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With the Oscar for best editing are film editors honored a film. The prize has been awarded in this category since 1935.

Most frequently paid film editor Ralph Dawson , Michael Kahn , Daniel Mandell and Thelma Schoonmaker (three wins each)
Most frequently nominated film editor Michael Kahn , Thelma Schoonmaker (eight nominations each)
Most frequently nominated film editor without a win Gerry Hambling and Frederic Knudtson (six nominations each)

In the table below, the winners are listed according to the year in which they were awarded.


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1935 Conrad A. Annoying Eskimo Anne Bauchens for Cleopatra
Gene Milford for The Shining Target
1936 Ralph Dawson A midsummer night's dream Margaret Booth for Mutiny on the Bounty
George Hively for The Traitor
Ellsworth Hoagland for Bengali
Robert Kern for David Copperfield
Barbara McLean for The Wretched
1937 Ralph Dawson A restless life Edward Curtiss for Take What You Can Get
William S. Gray for The Great Ziegfeld
Barbara McLean for Signals to London
Otto Meyer for Theodora Goes Wild
Conrad A. Annoying for Escape from Paris
1938 Gene Havlick
Gene Milford
In the shackles of Shangri-La Bernard W. Burton for 100 Men and a Girl
Al Clark for The Terrible Truth
Elmo Veron for Manuel
Basil Wrangell for The Good Earth
1939 Ralph Dawson Robin Hood, king of the vagabonds Gene Havlick for the bon vivant
Tom Held for The Great Waltz
Tom Held for The Test Pilot
Barbara McLean for Alexander's Ragtime Band
1940 Hal C. Kern
James E. Newcom
Blown by the wind Charles Frend for goodbye, Mr. Chip
Gene Havlick and Al Clark for Mr. Smith goes to Washington for
Otho Lovering and Dorothy Spencer for Ringo
Barbara McLean for Night Over India


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1941 Anne Bauchens The Scarlet Horsemen Hal C. Kern for Rebecca
Warren Low for The Secret of Malampur
Robert L. Simpson for The Fruits of Wrath
Sherman Todd for The Long Road To Cardiff
1942 William Holmes Sergeant York James B. Clark for Striking Weather
Harold F. Kress for Doctor and Demon
Daniel Mandell for The Little Foxes
Robert Wise for Citizen Kane
1943 Daniel Mandell The big hit George Amy for Yankee Doodle Dandy
Harold F. Kress for Mrs. Miniver
Otto Meyer for Witness for the Prosecution
Walter Thompson for This Above All
1944 George Amy Air Force Doane Harrison for Five Graves to Cairo
Owen Marks for Casablanca
Barbara McLean for The Song by Bernadette
Sherman Todd and John F. Link senior for Whom the Hour Strikes
1945 Barbara McLean Wilson Roland Gross for None But the Lonely Heart
Hal C. Kern and James E. Newcom for Als du Abschiedst
Owen Marks for Janie
LeRoy Stone for Der Weg zum Glück
1946 Robert Kern Little girl, big heart George Amy for The Hero of Burma
Doane Harrison for The Lost Weekend
Harry Marker for The Bells of St. Mary
Charles Nelson for Polonaise
1947 Daniel Mandell The best years of our life Arthur Hilton for Avengers of the Underworld
William Hornbeck for Isn't Life Beautiful?
Harold F. Kress for Die Wildnis calls
William A. Lyon for Der Jazzsänger
1948 Francis D. Lyon
Robert Parrish
Chasing Millions Monica Collingwood for Every Woman Needs an Angel
Harmon Jones for Taboo of the Righteous
Fergus McDonell for Outcast
George White for Typhoon
1949 Paul Weatherwax City without a mask Reginald Mills for The Red Shoes
Christian Nyby for Red River
Frank Sullivan for Johanna von Orleans
David Weisbart for Silent Lips
1950 Harry W. Gerstad Between women and ropes John D. Dunning for Kesselschlacht
Frederic Knudtson for The Eerie Window
Robert Parrish and Al Clark for The Man Who Wanted to Rule
Richard L. Van Enger for You were our comrade


