Hunter of the lost treasure

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German title Hunter of the lost treasure
Original title Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones 1.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1981
length 111 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 12
Director Steven Spielberg
script George Lucas (Story)
Philip Kaufman (Story)
Lawrence Kasdan
production Frank Marshall
music John Williams
camera Douglas Slocombe
cut Michael Kahn

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Raiders of the Lost Ark (English title:. Raiders of the Lost Ark to German, "raiders of the lost ark") is an adventure film by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas from the year 1981 . The film, which has won four Academy Awards , is the first in the Indiana Jones series. The film grossed nearly $ 390 million worldwide at a cost of $ 18 million. It ran from October 29, 1981 in German cinemas.


In 1936, the archeology professor and adventurer Dr. Jones, called "Indiana Jones" or "Indy", found a temple riddled with traps in the jungle of Peru and stole a golden idol from it . When leaving the temple, however, his French rival Belloq waits for him with warriors of the indigenous people and takes the figure from him again, Indy escapes at the last second on a seaplane.

Back at home at his university, he and Brody, the university curator , are visited by two representatives of the American military intelligence service . They instruct Indy to secure the missing Ark of the Covenant before it falls into the hands of Hitler , who also has it searched. There are numerous myths about the ark - an army with the ark at its head is said to be invincible.

After initial skepticism, Indy took over the job. First he needs the head piece of the “Staff of Re ”, a kind of amulet, with the help of which the whereabouts of the ark can be localized. It is owned by Marion Ravenwood, the daughter of Indy's former mentor and his past love who lives as a bar owner in Nepal . Indy flies there, but Marion still resents him for abandoning her years ago and doesn't hand him the headjoint. As soon as Indy has left her bar, the Nazi thugs around Gestapo Major Toht, who also covet the headpiece, appear. Before Toht can torture Marion, Indy shows up and a fight ensues, in the course of which a fire breaks out. The head piece falls into the embers, and when Toht tries to take it, the red-hot metal burns itself into his hand. He escapes and Indy defeats the rest of the attackers, but Marion's bar burns down.

The two travel to Cairo with the rescued headpiece . With Belloq's help, the Nazis under Colonel Dietrich found the lost city of Tanis and are already digging for the ark there. Indy's old friend Sallah has an insight into the excavation work of the Germans. The Nazis are on them, however, and Marion is kidnapped and appears to have died in an explosion, while Indy and Sallah escape multiple assassinations. Sallah says that the Nazis are using a replica of the head piece to dig for a hall called the "Source of Souls" where the ark is said to be. Indy has the inscription on his headpiece translated and learns that the staff for the headpiece must be six kadam long. But on the back of the head piece it says that you have to pull off a kadam in honor of the Hebrew god. Since the Nazis only have the front of the head piece at their disposal due to the burned-in scar in Toht's hand, they obviously calculated the length incorrectly and are digging in the wrong place.

After Indy met Belloq again in a bar, with Sallah's help he got into the so-called map room, a hall with a model of Tanis and an opening in the ceiling. Indy sticks a stick in the correct length, with the headpiece at the tip, in a certain position, and when the sun shines through the ceiling opening at the right angle shortly afterwards, the crystal in the center of the headpiece focuses the sun's rays and illuminates it the model of the city, the building in which the drawer is to be located.

In the evening, Indy and some workers find the opening to the “source of souls” and the ark there, but they are surprised by Belloq and Dietrich. They have the ark carried away and lock Indy together with Marion in the hall, the floor of which is covered with hundreds of snakes. Indy finds an exit and follows Dietrich's motorcade on horseback. After a wild chase, he can take the truck with the ark. Sallah given him with Marion and charging a passage on a cargo ship, but this is on the high seas by a German submarine applied . Dietrich and Belloq take over the ark and Marion on the submarine, but Indy manages to get on board unnoticed before it dives.

