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Leonardo Wilhelm "Leo" DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles , California ) is an American film actor , producer , Oscar winner and environmentalist. He is one of the highest paid and most successful contemporary actors in Hollywood and works regularly with renowned directors .

DiCaprio became known to a wider audience for the role of the mentally retarded boy Arnie Grape in Gilbert Grape , for which he received his first Oscar nomination in 1994. He achieved worldwide fame in 1997 with the portrayal of the destitute ship passenger Jack Dawson in James Cameron's drama Titanic . He was awarded a Golden Globe in 2005, 2014 and 2016 for his roles as aviation pioneer Howard Hughes in Aviator , as stockbroker Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street and as trapper Hugh Glass in The Revenant . For his role as Hugh Glass, he also received the Oscar for best actor in 2016 .

Live and act


The son of comic book author and seller fast George DiCaprio and former paralegal Irmelin Indenbirken-DiCaprio, born Indenbirken was the only child of his parents in Hollywood born, Los Angeles. His mother moved to the United States in the 1950s from her place of birth in Oer-Erkenschwick in North Rhine-Westphalia . His father is a fourth-generation American citizen of half Italian and half German descent. His maternal grandmother, Helene Indenbirken (1915–2008), was born Yelena Smirnova in Russia . In an interview in Russia, DiCaprio described himself as semi-Russian and said that two of his grandparents were Russian.

DiCaprio's first name is said to have been decided when his pregnant mother was standing in front of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Italy and the still unborn son kicked the abdominal wall. He got his middle name from his German grandfather Wilhelm Indenbirken. His parents separated when he was one year old. Eight years later the divorce followed, DiCaprio mostly lived with his mother. He grew up in Los Angeles in the districts of Echo Park , East Hollywood and Los Feliz , where he attended elementary school and John Marshall High School . His grandmother Helene Indenbirken lived at his mother's birthplace until her death at the age of 93 on August 5, 2008. DiCaprio, who visited her there since her early youth, acquired a basic knowledge of the German language during this time . In 1984 he took part in a breakdance tournament in Oer-Erkenschwick, after he had already won several tournaments in the USA.

From his father's second marriage to Peggy Farrar, he has a stepbrother, the occasional actor Adam Farrar , who, however, has repeatedly come into conflict with the law because of various offenses since the late 1990s.

Career start

His career began in the late 1980s at the age of 14 with appearances in commercials, including Bubble Yum chewing gum and Kraft cheese, and as an amateur actor in educational films. His breakthrough came in 1990 with the role of Garry Buckman in the television series Ein Wahnsinnsfamilie (original title: Parenthood) , which is based on the 1989 film of the same name . Shortly thereafter, he took on the role of the young Mason Capwell in the soap opera California Clan . He made his feature film debut in Critters 3 - The Cuddle Killers are coming , a B-movie from 1991. DiCaprio achieved increasing notoriety in the sitcom Our Loud Home , in which he played the street boy Luke Brower in 1991 and 1992.

Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of Gangs of New York in Cannes , 2002

Consolidation as a character actor


In 1993, DiCaprio acted as the son of a violent stepfather alongside Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin in This Boy's Life . He gained attention with the role of the mentally handicapped boy Arnie Grape in Lasse Hallström's family drama Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa (1993), for which he was honored with an Academy Award nomination in 1994 in the category “Best Supporting Actor”. In the following years he demonstrated his acting versatility in several films. In 1995 he portrayed the writer and musician Jim Carroll , whose heroin addiction and social decline were published as part of an autobiography and finally made into a film . In Total Eclipse - The Affair of Rimbaud and Verlaine by Agnieszka Holland , DiCaprio continued his portrayal of authentic people with the role of the homosexual French poet Arthur Rimbaud . David Thewlis acted as Paul Verlaine as film partner . Together with Claire Danes he portrayed the lovers Romeo and Juliet in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996) directed by Baz Luhrmann . The dialogues corresponded to the original texts by William Shakespeare from the 16th century . For his portrayal, DiCaprio received the Silver Bear at the 1997 Berlinale .