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1951 Ralph E. Winters
Conrad A. Annoying
King Solomon's diamonds Oswald Hafenrichter for The Third Man
Barbara McLean for Everything About Eva
James E. Newcom for Duel in der Manege
Arthur P. Schmidt and Doane Harrison for Boulevard der Twilight
1952 William Hornbeck A place in the Sun Adrienne Fazan for An American in Paris
Chester W. Schaeffer for City in Turmoil
Dorothy Spencer for Decision Before Dawn
Ralph E. Winters for Quo vadis?
1953 Elmo Williams
Harry W. Gerstad
Twelve noon William Austin for Storm Squadron Comet
Anne Bauchens for The Greatest Show in the World
Ralph Kemplen for Moulin Rouge
Warren Low for Return, little Sheba
1954 William A. Lyon Damn to all eternity Everett Douglas for Battle of the Worlds
Otto Ludwig for Clouds are everywhere
Robert Swink for A Heart and a Crown
Cotton Warburton for Crazylegs
1955 Gene Milford The fist on the neck Ralph Dawson for It Always Comes Day
William A. Lyon and Henry Batista for The Caine Was Her Destiny
Elmo Williams for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Ralph E. Winters for A Bride for Seven Brothers
1956 Charles Nelson
William A. Lyon
picnic Warren Low for The Tattooed Rose
Alma Macrorie for The Bridges by Toko-Ri
Gene Ruggiero and George Boemler for Oklahoma!
Ferris Webster for The Seeds of Violence
1957 Gene Ruggiero
Paul Weatherwax
In 80 days around the world Albert Akst for The Hell Is Inside Me
Anne Bauchens for The Ten Commandments
William Hornbeck , Philip W. Anderson and Fred Bohanan for Giants
Merrill G. White for Red Dust
1958 Peter Taylor The bridge on the Kwai Viola Lawrence and Jerome Thoms for Pal Joey
Warren Low for Two reckon
Daniel Mandell for Witness
Arthur P. Schmidt and Philip W. Anderson for Sayonara
1959 Adrienne Fazan Gigi William Hornbeck for Let Me Live
Frederic Knudtson for Escape in Chains
William A. Lyon and Al Clark for Cowboy
William H. Ziegler for The Great Aunt
1960 Ralph E. Winters,
John D. Dunning
Ben Hur Frederic Knudtson for The Last Shore
Louis R. Loeffler for Anatomy of a Murder
Walter Thompson for a Nun's Story
George Tomasini for The Invisible Third


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1961 Daniel Mandell The apartment Stuart Gilmore for Alamo
Frederic Knudtson for Wer den Wind sät
Viola Lawrence and Al Clark for Pepe - What can the world cost
Robert Lawrence for Spartacus
1962 Thomas Stanford West Side Story Philip W. Anderson for Announcing Her Parents' Wedding
Frederic Knudtson for The Judgment of Nuremberg
Alan Osbiston for The Guns of Navarone
William H. Reynolds for Fanny
1963 Anne V. Coates Lawrence of Arabia Samuel E. Beetley for The Longest Day
John McSweeney Junior for Mutiny on the Bounty
Ferris Webster for Ambassador of Fear
William H. Ziegler for Music Man
1964 Harold F. Kress That was the wild west Frederic Knudtson , Robert C. Jones and Gene Fowler junior for a totally, totally crazy world
Louis R. Loeffler for Cardinal
Dorothy Spencer for Cleopatra
Ferris Webster for Broken Chains
1965 Cotton Warburton Mary Poppins Anne V. Coates for Becket
Ted J. Kent for The Big Wolf Calls
Michael Luciano for Lullaby for a Corpse
William H. Ziegler for My Fair Lady
1966 William H. Reynolds My songs, my dreams Michael Luciano for The Flight of the Phoenix
Charles Nelson for Cat Ballou - You Shall Hang in Wyoming
Norman Savage for Doctor Schiwago
Ralph E. Winters for The Great Race Around the World
1967 Fredric Steinkamp
Henry Berman
Stu Linder
Frank Santillo
Grand Prix Hal Ashby and J. Terry Williams for The Russians are coming! The Russians are Coming!
William B. Murphy for The Fantastic Journey
Sam O'Steen for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woold?
William H. Reynolds for gunboat on the Yangtze River
1968 Hal Ashby In the Heat of the Night Samuel E. Beetley and Marjorie Fowler for Doctor Dolittle
Robert C. Jones for Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner
Frank P. Keller for Bloody Beach
Michael Luciano for The Dirty Dozen
1969 Frank P. Keller Bullitt Frank Bracht for A Strange Couple,
Fred R. Feitshans junior and Eve Newman for Wild in the Streets
Ralph Kemplen for Oliver
Robert Swink , Maury Winetrobe and William Sands for Funny Girl
1970 Françoise Bonnot Z William A. Lyon and Earle Herdan for The Secret of Santa Vittoria
William H. Reynolds for Hello, Dolly!
Hugh A. Robertson for Asphalt Cowboy
Fredric Steinkamp for Only Horses are given the coup de grace


