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Head and founder of the band, Hans-Jürgen Buchner (2008)
Head and founder of the band, Hans-Jürgen Buchner (2008)
General information
origin Haindling , Bavaria
Genre (s) New folk music
founding 1982
Website haindling.de
Founding members
Hans-Jürgen Buchner
Peter Enderlein
Mike Talhammer (until 1983)
Ulrike Böglmüller-Buchner
Current occupation
Vocals, saxophone, tenor horn, tuba, trumpet, piano, keyboard, guitar, percussion and many more
Hans-Jürgen Buchner
Saxophone, trumpet, tenor horn, keyboard, percussion, vocals
Michael Braun (since 1983)
Drums, percussion
Peter Enderlein
Bass, tuba, guitar, percussion, vocals
Wolfgang Gleixner (since 1999)
Keyboard, tenor horn, saxophone, oboe
Reinhold Hoffmann (since 1999)
Piano, keyboard, vocals
Michael Ruff (since 2004)
former members
Tenor horn, keyboard
Miyabi Sudo (須藤 雅) (1993–1995)
Tenor horn, keyboard, vocals
Rainer Kürvers (1983–1999)
Bass, keyboard, vocals
Heinz-Josef Braun (1983-2000)
Vocals, guitar
Kevin Coyne (selected concerts) († 2004)
Piano, keyboard, guitar, vocals
Roald Raschner (1983-2004)
Saxophone, keyboard, vocals
Astrid Buchner (substitute for Michael Braun)

Haindling is a music group founded by the Lower Bavarian musician Hans-Jürgen Buchner , whose style can be assigned to the New Folk Music . The name is derived from Buchner's place of residence , which belongs to the Lower Bavarian town of Geiselhöring in the Straubing-Bogen district.


The music of the Haindling group is pop music with strong influences from jazz and Bavarian folk music and with predominantly Bavarian lyrics. Buchner's interest in exotic instruments leads to further influences from the areas of origin of these instruments. B. include African , Tibetan and Chinese soundscapes. With his music, Buchner wants to keep alive the Bavarian dialect, which is on the verge of extinction.

It all started with the fact that Buchner, who is a master potter by profession (and thus regularly evokes the nickname “sound artist” among music editors), wanted to listen to music while he was working. However, since he had a different taste in music than the usual ones at the time, he began to compose his own music. He recorded his songs on cassette with a multi-track recorder. During his first public appearances in 1980, he and his current wife Ulrike Böglmüller performed their own productions in pubs via half playback .

Buchner gave up his original intention to make music "just on the side" when he got in touch with the record company Polydor through a chance acquaintance with the singer Kevin Coyne and got a contract for his first record, which was released in 1982. When this was able to establish itself on the radio stations under the name of his hometown Haindling and also won the German Record Prize, Hans-Jürgen Buchner founded the band in 1983 at the request of his record company. He found the members through a newspaper advertisement.

With the following albums, Buchner continued the principle of self-production that had proven successful in the first album. The band Haindling (in contrast to the Haindling project ) was largely not involved in the record productions, apart from the two live albums Meuterei and Perlen . However, Roald Raschner was co-producer on some albums. Since 1991 Buchner has been producing his songs independently in his then newly set up recording studio in Haindling, previously he recorded his songs in the Red Rooster studio with Peter Maffay in Tutzing .

The Haindling song Lang scho nimmer g'sehn , best known beyond the borders of Bavaria, from 1984 reached number 33 in the single charts in Germany . The Dutch cover version Hilversum III by Herman van Veen made it into the top 10 in his home country. Van Veen covered other songs by Haindling until 1985, which established themselves particularly in the English and French-speaking countries. Other well-known pieces are Du Depp (1983), Spinn i (1985), Es geht auf (1987), Ganz weit weg (1991), Liebe (1991) - reached number 28 in the Swiss charts - or Noch in der Umlaufbahn ( 1993).