Worldwide success and fame through Titanic

The cinema production Titanic , which won eleven Oscars and is currently ranked number three among the most commercially successful films of all time , was the real career boost for DiCaprio in 1997. By portraying the penniless ship passenger Jack Dawson, who, contrary to the social norm, falls in love with a young wealthy woman named Rose, the then 22-year-old developed into a superstar, accompanied by worldwide popularity as a girl and woman crush. Last but not least, the fact that there were numerous reports in the youth media made it very difficult for him to break away from his status as a teen idol despite varying film characters in different genres.


Based on fictional characters in films like Celebrity - Schön. Rich. Famous. (1998) and The Beach (2000), which earned him a Golden Raspberry nomination for "Worst Actor," DiCaprio first starred in the major production Gangs of New York in 2002, directed by Martin Scorsese . In the same year he took on the role of the American con man and check forger Frank W. Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can . His portrayal was recognized with a nomination for the Golden Globe Award . In 2005 he won the Best Actor Award for his embodiment of Hollywood millionaire and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes in the Martin Scorsese film Aviator , and DiCaprio was also nominated for an Oscar.

At the presentation of the Golden Globe Awards 2007 he was the first actor in the history of this film award, for two roles - as undercover agent Billy Costigan in Departed - Unter Feinden and as 32-Bataljon soldier Danny Archer in Blood Diamond - in the same category ( Best Lead Actor in a Drama ) to be nominated. Blood Diamond addresses the conflict over so-called blood diamonds in Africa against the background of the civil war in Sierra Leone in 1999, for which DiCaprio received his third Oscar nomination in 2007 in the category “Best Actor”. For the first time since Titanic , he acted in 2008 in Sam Mendes ' drama Times of Turmoil again alongside Kate Winslet . His portrayal of the frustrated husband Frank Wheeler earned him another Golden Globe nomination in the " Best Actor - Drama " category . Directed by Ridley Scott , the thriller The Man Who Never Lived followed in the same year , in which DiCaprio played the CIA agent and counterterrorism specialist Roger Ferris.


DiCaprio at the premiere of Shutter Island at the Berlinale 2010
DiCaprio with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt (2019)

With Shutter Island , which opened in German cinemas in February 2010, the actor worked for the fourth time under the direction of Martin Scorsese, whom he considers to be the greatest living director. DiCaprio took this on the novel by Dennis Lehane based psychological thriller the role of under increasing paranoia suffering US Marshals Edward "Teddy" Daniels. In 2009 he finished shooting Christopher Nolan's science fiction film Inception , which opened in German cinemas on July 29, 2010. The film was a huge hit worldwide, won four Academy Awards, and is DiCaprio's most commercially successful film since Titanic . In 2011, DiCaprio worked with director Clint Eastwood to film the life of FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover . DiCaprio received a Golden Globe nomination for his acting performance.

In Quentin Tarantino's Western Django Unchained , DiCaprio portrayed the sadistic plantation owner and slave driver Calvin Candie, for which he was nominated again for the Golden Globe.

From September 2011 to February 2012, DiCaprio shot the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby in 3-D in Sydney under the direction of Baz Luhrmann . He took on the title role of Jay Gatsby. The second leading role was played by his close friend Tobey Maguire . It was the second collaboration between DiCaprio and Luhrmann after William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet in 1996. The film opened the 66th Cannes International Film Festival and was shown in German cinemas on May 16, 2013.

The fifth collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese is The Wolf of Wall Street , which is based on the autobiography of the same name by the former stockbroker Jordan Belfort . DiCaprio won a Golden Globe Award for best actor in the Comedy or Musical category and received his fourth and fifth Academy Award nominations, the third for Best Actor, and his first for Best Picture .

After filming The Wolf of Wall Street was finished , DiCaprio announced in January 2013 that it would take a longer break from acting in order to focus more on its environmental commitment. In the fall of 2014, however, he ended his hiatus and began filming a film adaptation of the life story of the trapper Hugh Glass under the title The Revenant , directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu . The shooting was marked by numerous difficulties due to weather conditions, budget overruns and scheduling delays and finally ended in September 2015. The German theatrical release took place on January 6, 2016. For his role as Hugh Glass, DiCaprio received the Academy Award for Best Actor.

After a break of more than three and a half years, DiCaprio will return to cinemas in August 2019 with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood . The film marks the second collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and director Quentin Tarantino . DiCaprio stars as a washed-up TV Western star who (by playing along with his stunt double Brad Pitt ) tries to gain a foothold in the film industry, while the killings of followers of cult leader Charles Manson , the Los Angeles shake-1960s.

