Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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German title Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Original title Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Logo Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri grau.svg
Country of production USA , UK
original language English
Publishing year 2017
length 116 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Martin McDonagh
script Martin McDonagh
production Graham Broadbent ,
Pete Czernin ,
Martin McDonagh
music Carter Burwell
camera Ben Davis
cut Jon Gregory

Three billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a feature film by Martin McDonagh from the year 2017 . The work, located somewhere between a revenge thriller , film drama and black comedy , is based on an original script by the director. It tells the story of a bitter woman, played by Frances McDormand , who in a fictional small American town accuses the local police chief, played by Woody Harrelson , of inaction after the murder of her daughter on three large billboards . Your rebellious action resulted in a bitter guerrilla war.

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 4, 2017, and was released in US cinemas on November 10, 2017 and in German cinemas on January 25, 2018. At the 2018 Oscars , he was nominated in seven categories, including best film, and ultimately won two: Frances McDormand was named best actress and Sam Rockwell was named best supporting actor.


Mildred Hayes has large-format advertising posters put up on three billboards that have not been used for decades on a country road near the tranquil town of Ebbing . The posters should stay there for a year; She has agreed on $ 5,000 a month with the responsible advertising salesman Red Welby. In big black letters on a red background there are the sentences “Raped While Dying”, “Still No Arrests?” (“And no arrests?”) And “How come, Chief Willoughby? "(" How come, Chief Willoughby? ").

Mildred's daughter Angela had been raped, murdered, and then burned near her parents' home seven months earlier. The perpetrator was not caught. Sheriff Bill Willoughby and Officer Jason Dixon of the local police force, in Mildred's opinion, are putting too little effort into solving the case; they preferred to discriminate against the African American population in their hometown. With the poster campaign, Mildred wants to force the police to act. A television station is also paying attention and reporting on the action.

Willoughby visits Mildred at home and explains to her that the genetic traces at the scene of the crime lead nowhere, because the corresponding genetic profile is not recorded in any database, and that there are also no eyewitnesses, which is why he was stuck in this murder case. The only chance is that the perpetrator will at some point make the mistake of divulging his act. Mildred is unimpressed. Even when Willoughby asks her to be considerate because he has pancreatic cancer and has only a few months to live, Mildred remains tough and tells him that is why she had the blackboards put up now, because once he did had died, they would no longer be of any use.

Mildred's son Robbie would like to forget about it, but he knows just like her ex-husband Charlie, who left her for 19-year-old Penelope, that eating cherries with his mother is not good. Mildred doesn't stop at words. So she pushes the dentist, who treats her very roughly out of anger about her poster campaign, his drill in the thumbnail. Father Montgomery, the parish priest, tries to appease her. But she replies that the church is basically a " gang " in which every member is jointly responsible for their actions, including child abuse. For their part, the police are trying to intimidate Mildred by arresting her friend and work colleague Denise for possession of a small amount of marijuana.

The police chief shoots himself because he does not want to expose his family to his suffering. Before that he paid - incognito - another monthly installment for renting the billboards. The day after his death, an external black police chief is installed. One of his first acts is the dismissal of Dixon, who threw the owner of the billboards out the window in the course of an assault on the fact that he was responsible for the death of the police chief for renting out the billboards. When the billboards are lit, Mildred believes Dixon is responsible and takes revenge on the local police by throwing several Molotov cocktails at the supposedly empty police station that night . However, she does not know that Dixon is there alone in the dark to read a letter from Willoughby to him. While escaping from the burning house, he suffers severe burns and is placed in the hospital in the same room as Red, whom he threw out the window the day before.

When Dixon overhears two strangers talking in a bar, one of whom is boasting that the victim has been raped and burned, he scratches the victim's face in order to get a tissue sample from him. In return he accepts to be beaten up by him. Dixon tells Mildred that he may have found her daughter's killer. It turns out, however, that the DNA traces do not match and that the suspect was a soldier abroad at the time of the crime.

In the final sequence, Mildred and Jason Dixon set out together to bring this man to justice in Idaho. Even if he is out of the question for the death of the daughter, for Dixon he is “a rapist”. On the way, however, they have doubts about the mission.