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1971 Hugh S. Fowler Patton - rebel in uniform Stuart Gilmore for Airport
Danford B. Greene for M * A * S * H
James E. Newcom , Pembroke J. Herring and Inoue Chikaya for Tora! Torah! Torah!
Thelma Schoonmaker for Woodstock
1972 Gerald B. Greenberg French Connection - Brooklyn Focal Point Folmar Blangsted for Summer '42
Bill Butler for A Clockwork Orange
Stuart Gilmore and John W. Holmes for Andromeda - Deadly Dust from Space
Ralph E. Winters for Grandpa can't help it
1973 David Bretherton Cabaret Frank P. Keller and Fred W. Berger for Four Weird Birds
Harold F. Kress for Die Höllenfahrt der Poseidon
Tom Priestley for When Die Everyone is First
William H. Reynolds and Peter Zinner for The Godfather
1974 William H. Reynolds The highlight Jordan Leondopoulos , Bud S. Smith , Evan A. Lottman and Norman Gay for The Exorcist
Verna Fields and Marcia Lucas for American Graffiti
Frank P. Keller and James Galloway for The Seagull Jonathan
Ralph Kemplen for The Jackal
1975 Harold F. Kress
Carl Kress
Flaming inferno John C. Howard and Danford B. Greene for The Wild Wild West
Michael Luciano for The Hardest Mile
Sam O'Steen for Chinatown
Dorothy Spencer for Earthquakes
1976 Verna Fields The White shark Dede Allen for Dog Days
Richard Chew , Lynzee Klingman and Sheldon Kahn for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Russell Lloyd for The Man Who Wanted to Be King
Fredric Steinkamp and Don Guidice for The Three Days of the Condor
1977 Richard Halsey
Scott Conrad
Rocky Alan Heim for Network
Robert C. Jones and Pembroke J. Herring for This Land is My Land
Eve Newman and Walter Hannemann for Two Minute Warning
Robert L. Wolfe for The Untouchables
1978 Paul Hirsch
Marcia Lucas
Richard Chew
war of stars Walter Hannemann and Angelo Ross for A Cooked-Out Schlitzohr
Michael Kahn for Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Walter Murch and Marcel Durham for Julia
William H. Reynolds for At the turning point
1979 Peter Zinner Those who go through hell Stuart Baird for Superman
Gerry Hambling for 12 noon - Midnight Express
Robert Swink for The Boys from Brazil
Don Zimmerman for Coming Home - They are returning home
1980 Alan Heim Behind the spotlight Robert Dalva for The Black Stallion
Gerald B. Greenberg for Kramer against Kramer
Richard Marks , Walter Murch , Gerald B. Greenberg and Lisa Fruchtman for Apocalypse Now
Robert L. Wolfe and Carroll Timothy O'Meara for The Rose


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1981 Thelma Schoonmaker Like a wild bull David E. Blewitt for The Grand Final
Anne V. Coates for The Elephant Man
Gerry Hambling for Fame - The Road to Fame
Arthur Schmidt for Nashville Lady
1982 Michael Kahn Hunter of the lost treasure Dede Allen and Craig McKay for Reds
John Bloom for The Beloved of French Lieutenant
Terry Rawlings for The Hour of the Victor
Robert L. Wolfe for At the Golden Lake
1983 John Bloom Gandhi Carol Littleton for ET - The Extra Terrestrial
Hannes Nikel for Das Boot
Fredric Steinkamp and William Steinkamp for Tootsie
Peter Zinner for An Officer and a Gentleman
1984 Glenn Farr
Lisa Fruchtman
Stephen A. Rotter
Douglas Stewart
Tom Rolf
The stuff the heroes are made of Richard Marks for Time of Tenderness
Frank Morriss and Edward M. Abroms for The Flying Eye
Sam O'Steen for Silkwood
Bud S. Smith and Walt Mulconery for Flashdance
1985 Jim Clark The Killing Fields - Screaming Land Donn Cambern and Frank Morriss for On the Hunt for the Green Diamond
Nena Danevic and Michael Chandler for Amadeus
David Lean for Trip to India
Barry Malkin and Robert Q. Lovett for Cotton Club
1986 Thom Noble The only witness John Bloom for A Chorus Line
Rudi Fehr and Kaja Fehr for Die Ehre der Prizzis
Henry Richardson for Express in Hell
Fredric Steinkamp , William Steinkamp , Pembroke J. Herring and Sheldon Kahn for Out of Africa
1987 Claire Simpson Platoon Jim Clark for Mission
Ray Lovejoy for Aliens - The Return
Susan E. Morse for Hannah and her sisters
Billy Weber and Chris Lebenzon for Top Gun
1988 Gabriella Cristiani The last emperor Michael Kahn and Peter E. Berger for a fateful affair
Michael Kahn for Das Reich der Sonne
Richard Marks for Nachrichtenfieber - Broadcast News
Frank J. Urioste for RoboCop
1989 Arthur Schmidt Wrong game with Roger Rabbit Stuart Baird for Gorillas im Nebel
Gerry Hambling for Mississippi Burning - The Root of Hate
Stu Linder for Rain Man
Frank J. Urioste and John F. Link for Die Hard
1990 David Brenner
Joe Hutshing
Born on July 4th Noëlle Boisson for Der Bär
Steven Rosenblum for Glory
William Steinkamp for The Fabulous Baker Boys
Mark Warner for Miss Daisy and her chauffeur


