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description Online film - and TV - database , online shop
Registration Optional
languages German
owner OFDb.de e. K.
Originator Sascha Imme
Published Early 2000
status active

OFDb.de (subtitle: "Online-Filmdatenbank") is a German-language film database that is offered on the World Wide Web .


OFDb.de offers basic information about national and international feature films , television films and television series . This includes title, original or alternative title, year of publication, director , actor , genre , sequels, versions and a brief description of the content. In addition, statistics and opinions, such as most popular films , best TV series or directors with the best films can be queried. In comparison to the much more extensive Internet Movie Database (IMDb), OFDb.de offers less biographical information about the filmmakers, as the possibility of entering this information into the database was only created in January 2007.

OFDb.de claims an unlimited and exclusive right of use and exploitation, including commercial ones, for the texts entered by the users .


From Censorship in Germany , a website for information about film censorship , a film database called Die große Filmdatenbank was created in 1999 . This resulted in the online film database that was put on the Internet at the beginning of 2000. Originally created only to document different film versions, the OFDb was initially operated as a hobby by its developer Sascha Imme. In mid-2004 a company was founded to operate the site. In May 2005 an online shop was integrated into the OFDb, which uses the existing film and film capture data as a basis. In September 2013 the own label OFDb Filmworks was founded. The update and expansion of the database is carried out exclusively by the users of the database. They rate films, enter films and versions, write synopsis and reviews, and add or correct existing entries. In addition to the original theatrical versions, DVD , video and TV versions as well as cuts are documented.


In September 2005 the database comprised 83,500 films in 125,000 versions. In the following years the stock expanded. As of May 2018, the database held 300,247 films in 383,841 versions.

Web links

  • OFDb.de - website of the film database


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