In addition to the studio albums, Haindling also makes music for film and television, such as the title music for seven series and multi-part series on Bavarian television . The song Paula from the series Zur Freiheit and the title track to Irgendwie und Sowieso also became known beyond the associated series. Furthermore, the piece Pfeif on it was used as the title music of the ZDF series Die Rosenheim-Cops and the film Drei Herren (a melody based on Pfeif on it has been the jingle of the Bavarian Insurance Chamber for several years on radio, television and as a telephone waiting loop). The double album Filmmusik , published in 2000, and the soundtrack to the Simon Polt film series published in 2004 under the title Vivaldi & Vier Jahreszeiten offer an overview of Buchner's work as a film composer . Another Haindling project is the children's CD Tigerentenliederchen , which was created in collaboration with Janosch and was released in 2000. In 2006 he composed a hymn for his home in Lower Bavaria in collaboration with the radio program Bayern 1 .

For its "as snappy as musical virtuoso criticism, Mir-san-mir'-Bayerntum" was Hans-Jürgen Buchner in 2000 by the Bavarian State Minister of Science, Research and Art, Hans Zehetmair , with the award Pro meritis scientiae et litterarum honored .

In 2014 the documentary film Haindling - and in general ... by Jörg Bundschuh and Toni Schmid, which illuminates Buchner's entire life, but mainly his work with Haindling, was released.

Even today, the band goes on concert tour every summer and gives concerts at selected festivals as well as in special venues, such as on the open-air stage at the Red Gate in Augsburg , on the Luisenburg rock stage or at Wertheim Castle . It is worth mentioning a total of seven songs on a summer evening , all of which were broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk. In the summer of 2017, Haindling performed with Carmina Burana with the choir and soloists of the Munich Symphony Orchestra in the courtyard of Thurn und Taxis Palace in Regensburg. Furthermore, indoor tours take place regularly in the winter months, for example in October 2013 when the band gave a concert for the first time in Italy at the Steinegg Live Festival . In 2017 and 2018 Haindling celebrated its 35th stage anniversary, which was celebrated with an extensive tour in summer 2017 and winter 2018. Most of the concerts were limited to Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Austria. National concerts took place mainly in the late 1980s, sometimes in Bochum, Cologne, Bielefeld, Berlin and Hamburg. Above southern Germany, concerts nowadays rarely take place in Hesse, the Ruhr area and Berlin, among others. Hans-Jürgen Buchner stated in several interviews that he was working on a new album, which has not yet been released. In the summer of 2018 he mentioned that he needed a lot of time and calm for new ideas and a new album, which is why work on the planned album is going very slowly.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Still potpourri
  DE 32 03/12/1984 (10 weeks)
  DE 68 03/06/1989 (1 week)
  DE 43 08/28/1995 (10 weeks)
  DE 41 October 19, 1998 (3 weeks)
Film music
  DE 85 04.12.2000 (2 weeks)
  DE 45 07/01/2002 (4 weeks)
A sheep thinks about it
  DE 50 07/13/2009 (5 weeks)
  DE 28 08/10/2012 (3 weeks)
Never seen for a long time
  DE 33 03/19/1984 (12 weeks)
  CH 28 01/26/1992 (1 week)

Studio albums

  • Haindling 1 (1982, Polydor)
  • Stilles Potpourri (1984, Polydor)
  • Spinn i (1985, Polydor)
  • Cave Painting (1987, Polydor)
  • Moo (1989, Polydor)
  • 7 (1991, Polydor)
  • Haindling (1993, BMG Ariola)
  • Weiss (1995, BMG Ariola)
  • Stopover (1998, BMG Ariola)
  • Tiger Duck Songs (2000, BMG Ariola)
  • Film music (2000, BMG Ariola)
  • Carousel (2002, BMG Ariola)
  • Vivaldi & Four Seasons (2004, BMG Ariola)
  • A sheep thinks about it (2009, Ariola / Sony Music)

Live albums

  • Mutiny (1986, Polydor)
  • Perlen - The Concert (1996, BMG Ariola)


  • Bacon 1982–1992 (1992, Polydor)
  • Schrilles Potpourri (instrumental compilation) (1993, Polydor)
  • 78 min. - The 90s (2000, BMG Ariola)
  • Attention attention! (2003, Koch / Universal)
  • Long never seen (2008, Koch / Universal)
  • Goldstück - The greatest hits and successes (2008, Ariola / Sony Music)
  • Star Edition (2008, Koch Universal Music)
  • Reviews (2010, Sony Music)
  • Instrumental-International 1993-2011 (2011, Ariola / Sony Music)
  • Best (2012, Zounds)
  • Highlights (2013, Koch Universal Music)
  • And anyway ... - Best Of 1982 - 2014 (2014 Electrola)