Film title, baton and shooting

The film title refers to the three billboards on the highway outside the fictional community of Ebbing in Missouri, which Mildred Hayes rents for one year. Directed by Martin McDonagh , who also wrote the script. The idea for the film came to McDonough while on a road trip when he saw three small signs on Interstate 10 near Vidor east of Beaumont : “Vidor Police Botched Up the Case,” “Waiting For Confession,” and “This Could Happen to You ”. With the billboards, James Fulton, the father of Katherine Fulton Page, wanted to express his anger that his daughter's car accident was not recognized as a murder by her ex-husband. Page, who was the mother of two children, was found dead in her car on May 14, 1991 in Vidor, Texas. However, investigators found out that her death was not caused by an accident. Page had been strangled and only simulated the accident scenario, for which the car was driven head-on into a ditch 100 meters from her house. Despite this evidence, the case had never been arrested.

The film was shot over 33 days in Sylva , around Asheville and in Black Mountain, North Carolina . Ben Davis acted as cameraman .

Cast and dubbing

Oscar winner Frances McDormand plays Mildred Hayes, Lucas Hedges her son Robbie and John Hawkes her ex-husband Charlie. Sheriff Bill Willoughby will be played by Woody Harrelson , and Sam Rockwell will play Officer Jason Dixon. Kathryn Newton played Angela, Samara Weaving played Penelope, and Nick Searcy played Father Montgomery. Mama Dixon is played by Sandy Martin , Ebbing's new police chief Abercrombie is played by Clarke Peters and the advertising salesman Red Welby is played by Caleb Landry Jones . Abbie Cornish took on the role of Anne Willoughby.

The German dubbing was based on a dialogue book and directed by Marius Clarén at Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin.

Woody Harrelson plays Sheriff Bill Willoughby in the film, here while filming in Sylva in May 2016
actor Voice actor role
Frances McDormand Heidrun Bartholomäus Mildred Hayes
Woody Harrelson Thomas Nero Wolff Sheriff Bill Willoughby
Sam Rockwell Dietmar miracle Officer Jason Dixon
John Hawkes Torsten Michaelis Charlie Hayes
Peter Dinklage Claus-Peter Damitz James
Lucas Hedges Marco Eßer Robbie Hayes
Abbie Cornish Marie Bierstedt Anne Willoughby
Caleb Landry Jones Tim Sander Red Welby
Clarke Peters Oliver Stritzel Sheriff Abercrombie
Kerry Condon Julia Kaufmann Pamela
Samara Weaving Kaya Marie Möller Penelope
Kathryn Newton Jodie Blank Angela Hayes
Sandy Martin Katja Brugger Mama Dixon
Brendan Sexton III Tommy Morgenstern suspicious
Nick Searcy Helmut Gauss Father Montgomery

Film music and soundtrack

The score was composed by Carter Burwell . Despite the rural-looking Americana scenario and the dramatic depth of the story, which is expected to be musically inspiring in itself, Burwell struggled with great difficulty figuring out the right approach to the score and was eventually inspired by something unusually mundane: the costume design of the film. Burwell recalls, “I noticed that Mildred changed her outfit when she was on the warpath, and that other characters also changed their looks as they switched between the roles they played in this small town. I got the feeling that violence and revenge are the main themes of the film. Since there are so many fully drawn characters in history, I considered an approach from Ennio Morricone's film music from his spaghetti westerns (which I love) and given each character a distinctive musical signature that stays with them even with changing alliances . ”Mildred is at the center of the story. The opening track Mildred Goes to War is a combination of instruments including guitars , banjos , tubular bells and percussion instruments , and also includes stomping and clapping.

Burwell's contribution to the score is a little over 20 minutes. The film also includes the songs The Last Rose of Summer , sung by Renée Fleming , based on a poem of the same name by Thomas Moore , Buckskin Stallion Blues by Townes Van Zandt , Radio Song by The Felice Brothers , The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by Joan Baez and Chiquitita from ABBA . The soundtrack to the film comprises 19 pieces of music and was released on November 10, 2017 by Varese Sarabande .

