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A film database is an electronic collection of film information in the form of a database system .

The oldest and best-known database on the Internet is the English-language Internet Movie Database (IMDb), which is now operated by the Internet mail order company Amazon . In Germany, it is the online film database that initially specialized in cutting reports. In is a database that has arisen from an academic environment and working up primarily German film history; this is a publicly funded database project. Moviepilot, on the other hand, gives film recommendations based on user ratings. Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic collect newspaper reviews on the US market and thus calculate the average rating of films by the critics. As with IMDb, users can also vote. For a long time there was a German press review on films that were launched in the cinema at , but the website has been offline for good since autumn 2018.

The Great Directors database of the online film magazine Senses of Cinema offers numerous essays on important directors . The Berlin art house cinema and rental company Arsenal has information on its collection of 6,000 z. Some very rare films and videos were put online in 2010. At UBUWEB , direct access to the films themselves is possible ( experimental films ).

One database for porn films is the Internet Adult Film Database .

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