Financial success and influence in Hollywood

According to the American Forbes Magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood since 2007. Between June 2007 and June 2008, he received $ 45 million in fees, ranking behind Will Smith ($ 80 million), Johnny Depp ($ 72 million), Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers (each 55 million US dollars) in fifth place. He was paid $ 20 million for his role in Catch Me If You Can (2002), eight times his fee for Titanic (1997). In December 2010, according to another Forbes survey, the box-office success of his films Shutter Island and Inception (1.1 billion US dollars) made him number one of the most financially successful actors in Hollywood, ahead of Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska (1.03 billion US dollars each). Dollar). According to the British daily The Guardian , DiCaprio was ranked third most influential people in Hollywood in 2010, behind James Cameron and Steven Spielberg . Between May 2010 and May 2011, he received fees of $ 77 million, ranking him as the top-earning actor in Hollywood , ahead of Johnny Depp ($ 50 million) and Adam Sandler ($ 40 million). After being re-listed by Forbes Magazine , Leonardo DiCaprio ranked behind Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr. in 2013 . Number three most influential actors and number 21 most powerful celebrities in the world. Vulture magazine placed DiCaprio in its 2013 listing of the 100 most valuable stars behind Robert Downey Jr. in second place.

With Appian Way Productions, DiCaprio has its own production company, which, among other things, played a key role in the creation of the films Orphan - The Orphan (2009) and Red Riding Hood (2011).


Leonardo DiCaprio speaking at the “Our Ocean” conference at the United States State Department's headquarters (2014)

With his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation , founded in 1998 - at the age of 24 - DiCaprio is committed to environmental protection and against global warming . In 2012, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation raised $ 38.8 million at auction in a single night. Works by Banksy , Andreas Gursky , Bharti Kher, Julian Schnabel , Richard Prince and Mark Ryden were among those sold at the auction . The Foundation , is committed to cooperation with the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd , to the survival of the smallest marine mammals in the world, the vaquita . In the fight for their survival, Sea Shepherd and the Mexican Navy, supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, are also fighting with the local criminal cartels. The efforts to prevent the vaquitas from becoming extinct can be seen in the eco-thriller Sea of ​​Shadows , produced by DiCaprio in cooperation with Terra Mater Factual Studios . In 2013, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donated $ 3 million to WWF to protect the last tigers in Nepal , their habitat and thus all other animals and plants that live there, such as rhinos and elephants .

An expression of his commitment is the documentary film 11th Hour - 5 to 12 , which he told and co-authored in 2007, about the various environmental crises that threaten humanity and its planet. He supported the Democratic Party candidate in the 2004 and 2008 US presidential elections (2004 John Kerry , 2008 Barack Obama ).

In December 2013, DiCaprio joined the automobile manufacturer Venturi Automobiles and founded the Venturi Formula E Team with its founder Gildo Pallanca Pastor . Commenting on his entry, DiCaprio said, “The future of our planet depends on our ability to build fuel efficient cars that are based on clean energy. Venturi Grand Prix has shown enormous foresight by founding an environmentally friendly racing team and I am happy to be part of this endeavor. ”The racing team has been competing in the new FIA Formula E championship series since 2014 . In 2015, the actor was appointed chairman of the racing series' sustainability committee. This body deals primarily with the promotion of electric mobility and wants to promote the spread of electric cars , especially in cities.

In 2014 DiCaprio was named a UN Ambassador for Peace and gave the opening speech at the UN climate summit in New York . In it, he described climate change as the greatest challenge facing humanity and called on governments and industry to take decisive and clear measures immediately.

For environmental reasons, DiCaprio is a vegetarian and is traded as a vegan. He supported the documentation Cowspiracy , which addresses the impact of animal products such as meat or milk on the environment. He also took on the role of executive producer so that the documentary could appear on Netflix .

In January 2016 DiCaprio was a guest at the Annual Meeting 2016 of the World Economic Forum in Davos , where he received the WEF's Crystal Award for his work against climate change and for the protection of threatened animal species .