Marketing and Publishing

A first trailer for the film was presented in March 2017. The film premiered on September 4, 2017 at the Venice Film Festival , where it was shown in the main competition and was nominated for the Golden Lion. It was also presented at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2017 . In September 2017 there was a screening at the San Sebastián International Film Festival . At the end of September and beginning of October 2017, the film was shown as part of the main competition of the Zurich Film Festival and also presented at the Hamburg Film Festival in October 2017 . At London Film Festival was Three billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri shown on 15 October 2017 as the closing film. After a postponement, the film was released in US cinemas on November 10, 2017 and in German cinemas on January 25, 2018.


Film genre and age rating

The film is somewhere between a revenge thriller , film drama and comedy . Gregory Ellwood of The Playlist says Martin McDonagh choreographed this almost impossible film as a brutal and dark comedy, with the acting of McDormand and Rockwell creating an emotional response that you just don't see coming. Steve Pond from The Wrap also speaks of a dark and bloody, but at the same time funny film, which is classic for McDonagh.

In Germany the film is FSK 12 . The statement of reasons for the release states: “The overall rather calm film tells a serious story despite its touch of black humor . Topics such as guilt, atonement, justice and vigilante justice are dealt with. Due to their cognitive and psychosocial level of development, children and adolescents from 12 years of age are able to understand these topics and deal with them appropriately. Occasional scenes with more violent violence (e.g. two massive brawls) are also included in the story. "

Reviews and grossing results

So far, the film has won over 91 percent of Rotten Tomatoes ' critics and received an average rating of 8.4 out of a possible 10 points. The film received a score of 88 on Metacritic and was called a "must-see". The acting master class of Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell was particularly highlighted by critics . As part of the 2017 Golden Tomato Awards , the film came second in the Best Comedy Film category .

Owen Gleiberman of Variety explains Three billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was not a demagogic attack on the complacency of the police or to the outgoing male violence and its privileges, even if the film is a meditation on these things. Gleiberman particularly emphasizes the acting performance of Sam Rockwell in the role of Officer Dixon. To see him as a racist and violent police officer who is a total loser and a mommy child at the same time is a revelation.

Geoffrey Macnab of The Independent says that even if the film is unlikely to win many awards, it is still a surprising work, and describes it as a perverse, comical and tragic story of revenge in which all the characters went against our often very low expectations. The film shares its nihilistic humor with McDonagh's earlier film 7 Psychos , and her portrayal can be found in films like Fargo , for which she (Frances McDormand) won an Oscar in the role of a pregnant policewoman.

In a criticism of the dpa of the film it is said that it lives from a mixture of black humor and touching moments: “While the film tells of the fate of Mildred's family, it also reveals serious grievances among the local police: violence against blacks seems to be part of everyday life belong."

In Der Spiegel, Martin Wolf refers to the Irish ancestry of the screenwriter and director Martin McDonagh and judges that it is "a thoroughly American film about the American province that the Americans apparently can no longer make alone".

The film was given the rating of particularly valuable by the German film and media rating . The reasoning states: “On the face of it, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri can be seen as an indictment of racism, violence and patriarchal power structures. At its core it is about guilt, revenge and reconciliation. With his clever staging, Martin McDonagh also confronts how quickly hasty judgments are made. ”The jury of Protestant film work recommends the film; In epd Film it is said that it offers “successful and thought-provoking entertainment”.

In the US, the film opened on Veterans Day weekend at a strong $ 322,168 in four theaters, which was an exceptionally good result based on average revenue per theater ($ 80,542). In Switzerland, Three Billboards landed at number 1 on the cinema charts. The total worldwide revenue for the film is $ 160.2 million. In Germany, the film has so far recorded 731,579 visitors. The film was shown in selected Chinese cinemas on March 2, 2018, and has grossed the equivalent of US $ 10.2 million after its nationwide launch.

Frances McDormand's Oscar acceptance speech

During Frances McDormand's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards in early March 2018, where she was honored for her role as best actress, she had pointed out the inclusion rider in her last few words and asked all women nominated together with her to support the project. At that time, many citizens were not aware of this contractual clause. With this, actors in the US American entertainment industry can demand that the cast of a film is as diverse as possible and that women and minorities are adequately represented in their films. The idea for the Inclusion Rider came from Stacy Smith , the founder and chairman of the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, who found that the cast in most US-made films did not match the American population.

