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David Nathan in October 2009

David Nathan (born March 16, 1971 in East Berlin , GDR ) is a German voice actor , audio book and radio play speaker and reciter . Occasionally he is also active as a dialogue book author and dialogue director. With a few exceptions, he is regularly used for the dubbing of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale , among others . He also worked for the dubbing of Paul Walker until 2015. He is also known for his work as an audio book interpreter, especially in the genres of thriller and horror literature . Among other things, he has read in unabridged several novels by the US writer Stephen King and the German writer Volker Kutscher . He also read in some of Agatha Christie's books as audio books that revolved around Hercule Poirot. One example is "The Unfinished Portrait".

Live and act


The son of actor and dubbing actor Michael Pan and artist agent Petra Nathan grew up in the GDR and, due to his father's professional connections, was hired for the dubbing of child actors in the DEFA studios from an early age . In addition, from 1985 he acted in various film and theater roles in Berlin. Since his parents' application to leave the country in the mid-1980s did not allow him to graduate from high school or to enter an acting school, Nathan initially trained as a painter and varnisher. After the application was approved, the family was expelled within a day and left East Berlin in the spring of 1989. David Nathan is the grandson of the cabaret artist Peter Pan .


After numerous guest roles, Nathan entered the profession of film dubbing full-time in 1991 . Since then he has taken on a wide variety of leading and supporting roles in series, television films and cinema productions, including for Leonardo DiCaprio as a mentally disabled youth in Gilbert Grape (1994), for Mark Wahlberg as a criminal drug addict in Jim Carroll (1995), for Joaquín Phoenix as innocent Death convicts in For the Life of a Friend (1999) or for Kevin Bacon as a child kidnapper in 24 Hours of Fear (2003).

Literary and media scholar Thomas Bräutigam counts David Nathan as a dubbing actor as one of the most prominent voices of our time. Since Don Juan DeMarco (1995), with a few exceptions, it has been used for the dubbing of Johnny Depp . The change of voice of the character Jack Sparrow, played by Depp, attracted attention in the German version of the pirate film series Pirates of the Caribbean . After a responsible supervisor criticized Nathan's already fully recorded dubbing for the opening film Pirates of the Caribbean , Nathan turned down a completely requested new recording. This led to a line-up of Marcus Off , who was subsequently also engaged for the second and third sequels. Because there was no business agreement between off and production, David Nathan took over the role again in the fourth part . He also took on the German dubbing of Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride - wedding with a corpse

Since Portrait of a Lady (1996), Nathan has been assigned a further actor in Christian Bale . For his dubbing of Bale in Harsh Times he was nominated in the category “Outstanding Male Dubbing” for the German Dubbing Prize 2008, and the following year he received a second nomination for Tim Roth in Youth Without Youth . In addition, he dubbed the title hero in Rango .

David Nathan is also known to a wide audience as the German voice of several leading actors in television series, including James Marsters in Buffy - Im Bann der Demonen (1999-2003) and Angel - Hunter of Darkness (2001, 2003-2004), Nathan Fillion in Firefly - Der Aufbruch der Serenity (2002–2003), Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious , George Eads in CSI: On the trail of the perpetrators (2001–2016) and in MacGyver (2016–2019) and Jeremy Sisto in Six Feet Under - There is always death (2004–2007) and Law & Order (2009–2011). After the death of Matthias Hinze , he took over the synchronization of Eric Dane as Dr. from the third season of the hospital series Greys Anatomy. Mark Sloan. In the anime area , he set to music the characters Zorro / Diego in Z for Zorro (1995), Robin in Robin Hood (1995), Victore de Girodelle in Lady Oscar (1995), Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Renji Abarai in Bleach (2001), Piccolo in Dragonball Z (2001–2002) and Dragonball GT (2006) and Yami Bakura in Yu-Gi-Oh! (2003). He also spoke to the Prince in Disney's Cinderella (2007).

In addition to his work as a speaker, David Nathan occasionally acts as a dialogue book author and dubbing director. For his German-language version of the film satire Thank You for Smoking he was nominated again for the German Dubbing Prize in 2007 in the “Outstanding Dubbing Script” category. He directed dialogue in the cinema productions Hustle & Flow and Get Rich or Die Tryin ' .

Nathan is also active as a speaker in video games, for example in 2004 in the game Black Mirror as Samuel Gordon . In the German versions of the action-adventure series Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009), Batman: Arkham City (2011), Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) and Batman: Arkham Knight (2015), he lent his to the main character Batman / Bruce Wayne Voice. In addition, Mark Hammond from the third-person shooter The Getaway (2002) and also in the 2011 racing game Driver: San Francisco can be heard as the German voice of the main character John Tanner. He also spoke in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (2013) the role of Captain Rogers, one of the game's antagonists. He also spoke in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (2004) and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (2005) the prince.

