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The word crime is colloquial and is an abbreviation for “ crime film , crime novel ”, a genre that is particularly widespread in the popular media and in the entertainment industry and has an enlightening arc of suspense. Thrillers are often presented as series and can be divided into detective , gangster , police and espionage stories , among other things . The boundaries to other genres are often blurred, for example drama or thriller .


A crime thriller is often, but not always, about committing and solving one or more serious crimes , i.e. crimes such as robbery , extortion , kidnapping or murder , which are intended to put the reader, listener or viewer into tension . Mostly a police officer , a detective or another main character plays the role of the investigator . In this role he finds out the real reason for what has happened - often with incidents - and discovers the perpetrator . Realistic locations and social situations, that is, the adaptation to the respective “historical-social conditions at the time of its creation”, are further points that crime novels have in common. The use of various types of weapons is also often an integral part of the plot.


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