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steadycam - A MOVIE MAGAZINE

publishing company BBL publishing house for specialist journals (Germany)
Headquarters Cologne
First edition 1982
attitude 2007
Frequency of publication irregular
ZDB 1010408-2

steadycam - EINE FILMZEITSCHRIFT was a film magazine from Germany , which was founded in the summer of 1982 by the film critic and sports journalist Milan Pavlovic together with Philip Siegel . It was last published by BBL-Verlag in Cologne .

The first editions were still amateurish (written with a typewriter and designed by hand) and had fewer than 50 pages, no. B. only twelve. The booklet cost 2 marks back then.

Over the years the production became more professional and "steadycam" developed into an ever larger and more recognized film magazine. The anniversary edition No. 50 (July 2007) had a total of 380 pages and cost 26 euros. What has remained is the always irregular publication frequency: Sometimes several issues appeared a year, sometimes you waited a year for the next issue.

"Steadycam" was distributed via the website, dedicated cinemas and bookstores that also offer film literature. In recent years, the publisher has also informed registered subscribers by email that a new issue will be published.

Well-known authors, filmmakers and film critics from the German scene wrote in the magazine “steadycam” . a. Michael Althen , Norbert Grob , Tom Tykwer , Tobias Kniebe , Hans Schifferle , Brigitte Desalm , Claudius Seidl , Lars-Olav Beier , Dominik Graf , Daniel Kothenschulte , Frank Schnelle and Harald Pauli .

The booklets contained film reviews, festival reports and diaries, photo series, lengthy interviews with film people and background reports. One focus of the magazine was homages to important film critics, such as B. David Thomson , Pauline Kael or Frieda Grafe . Polls were held regularly for favorite films of all time, the past decade or just last year. Most steadycam issues focused on one topic - No. 46, for example, the oeuvre of Frank Borzage , No. 47 to the director Claude Sautet , No. 48 Quentin Tarantino'sKill Bill ”, No. 49 Michael Cimino's infamous Western “ Heaven's Gate “And No. 50 to the work of the director Robert Altman, who died in November 2006 .

The thematic focus of steadycam was clearly on the area of ​​American mainstream films; occasionally there was also written about German or French films.

With issue no. 50 for the 25th anniversary, the last issue of the film magazine appeared in July 2007.

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