For the DVD box from 2013 DC Universe Animated Original Movies as well as for The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie , Nathan speaks Batman in all films.

Audio books

At the beginning of the 2000s, Nathan expanded his field of activity to include the audio book market, which was becoming increasingly established. Since then it has been used in particular in the field of thriller and horror literature. For the download portal Audible and various audio book publishers he read in the unabridged versions of several novels by Stephen King , including The Green Mile (2005), Puls (2006), Wahn (2008), Die Arena (2010), Es (2011), She (2011), The Attack (2012), The Curse (2012), Manhunt (2012), The Stand (2012) and Doctor Sleep (2019). With a reading time of around 48 hours, he also interpreted the three-part unabridged novel 1Q84 by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami .

He is also active in the horror / science fiction sector . He read, among other things Max Brooks ' works The Zombie Survival Guide and Operation Zombie: Who lives longer, is later found dead and JL Bourne's works diary of the Apocalypse 1, 2, 3, and Guillermo del Toro The seed , the blood and the night , and Ernest Cline's Ready Player One .

David Nathan is the main spokesperson for most of the audio productions from LPL Records, a publisher that specializes, among other things, in the setting of music by HP Lovecraft . Nathan has narrated publications such as The Cthulhu Myth (2003), Necronomicon (2008), Berge des Wahnsinns (2008) and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (2009) in the audio book series HP Lovecraft: Library of Terror . For his interpretation of the Lovecraft story book Jäger der Finsternis (2007) Nathan was nominated in the category “Best Speaker / Reading” for the Ohrkanus 2007, with The Whisperer in the Dark (2005) he sat next to Torsten Michaelis and director Lars Peter Lueg in the following Year in the category "Audio Book of the Decade" against the competition. Nathan is recurrently hired for audio book versions of novels by Wolfgang Hohlbein , Dean Koontz , Craig Russell , Sergej Lukianenko and Carole Wilkinson .

David Nathan recorded a total of three audio books for the non-profit children's audio portal Ohrka.de: Robinson Crusoe , 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Baron Münchhausen .

  • 2019 Cold Storage - Es kött Author: David Koepp Year of publication 2019, Publisher: HarperCollins bei Lübbe Audio, 2019 HarperCollins bei Lübbe Audio

Radio plays

For almost 15 years, in addition to his work as an audio book speaker , David Nathan has also been increasingly active as a radio play speaker. From 2005 to 2010 he played the main role of the Berlin student Georg Brand / T-Rex / Tom Baumann in the then 41-part mystery radio play series Revelation 23 . In 2012, like his colleague Dietmar Wunder , he declined to participate in further episodes due to lack of time and age.

In the horror comedy radio play series Jack Slaughter - The Daughter of Light , which was produced between 2008 and 2013 with 20 episodes , Nathan took on the role of Tony Bishop , the best friend of the protagonist Jack Slaughter , voiced by Simon Jäger . From 2015 to 2017 he spoke in the mystery thriller radio play series Monster 1983 by Ivar Leon Menger , with three seasons and a total of 30 episodes, the role of protoganist Sheriff Thomas Cody . In the science fiction radio play series Alien - based on the Alien film series of the same name - Season 1 In the Shadows and Alien Season 2 - River of Death, the voice of the on-board computer of the spaceships. He can also be heard in various speaking roles in the radio drama series Horror Cabinet and Sherlock Holmes from Titania Medien .

Prima Vista readings

David Nathan (left) and Simon Jäger (right) after a Prima Vista reading in 2009

Organized by Oliver Rohrbeck's label Lauscherlounge , David Nathan performs in front of an audience several times a year as part of staged readings and radio plays. Together with Simon Jäger , he has been doing the Prima Vista readings since 2007, in which the duo improvise texts that the audience has brought with them. The range of text material covers the most varied of epochs, genres and genres and ranges from self-written stories to book excerpts with fictional and non-fictional content to blooms and curiosities from the Internet. After the readings had taken place in the old canteen of the Berlin Kulturbrauerei for several years , they were relocated to the Berlin club SO36 and the Cologne Gloria-Theater in 2012 .

Other fields of activity

David Nathan is speaker of the documentary series Murder Files and Station Voice of the now defunct digital broadcaster 90elf and the private broadcaster Radio Bob . In 2011 he was hired as an actor and narrator for the fictional documentary This Ain't California by Marten Persiel. In the award-winning production, which opened in German cinemas in August 2012, Nathan played the adult roller-rider Nico, who, together with other former skater friends, remembers his youth in the GDR in the 1980s.

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