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
1991 Neil Travis The one, who dances with the wolf Barry Malkin , Lisa Fruchtman and Walter Murch for The Godfather - Part III
Walter Murch for Ghost - Message from Sam
Thelma Schoonmaker for Good Fellas - Three Decades in the Mafia
Dennis Virkler and John Wright for the Hunt for Red October
1992 Joe Hutshing
Pietro Scalia
JFK - Dallas crime scene Conrad Buff IV , Mark Goldblatt and Richard A. Harris for Terminator 2 - Judgment Day
Gerry Hambling for The Commitments
Craig McKay for The Silence of the Lambs
Thom Noble for Thelma & Louise
1993 Joel Cox Merciless Robert Leighton for A Matter of Honor
Kant Pan for The Crying Game
Geraldine Peroni for The Player
Frank J. Urioste for Basic Instinct
1994 Michael Kahn Schindlers List Anne V. Coates for In the Line of Fire - The Second Chance
Gerry Hambling for In the Name of the Father
Veronika Jenet for Das Piano
Dennis Virkler , David Finfer , Dean Goodhill , Don Brochu , Richard Nord and Dov Hoenig for Auf der Flucht
1995 Arthur Schmidt Forrest Gump Richard Francis-Bruce for The Condemned
Frederick Marx , Steve James and William Haugse for Hoop Dreams
Sally Menke for Pulp Fiction
John Wright for Speed
1996 Mike Hill
Daniel P. Hanley
Apollo 13 Marcus D'Arcy and Jay Friedkin for A Pig Called Babe
Richard Francis-Bruce for Seven
Chris Lebenzon for Crimson Tide
Steven Rosenblum for Braveheart
1997 Walter Murch The English patient Ethan Coen and Joel Coen for Fargo
Gerry Hambling for Evita
Joe Hutshing for Jerry Maguire - Game of Life
Pip Karmel for Shine - The Path into Light
1998 Conrad Buff IV
James Cameron
Richard A. Harris
Titanic Richard Francis-Bruce for Air Force One
Peter Honess for LA Confidential
Richard Marks for Better It Couldn't Be
Pietro Scalia for Good Will Hunting
1999 Michael Kahn The soldier James Ryan Anne V. Coates for Out of Sight
David Gamble for Shakespeare in Love
Simona Paggi for Life is beautiful
Billy Weber , Leslie Jones and Saar Klein for Der schmale Grat
2000 Zach Staenberg matrix Tariq Anwar and Christopher Greenbury for American Beauty
Lisa Zeno Churgin for God's Work & Devil's Contribution
William Goldenberg , Paul Rubell and David Rosenbloom for Insider
Andrew Mondshein for The Sixth Sense


