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Polizeikommissar (PK) is an official designation of police enforcement officers in the German police in the career of the senior police enforcement service (depending on the federal state, other systems and designations have been introduced instead of the senior service category, e.g. 3rd qualification level). In the criminal police there is the corresponding office as a criminal inspector (KK).

PK are classified in the salary group (BesGr) A 9 . It is the entry office in the senior service career. Police commissioners are investigators for the public prosecutor in all federal states .

Depending on the country, police commissioners perform management tasks such as group leaders in investigative services, factual or specialist heads, group leaders or deputy platoon leaders in closed units, or they are deployed as security officers , first patrol leaders or deputy duty group leaders .

As a rule, a three-year course at a university of applied sciences for public administration must be completed. The qualification takes the form of a career examination for the senior service, which is equivalent to the diploma examination. Upon passing the career test for the senior service, the graduate receives the academic degree " Diplom-Verwaltungswirt " (FH) or "Diplom-Verwaltungswirt Police (FH)" or "Bachelor of Arts in Police Leadership" or "Bachelor of Arts - Police Enforcement Service / Police Service ".

The next lower official title is " Polizeihauptmeister " (BesGr A 9 ), the next higher is " Polizeioberkommissar " (BesGr A 10 ).

The rank badge of the police consists of a silver star on a dark blue background. At the water police and at the Federal Police Office in See a golden strand / stripe of 12 mm can be seen on a navy blue background.

Officials of this career in preparatory service use the title of Police Commissioner Candidate or, in the case of the Criminal Police, Criminal Investigator Candidate .

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  1. In Austria there is the term Kommissariat , but not the Kommissar, but the Inspector .
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