The submarine moored in a camouflaged submarine harbor on an island north of Crete . Belloq and Dietrich want to open the drawer inside the island. Indy makes one last attempt to free Marion by threatening to destroy the ark with a bazooka . But Belloq realizes that Indy is bluffing and cannot destroy this valuable historical artifact , and has him arrested. In the evening, Belloq celebrates a solemn ritual in which, in addition to Dietrich and Toht, numerous soldiers participate, as well as Indy and Marion, who are tied to a stake. Belloq, dressed as a high priest , speaks a mantra, and two soldiers lift the lid of the ark. However, this only contains the dust of Moses' crumbled tablets of the law . Suddenly all electrical devices explode and supernatural, ghostly luminous phenomena float out of the drawer and circle around those present. Indy tells Marion not to look under any circumstances. Finally, lightning bolts break out of the ark and melt everyone present except for Indy and Marion, who survive the inferno with closed eyes . Finally the lid of the ark is thrown up by a huge pillar of fire, lands on the ark again and closes it.

Back home, Indy and Brody are withheld from further examination of the Ark of the Covenant. The government officials reassure them that the ark is currently being researched by “absolute specialists”. In fact, however, the drawer is stowed in a wooden box labeled “Top Secret” and kept in a huge government storage room among thousands of similar wooden boxes. In the end, Indy and Marion are reunited.


Idea for the series and sequels

The idea originally came from George Lucas , but he was unable to realize it himself because he concentrated on his Star Wars trilogy. Steven Spielberg originally wanted to direct a James Bond film. However, George Lucas persuaded him to make the Indiana Jones films instead .

Because of the great success of this first film, three sequels were made: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull there is another scene in the hall in which the drawer was stored at the end of this film: the wooden box is briefly seen there in one scene. The films were each directed by Spielberg and produced by George Lucas. Lucas initially had concerns about the cast of Harrison Ford , as Harrison Ford had already played a leading role in his Star Wars epic. On March 15, 2016, Disney announced the theatrical release of a fifth part for July 2019. Harrison Ford is slated to play Indiana Jones again, with Steven Spielberg directing. There is no title yet. The project is still being worked on, but the release of the film has now been postponed until after 2020.

In 1992 and 1993, George Lucas produced a television series about the childhood and adolescence of Indiana Jones. His goal was to give the TV audience a history lesson . Accordingly, little emphasis was placed on action in the individual episodes. However, the series was more prestigious than ratings, so only two seasons were created.


For the scene with the German submarine, the same model was used that was originally shown in the film adaptation of the novel Das Boot . As is often the case in his films, Lucas incorporated an allusion to one of his other films: In a scene in the Source of Souls , a hieroglyph with R2-D2 and C-3PO can be seen in the background .

The City Hall in San Francisco served as the location for the final scene .


Several actors have been cast for the role of archaeologist , including Tim Matheson , Peter Coyote and Tom Selleck . Tom Selleck was Spielberg's favorite, but he already had a contract for the Magnum series . The actor Nick Nolte turned down the role. Harrison Ford was initially rejected by George Lucas as a cast member of Indiana Jones. Only when Tom Selleck could not be hired for the role, the decision was made for Ford. In 1988, Selleck played a parody of Indiana Jones in a Magnum episode with hat and whip - German title: Eine Legende Leben (RTL) or In der Cave of Death (ARD).

The German actor Klaus Kinski was initially offered the role of Major Arnold Toht. However, he refused brusquely: "The script was just as stupidly shitty as so many other films of this kind." Instead, he opted for the snake thriller The Black Mamba , for which he could collect a higher fee. The actor Vic Tablian can be seen in two roles: as Barranca in the opening scene and as the monkey man in Cairo. Even Pat Roach has a dual role: as Tohts henchman in Marion's bar in Nepal and later as a mechanic who fights against Indiana Jones. He can also be seen in the two subsequent films. In the opening scene, the English actor Alfred Molina can be seen in his first film role.

The producer Frank Marshall can be seen as a pilot in a cameo in the aircraft sequence. He took on this role as the stunt team was sick that day. For his short role, Marshall had to shoot in a hot cockpit for three days. Dennis Muren , who was responsible for the special effects, also has a cameo in the film: He can be seen briefly on the plane with which Indiana Jones flies to Nepal.

Historical inconsistencies

At the beginning of the film, Marcus Brody explains that , according to the Bible , the Ark of the Covenant is capable of leveling mountains. However, there is no such statement in the Bible. The film mentions that the Nazis discovered Tanis. In fact, the city was explored by Auguste Mariette as early as 1860 .