In his acceptance speech after receiving the “Oscars” for best leading actor in 2016, he also addressed the issue of environmental and climate protection. The Revenant is a film about the relationship between humans and nature. The global warming is real and urgent threat to humanity. Therefore, humanity must now do something about it and stop putting the problem on the back burner.

In addition to his commitment to environmental protection, DiCaprio also supported people in emergency situations, most recently together with his Titanic partner Kate Winslet , who supported a young patient suffering from cancer at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany.

Private life

DiCaprio is a close friend of actor Tobey Maguire , whom he met while auditioning for the series An Insane Family in 1990. He is also a long-time friend of actors Kevin Connolly , Lukas Haas and Kate Winslet , for whom he acted as best man at their third wedding. He had known the actor Christopher Pettiet since childhood.

After relationships with models Kristen Zang, Emma Miller and Gisele Bündchen , DiCaprio was in a relationship with model Bar Refaeli from 2005 to 2011 . In May 2011 they both confirmed their separation. He was later dating actress Blake Lively and model Erin Heatherton . From summer 2013 to December 2014 he was with the German model Toni Garrn . From April to November 2015 he was in a relationship with the model Kelly Rohrbach . A liaison with the Danish model Nina Agdal followed for about a year . Since December 2017, DiCaprio has been in a relationship with the 23-year-old Argentine actress Camila Morrone.

DiCaprio owns a house in Los Angeles and an apartment in Manhattan . In 2005 he bought the Belizean island of Blackadore Caye and plans to build an environmentally friendly resort there.

That same year, DiCaprio was badly injured in the face when former model Aretha Wilson hit him on the head with a glass bottle. Wilson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison in 2010.


  • In 1999 Leonardo DiCaprio brought a lawsuit against an ice cream parlor owner in Bad Salzuflen , who intended to name his business Di Caprio . The judge was of the opinion that the owner was violating the actor's trademark rights to his name. In addition, there is a risk of confusion, even if no one suspects the actor behind the ice cream counter. The owner, however, argued DiCaprio was a common name. However, the judge did not comply with the actor's request to prohibit the use of his surname for all commercial purposes.
  • In 2017 a spider native to the Caribbean was named after him: Spintharus leonardodicaprioi .
  • In 2018, a beetle native to Malaysia was named after him: Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi .


Since William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996), Leonardo DiCaprio has been dubbed in all German dubbed versions by Gerrit Schmidt-Foss , for the first time in This Boy's Life (1993). In Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa and Total Eclipse - The Rimbaud and Verlaine Affair , David Nathan lent him his voice, who has been known as the regular spokesman for Johnny Depp since 1995 .


Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and Cameron Diaz (from left), 2002


Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of the film Before the Flood in
Toronto in September 2016

watch TV


Executive Producer

Awards (selection)

Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of the most sought-after and versatile actors for many years. So far, he has won over 61 national and international awards and was nominated for a further 187 awards. For his performances in Aviator , The Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant , DiCaprio was awarded the Golden Globe for best leading actor , and he was nominated eight more times. Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of the favorites for the Oscars since 2005 . He won this award in 2016 for his performance in The Revenant in the category of best leading actor . The following selection shows DiCaprio's most important and best-known awards and nominations.


Golden Globe Award

British Academy Film Award

Berlin International Film Festival

  • 1997 : Awarded : with the Silver Bear for Best Actor in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

Empire Award

  • 2007: nominated: Best Actor in Departed - Unter Feinden
  • 2011: nominated: Best Actor in Inception

Screen Actors Guild Award

  • 1997 : nominated: Best Ensemble in Marvin's Daughters
  • 1998 : nominated: Best Ensemble in Titanic
  • 2005 : nominated: Best Ensemble in Aviator
  • 2005: nominated: Best Actor in Aviator
  • 2007 : nominated: Best Ensemble in Departed - Unter Feinden
  • 2007: nominated: Best Supporting Actor in Departed - Unter Feinden
  • 2007: nominated: Best Actor in Blood Diamond
  • 2012 : nominated: Best Actor in J. Edgar
  • 2016 : Awarded : Best Actor in The Revenant - The Returner
  • 2020 : nominated: Best Actor in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Saturn Award

  • 2011 : nominated: Best Actor in Inception
  • 2011: nominated: Best Actor in Shutter Island
  • 2016 : nominated: Best Actor in The Revenant - The Returner

Golden Raspberry


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