Model for protest actions in public space

The red billboards from the film served as a model for various protests, like here at the March for Our Lives 2018 in San Diego

The film is “one of the models of a remarkably new protest aesthetic”. In London in February 2018 three mobile billboards could be seen on the Thames or in front of St Paul's Cathedral asking about the 71 dead from the fire in Grenfell Tower 2017: 71 Dead. (71 dead), And still no arrests? (And still no arrests?) How come? (How is it that nobody is held accountable?). After the School Massacre in Parkland , Florida , the text on the three tablets read: Murdered at School. ' Still no tighter gun controls. How come Marco Rubio ? During the election campaign in Rome , extremists were warned in front of the Colosseum before Bunga Bunga and the United Nations Security Council in New York City was asked about the 500,000 dead in Syria .

Use in school lessons

The online portal recommends three billboards for the subjects English, German , ethics , psychology, religion and law and offers material for the film for the classroom. There Kirsten Taylor writes that the film poses ethical and philosophical questions about guilt and atonement or how to deal with loss and grief. In the subject of English it could be examined with which elements of different genres, such as thriller , western or comedy, the film plays and which dramaturgical functions the humor assumes. A figure analysis is also an option. With regard to Mildred, a comparison with heroines of ancient tragedies is worthwhile , and the character analysis should be followed by a critical discussion on the subject of vengeance and vigilante justice, which is also appropriate in the social studies subjects or in ethics and philosophy lessons as well as in law, so Taylor continues.

Awards (selection)

In January 2018, the film was nominated in five categories at the Irish Film & Television Academy Awards. Below is a selection of nominations and awards from other film awards.

AACTA International Awards 2018

American Film Institute Awards 2018

  • Inclusion in the top 10 films of 2017

Art Directors Guild Awards 2018

  • Nomination for the Excellence in Production Design Award in the Contemporary Film category ( Inbal Weinberg )

British Academy Film Awards 2018

British Independent Film Awards 2017

  • Award for Best Editing (Jon Gregory)
  • Award for Best Film Music (Carter Burwell)
  • Nomination for Best Cinematography (Ben Davis)
  • Nomination for Best Casting ( Sarah Halley Finn )
  • Nomination for the best sound ( Joakim Sundström )

Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2018

Directors Guild of America Awards 2018

  • Nomination for Best Feature Film Director (Martin McDonagh)

Eddie Awards 2018

  • Nomination for Best Film Editing - Comedy (Jon Gregory)

Hamburg Film Festival 2017

  • Nomination for the Sichtwechsel film award

Guild Film Award 2018

  • Award as best film (international)

Golden Globe Awards 2018

Independent Spirit Awards 2018

  • Nomination for Best Screenplay ( Martin McDonagh )
  • Award as Best Actress (Frances McDormand)
  • Award as Best Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell)

London Critics' Circle Film Awards 2018

  • Award for best film
  • Nomination for British / Irish Film of the Year
  • Award as Best Actress (Frances McDormand)
  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (Woody Harrelson)
  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell)
  • Award for Best Screenplay (Martin McDonagh)
  • Nomination for Best Director (Martin McDonagh)

Academy Awards 2018 (90th Academy Awards)

Producers Guild of America Awards 2018

  • Nomination for Best Picture (Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin and Martin McDonagh)

Venice International Film Festival 2017

  • Nomination for the Golden Lion (Martin McDonagh)
  • Award for Best Screenplay (Martin McDonagh)

The Papierene Gustl 2018

  • Best movie

San Sebastian Film Festival 2017

  • Received the San Sebastian Audience Award (Martin McDonagh)

Satellite Awards 2017

  • Award for best film
  • Award for Best Original Screenplay (Martin McDonagh)
  • Nomination for Best Film Actress (Frances McDormand)
  • Award as Best Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell)
  • Nomination for Best Cinematography (Ben Davis)
  • Nomination for Best Film Editing (Jon Gregory)

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2018

Toronto International Film Festival 2017

  • Awarded the audience award

Zurich Film Festival 2017

  • Nomination for the Golden Eye Award (Martin McDonagh)


The three red billboards at the edge of a country road already appear in Blood Simple - A Murderous Night (1984) by the Coen brothers . Frances McDormand also played a leading role here.

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