Brewery” in Stegen am Ammersee , today there is a studio replica. The landscape shots are mostly shot in Chiemgau. Often the Chiemsee or the Fünfseenland southwest of Munich are a place of action. As the number of episodes increases, fewer and fewer Rosenheim locations appear. The interior shots are recorded in the Bavaria film studios as well as in the rotating villas in various locations around Munich or in the Tegernsee area or in the Starnberg Lake area . The shooting location of the Hofer-Hof changed after the first season and is kept secret. The Rosenheim Tourist Office offers tours of other locations. On the other hand, some tourism associations also called for the Rosenheim cops to be renamed, as the city of Rosenheim and its surroundings hardly appear in the series. However, in this regard it must be taken into account how far the area of ​​responsibility of the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters, based in Rosenheim, actually extends into the surrounding area. Since season 18 more recordings from Rosenheim have been shown again.

In March 2017, a 90-minute winter special was filmed in the Austrian province of Salzburg . A hotel in Pongauer ski resort St. Johann im Pongau served as the main venue.

Parallels to Der Bulle von Tölz

The series has some parallels to the older series Der Bulle von Tölz .

Both venues, Rosenheim and Bad Tölz , are in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps . The two main characters (Hofer / Berghammer) are unmarried, corpulent and live with their sister / mother. In addition, apart from Ulrich Satori from the Rosenheim cops, there is both a Bavarian and an investigator from northern Germany in both series. However, the role of Michael Mohr is only comparable to that of Pfeiffer in the first few seasons , as he is portrayed as a real idiot who is useless, while without Mohr, who does most of the work, many cases would not be resolved at all.

Audio description

Since January 2013, new episodes of the series have also been broadcast as audio films .

DVD release

So far, the first 18 seasons have been released on DVD:

  • Season 1, 12 episodes (1-12)
  • Season 2, 15 episodes (13-27)
  • Season 3, 7 episodes (28-34) + special
  • Season 4, 20 episodes (35-54) + special
  • Season 5, 22 episodes (55-76)
  • Season 6, 20 episodes (77-96)
  • Season 7, 30 episodes (97–126)
  • Season 8, 28 episodes (127–154)
  • Season 9, 30 episodes (155-185)
  • Season 10, 28 episodes (185-212)
  • Season 11, 30 episodes (213-242)
  • Season 12, 24 episodes (243-266)
  • Season 13, 26 episodes (267-292)
  • Season 14, 27 episodes (293-319)
  • Season 15, 31 episodes (320-350)
  • Season 16, 30 episodes (351-380)
  • Season 17, 24 episodes (381–404) + special
  • Season 18, 25 episodes (405-429)


The Rosenheim cops at the Poetental Awards, 2017

In 2015, The Rosenheim Cops received the “Smoke-Free Seal”, which is awarded by the Non-Smoking Action Alliance and the German Cancer Aid . According to the laudation , the award was given because "the popular production consistently dispenses with smoking characters and helps depict non-smoking as a normal social condition."

In 2017, the actors and the editors of Die Rosenheim-Cops received the Bavarian Poet Thaler from the Munich tower writers .

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