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
2001 Stephen Mirrione Traffic - power of the cartel Dede Allen for WonderBoys
Joe Hutshing and Saar Klein for Almost Famous - Almost Famous
Pietro Scalia for Gladiator
Tim Squyres for Tiger and Dragon
2002 Pietro Scalia Black Hawk Down Jill Bilcock for Moulin Rouge
Dody Dorn for Memento
John Gilbert for The Lord of the Rings: Companions
Mike Hill and Daniel P. Hanley for A Beautiful Mind - Genie und Wahnsinn
2003 Martin Walsh Chicago Peter Boyle for The Hours - From Eternity to Eternity
Michael Horton for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Thelma Schoonmaker for Gangs of New York
Hervé de Luze for The Pianist
2004 Jamie Selkirk The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King William Goldenberg for Seabiscuit - With the Will to Success
Walter Murch for On the Road to Cold Mountain
Daniel Rezende for City of God
Lee Smith for Master & Commander - Until the End of the World
2005 Thelma Schoonmaker Aviator Matt Chessé for When Dreams Learn To Fly
Joel Cox for Million Dollar Baby
Paul Hirsch for Ray
Jim Miller and Paul Rubell for Collateral
2006 Hughes Winborne LA crash Daniel P. Hanley and Mike Hill for Das Comeback
Michael Kahn for Munich
Michael McCusker for Walk the Line
Claire Simpson for Der ewige Gärtner
2007 Thelma Schoonmaker Departed - Among enemies Alfonso Cuarón and Alex Rodríguez for Children of Men
Douglas Crise and Stephen Mirrione for Babel
Clare Douglas , Richard Pearson and Christopher Rouse for Flight 93
Steven Rosenblum for Blood Diamond
2008 Christopher Rouse The Bourne ultimatum Juliette Welfling for Butterfly and Diving Bell
Jay Cassidy for Into the Wild
Ethan and Joel Coen for No Country for Old Men
Dylan Tichenor for There Will Be Blood
2009 Christopher Dickens Slumdog millionaire Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter for The Strange Case of Benjamin Button
Lee Smith for The Dark Knight
Daniel P. Hanley and Mike Hill for Frost / Nixon
Elliot Graham for Milk
2010 Bob Murawski
Chris Innis
Deadly Command - The Hurt Locker Stephen E. Rivkin , John Refoua and James Cameron for Avatar - Departure to Pandora
Julian Clarke for District 9
Sally Menke for Inglourious Basterds
Joe Klotz for Precious - Life is Precious


year Award winners for the movie Nominations
2011 Kirk Baxter
Angus Wall
The social network Jon Harris for 127 Hours
Andrew Weisblum for Black Swan
Pamela Martin for The Fighter
Tariq Anwar for The King's Speech
2012 Kirk Baxter
Angus Wall
Delusion Anne-Sophie Bion and Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist
Thelma Schoonmaker for Hugo Cabret
Christopher Tellefsen for The Art of Winning - Moneyball
Kevin Tent for The Descendants - Family and Other Matters
2013 William Goldenberg Argo Tim Squyres for Life of Pi: Schiffbruch with Tiger
Michael Kahn for Lincoln
Jay Cassidy and Crispin Struthers for Silver Linings
Dylan Tichenor and William Goldenberg for Zero Dark Thirty
2014 Alfonso Cuarón
Mark Sanger
Gravity Joe Walker for 12 Years a Slave
Jay Cassidy , Crispin Struthers and Alan Baumgarten for American Hustle
Christopher Rouse for Captain Phillips
John Mac McMurphy and Martin Pensa for Dallas Buyers Club
2015 Tom Cross Whiplash Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach for American Sniper
Sandra Adair for Boyhood
Barney Pilling for Grand Budapest Hotel
William Goldenberg for The Imitation Game - A Top Secret Life
2016 Margaret Sixel Mad Max: Fury Road Stephen Mirrione for The Revenant
Tom McArdle for Spotlight
Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey for Star Wars: The Force
Awakens Hank Corwin for The Big Short
2017 John Gilbert Hacksaw Ridge - The Decision Joe Walker for Arrival
Jake Roberts for Hell or High Water
Tom Cross for La La Land
Nat Sanders and Joi McMillon for Moonlight
2018 Lee Smith Dunkirk Paul Machliss and Jonathan Amos for Baby Driver
Tatiana S. Riegel for I, Tonya
Sidney Wolinsky for Shape of Water
Jon Gregory for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
2019 John Ottman Bohemian Rhapsody Barry Alexander Brown for BlacKkKlansman
Yorgos Mavropsaridis for The Favorite - Intrigue and Insanity
Patrick J. Don Vito for Green Book - A Special Friendship
Hank Corwin for Vice - The Second Man
2020 Andrew Buckland
Michael McCusker
Le Mans 66 - Against every chance Thelma Schoonmaker for The Irishman
Tom Eagles for Jojo Rabbit
Jeff Groth for Joker
Yang Jin-mo for Parasite