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epd film
Logo since April 2014
description German film magazine
publishing company Joint work of Protestant journalism
First edition 1984
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 5914 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Widespread edition 6082 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Editor-in-chief Rudolf Worschech
editor Jörg Bollmann , Karsten Frerichs
Web link epd-film.de

epd Film is a German film magazine that has been published monthly since 1984. It is the successor to the Evangelical Film Observer , which has been published annually since 1948 . In addition to the film service , it is one of the two leading religious magazines for film criticism in Germany.


The magazine is published by the Evangelical Press Service (epd) and by the community work of Protestant journalism . epd Film emerged from the previous publication epd Church and Film , which was aimed at a readership within the church. Contributions to specifically theological topics only take up a small amount of space in the epd film . epd film is subsidized by the Evangelical Church (2001 with 171,000 marks).

epd Film sees itself as a service magazine that aims to cover the entire monthly topicality of the film sector. The volume increased from initially 40 pages in black and white to now 76 pages completely in color.

The content consists of three parts:

  1. Reviews of recent films,
  2. larger overview articles about personalities of the film world or film countries or genres as well as longer workshop discussions with directors and other film personalities,
  3. the magazine, which contains the latest news, TV tips, festival reports, event announcements, obituaries and reviews of DVDs, film music CDs and film books.

The epd Film editorial team is based in Frankfurt am Main and consists of three editors. It is published by GEP Director Jörg Bollmann and Karsten Frerichs, the editor-in-chief of the epd central editorial office. The editor in charge was Wilhelm Roth from 1984 to 2002, his successor was Rudolf Worschech. Most of the contributions are written by freelancers, the majority of whom are renowned film critics and journalists. In addition to the Catholic film service , the (now discontinued) steadycam , the Cargo and Filmbulletin - magazine for film and cinema (CH), epd Film is one of the most respected German-language film magazines.

In 2003, epd Film was awarded the “Prize of German Film Critics” together with film-dienst . Taken together, according to the jury's reasoning, the booklets represent a kind of German equivalent to the French Cahiers du cinéma .


epd Film is a partner of the short film series “Night Of The Shorts” (October 2006) and the Recklinghausen Church Film Festival (see below) . In cooperation with the Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt , epd Film is organizing the What is happening? - In the German cinema . Each month, selected productions are shown in the cinema of the Filmmuseum, from which the development lines of German cinema in recent years can be read. After each screening, directors, actors and a film critic each face the debate in a workshop.

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