The flying wing aircraft of the German Air Force in Tanis never really existed, the design is based on an H VII , a construction by the Horten brothers towards the end of the war .

Cultural allusions

The scene will be replaced in the Jones the gold statue by a sand-filled bag to outwit the case, was among others in Episode 6 of the fifth season of the series Scrubs taken, as well as in the Adventure Runaway: A Twist of Fate Developer Péndulo Studios from Spain. With Scrubs, a golden tumor is the object of desire, with Runaway a gold film award. The latter can also be viewed in the media section of the Runaway 3 official website.

In episode 4 ( Easter eggs in June ; original title: The Raiders Minimization ) of the seventh season of The Big Bang Theory it is stated that the role of Indiana Jones is completely irrelevant to the story of the film; even without Indiana Jones, the Nazis would have found the Ark of the Covenant, taken it to an island, opened it there, and then would have been killed by it. It was not taken into account that Indiana Jones would not have been there to secure the ark. A second Nazi expedition could then have brought the ark to Germany.

The gold statue from the opening scenes of the film can also be found as the "bad luck charm" in the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends .


source rating
Rotten tomatoes

"An elaborate adventure film that merges action tension and effects en masse with calculated refinement."

“The pumping and saturation of the disturbing population of the world while protecting archaeological valuable chests has begun in the cinema. To protect against radiation death, you no longer even need a briefcase or aluminum foil, as recommended by government brochures from then and now. Closing your eyes is sufficient. 'Close your eyes and through' - if you follow this advice in the cinema, you won't miss a lot. "

"Watching 'Jäger' is like being worked on with a food processor - something has been done to us, but not to our advantage."

“With the furious first of their four 'Indy' films, director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas achieved a classic. Conclusion: Unsurpassed action fireworks. "

Home theater evaluation

In 1981/1982, under the management of the company marketing-film, a first version was released for the cine film home cinema, which was also available in English, Spanish and French through the American branch in New York. This edition with selected scenes had a running time of only 15 minutes and did not do the film justice. Although it contained the storyline, the short running time created a hasty, action-non-stop impression. Half a year later, a so-called three-part version, i.e. a 3 × 110 m version with a total running time of approx. 45 minutes, should follow. There are American flyers for this planned publication in 1983, but due to the strong appearance of video cassettes, marketing-film finally said goodbye to the Super 8 business.

The first video evaluation did not take place until 1984.


The German synchronization of the first version was commissioned by the Berliner Synchron for a dialogue book and dialogue director of Arne Elsholtz .

On October 7, 2009, the film was broadcast for the first time in HD and 5.1 sound on German pay TV Sky Deutschland . However, the sound was not produced by editing the old German dubbed version, but instead was completely re-dubbed. With the exception of Wolfgang Pampel (Indiana Jones) and Mogens von Gadow (Marcus Brody), all supporting roles have been replaced.

The film's Blu-ray, which was released in September 2012, contains the old and new synchronization.

role actor Voice actor (1981) Voice actor (2009)
Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Harrison Ford Wolfgang Pampel
Marion Ravenwood Karen Allen Christina Hoeltel Cathlen Gawlich
Dr. René Belloq Paul Freeman Hermann Ebeling Patrice Luc Doumeyrou
Major Arnold Toht Ronald Lacey Wolfgang Spier Gerald Schaale
Sallah John Rhys-Davies Michael Chevalier Uli Krohm
Dr. Marcus Brody Denholm Elliott Mogens von Gadow
Colonel Dietrich Wolf Kahler Christian Rode Oliver Stritzel
Gobler Anthony Higgins Arne Elsholtz Patric Tavanti
Colonel Mussgrove Don Fellows Erich Nieswandt Hasso Zorn
Major Eaton William Hootkins Friedrich G. Beckhaus Lutz Schnell
Captain Katanga George Harris Hartmut Reck Michael Iwannek

Awards and honors

Indiana Jones is one of the 26 best films of all time according to the IMDb poll. The American Film Institute ranked Indiana Jones as the second greatest hero and ranked the film 60th in the Top 100 American Movies of All Time. In addition, the film was included in the 1999 National Film Registry , which lists American films that are particularly worth preserving .

Oscar 1982
Golden Globe 1982
British Academy Film Awards 1982
Saturn Award 1982


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