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Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul each with a Saturn Award (2010)

The Saturn Award is an American film and television prize awarded annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films . The Academy was founded in 1972 by film historian and Dracula expert Donald A. Reed . This award has been given to outstanding achievements in the genres of science fiction , fantasy and horror since 1973 . From 1995 the genres of thriller , action and adventure were added.

In the first few years, the winners of the Saturn Awards were able to take home a golden roll of parchment ("Golden Scroll") as a trophy. This was replaced in 1977 by a Saturn surrounded by a film band . The last award so far took place on September 13, 2019 in Hollywood .

Current categories


category Original designation Award period
Best science fiction film Best science fiction film since 1973
Best Horror Film (2013 Best Horror Film / Thriller) Best horror film since 1973
Best fantasy film Best Fantasy Film since 1975
Best action / adventure / thriller film (from 2013 best action / adventure film) Best action, adventure or thriller film since 1995
Best thriller Best thriller since 2014
Best international film Best International Film since 2007
Best independent film Best Independent Film since 2013
Best animated film Best Animated Film since 2003
Best comic adaptation Best comic-to-film motion picture since 2014
Best director Best Director since 1976
Best script Best writing since 1975
Best cut Best editing 1978–1979 & since 2012
Best special effects Best special effects since 1975
Best music Best music since 1975
Best equipment Best production design 1976–1979 & since 2010
Best costume Best Costume since 1977
Best makeup Best makeup since 1975
Best Actor Best Actor since 1976
Best main actress Best Actress since 1976
Best supporting actor Best Supporting Actor since 1976
The best supporting actress Best Supporting Actress since 1976
Best Young Actor Best Performance by a Younger Actor since 1985

watch TV

category Original designation Award period
Best science fiction series Best Science Fiction Television Series since 2016
Best horror series Best Horror Television Series since 2016
Best fantasy series Best Fantasy Television Series since 2016
Best action / thriller series Best Action Thriller Television Series since 2016
Best superhero series Best Superhero Adaptation Television Series since 2015
Best New Media TV Series Best New Media Television Series since 2016
Best New Media Superhero Series Best New Media Superhero Series since 2018
Best animation series Best Animated Series or Film on Television since 2017
Best TV Presentation (2015 Best Miniseries) Best Television Presentation since 1995
Best TV Lead Actor Best Actor on Television since 1997
Best TV Actress Best Actress on Television since 1997
Best Supporting Actor on TV Best Supporting Actor on Television since 2000
Best Supporting Actress in TV Best Supporting Actress on Television since 2000
Best TV guest actor Best Guest Starring Role on Television since 2009
Best Young TV Actor Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series since 2014


category Original designation Award period
Best DVD release Best DVD release since 2002
Best DVD release in a special edition Best Special Edition DVD Release since 2002
Best DVD release of a classic Best Classic Film DVD Release since 2002
Best DVD Release in a TV Series Best Television DVD Release since 2003
Best DVD collection Best DVD Collection since 2004

Prizes of honor

category Original designation Award period
The George Pal Memorial Award The George Pal Memorial Award since 1975
The Life Career Award The Life Career Award since 1976
The President's Memorial Award The President's Memorial Award since 1982

Former categories

category Original designation Award period
Best camera Best Cinematography 1976-1977, 1979
Best stop motion animation Best stop motion animation 1975-1976
Best foreign film Best Foreign Film 1980
Best DVD Re-Release of a TV Series Best Retro Television Series on DVD 2003-2009
Best Network TV Series Best Network Television Series 1990-2015
Best Syndication / Cable TV Series Best Syndicated / Cable Television Series 1997-2015
Best youth series Best Youth-Oriented Television Series 2012-2015

Records in the field of film

The most successful films

Star Wars has been the most successful film of the Saturn Awards since 1978 with a total of 13 awards. Again a double-digit number was only able to reach Avatar - Departure to Pandora with ten honors in 2010 . Third place is shared by Aliens - The Return , The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Star Wars: The Force Awakens , each with eight prizes.

The most successful filmmakers

James Cameron is the most successful director with five Saturn Awards. He received the first in 1987 for Aliens - The Return . Steven Spielberg follows closely behind with four directing awards. He received his first in 1978 for Close Encounters of the Third Kind . Peter Jackson can look back on three awards in this category . In 2002 he was first honored for The Lord of the Rings: The Companions .

In the best script category, Christopher Nolan leads the ranking with four awards. Cameron and William Peter Blatty share second place with three wins each. Paul Hirsch was the only one to receive two awards for the best cut.

John Williams has received eight awards for his composed music. Danny Elfman follows with six awards. James Horner , Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer can look back on at least three awards in this category. Dan Hennah , Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg each have two victories as best production designer .

Dennis Muren has received a total of five awards as a special effects artist . John Knoll , Joe Letteri , Ken Ralston and Stan Winston follow with four awards each . Colleen Atwood was honored three times for her designed costumes, while Trisha Biggar , Alexandra Byrne , Ngila Dickson , Jean-Pierre Dorleac and Bob Ringwood received two awards in this category.

Rick Baker is the most successful makeup artist with seven awards. They are followed by Ve Neill and William J. Tuttle with four wins each.

The most successful performers

With four awards in the best leading actor category , Robert Downey junior can call himself the most successful actor at the Saturn Awards. He is followed by Mark Hamill with three and Jeff Bridges and Harrison Ford with two awards each in this category. Robin Williams won an award each for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, and Andy Serkis , Burgess Meredith and Ian McKellen each received two awards for Best Supporting Actor.

In the women's category , Jodie Foster , Sandra Bullock , Natalie Portman , Naomi Watts and Jamie Lee Curtis each received two awards in the best actress category . Daryl Hannah and Sigourney Weaver were each awarded once for best leading actress and best supporting actress . Anne Ramsey and Tilda Swinton received the Best Supporting Actress award twice each.

Taking into account the young talent awards , Tom Holland can look back on three and Elijah Wood , Tobey Maguire , Haley Joel Osment and Chloë Grace Moretz on two awards each.

Records in television

The most successful series

Awards have been given in the television sector since 1990. The series The Walking Dead has been the most successful across all categories with 21 Saturn Awards. Breaking Bad received twelve awards and Lost has won eleven Saturn Awards.

The most successful performers

Actor awards have only been awarded since 1997. Across all categories, Anna Torv is the most successful actress with four awards for her portrayal in Fringe - Borderline Cases of the FBI . David Boreanaz for Angel and Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad can each look back on three Saturn Awards. If you add the prizes for young talent, then Chandler Riggs also has a total of three wins for The Walking Dead .


The presentation of the Saturn Awards is accompanied annually by different moderators or actors or other greats from the genre. Founder Donald A. Reed acted as moderator as did William Shatner or Mark Hamill . The regular presenter is Jeff Ross , who was awarded an honorary award for his work in 2012.

Jay Jay Stone , Bruce Campbell , Larry Cohen , Bobbie Bresee , Richard Hatch , Karen Black , William Marshall , Corey Feldman , Harry Blackstone junior , Adam West , Graham Chapman , Warwick Davis and Lance Reddick were also responsible for moderation .

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