Singles, EPs, MCDs

  • I mog di / good morning (1982, Polydor)
  • Red Hair (1982, Polydor)
  • I mog di / back and forth / wide world / good morning (1982, Polydor, EP)
  • A long time never seen (1984, Polydor)
  • Du Depp (single version) / Flipper Samba (1984, Polydor)
  • Spinn i / Ganz alloans (1985, Polydor)
  • But You / Black Man (1985, Polydor)
  • It Rises Again / The Red River (1987, Polydor)
  • Phone / You Look Good (1987, Polydor)
  • Paula / I Have Longing (1987, Polydor)
  • Aja / We're Fine (1989, Polydor)
  • Across All Seas / Alabama (1989, Polydor)
  • Love / Nothing in it (1991, Polydor)
  • Far away / Where is he (1991, Polydor)
  • Wos wuist'n you / Achtung Achtung (Remix) / Lach mehra (1992, Polydor)
  • Leit hoit's zsam / Hau Jerk / I forgot that I am so forgetful (1993, BMG)
  • Er hod g sucht (radio mix) / Neuländer / Er hod gnahm (album version) (1993, BMG)
  • Mama / Toothpaste / I ho di g'seng (1995, BMG)
  • Sometimes (radio edit) / Aosis-Ruf der Mussel / It never goes out (1996, BMG)
  • Greetings / Er hod granny / Vergelt's Gott (1996, BMG)
  • Bayern (radio remix) / Vamos / Bayern (Wies'n-Mix) (1999, BMG)
  • Long time to see 2000 / after work (2000, BMG)
  • How fish kiss underwater (2002, BMG Ariola)
  • Carousel / Pavane-The global village (2002, BMG Ariola)

Other publications and participations

  • Herman van Veen - Signals ("Hilversum III (Lang scho nimma g'sehn)", 1984)
  • Herman van Veen - De Wisselaars ("Liefde (stay)", "Van Dijk (I lifted heid free)", "Wat Doe Je (Wos wuist'n you?)", 1985)
  • Peter Maffay - Tabaluga and the shining silence ("The happy fellow") (1986, Ariola / Sony Music)
  • Herman van Veen - Anne ("Anne", 1986)
  • Chaka Khan - The Woman I Am ("Telephone", 1992)
  • Machmax - Other Lander - Other Suites ("Turtelfrunken", 1996)
  • Lydie Auvray - Bonjour Soleil ("Fragile", 1997)
  • A new person in seven days (Composed for the “Eine Stadt Fastet” campaign, 1997)
  • Spider Murphy Gang - Rock'n'Roll Story (participation in the songs "Achterbahn" and "Lang scho nimma g'sehn", 1997)
  • Troadbodn-Lied (Composed for the Troadbodn-Museum Geiselhöring, 1998)
  • Janosch - The happy life of Günter Katenfrosch (3 radio plays with music by Haindling) (2000, Universal)
  • Satyam S. Kathrein: The Reiki Practice Book (Meditation Music) (2001, Mosaik-Verlag)
  • Satyam S. Kathrein: Redemption of Life Themes (Meditation Music) (2002, Mosaik-Verlag)
  • Maya the Bee Musical ("Mist", 2004)
  • Christmas blues (Christmas story "Little Mr. Jakobi celebrates Christmas", 2004, Random House Audio)
  • Lower Bavaria Anthem (2006)
  • Tigers Lied (for ice hockey club from Straubing, 2007)
  • Spider Murphy Gang - Scandal! 30 years of Spider Murphy Gang ("Rosmarie", 2007)
  • We for Children - Sternstundensong (2013)
  • AirLounge ONE - The Aviation Lounge ("Fly High-Astal", "Clouds-Astal", 2014)
  • 28 years of songs on a summer evening ("Brass music in minor", "Long never g'sehn", 2014, Buschfunk)
  • FC Bayern samma mia (feat.Move T, 2015)

Video albums

  • Haindling live, double DVD (2005, BMG Ariola)
  • Haindling and in general DVD (2015 Electrola)


Feature films (cinema and TV)

Documentaries (cinema)

TV series

Commercial music

TV participation



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