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The journal database ( ZDB ) is the central bibliographic database ( specialist database ) for title and ownership records of ongoing compilations in Germany and Austria, such as specialist journals , magazines and newspapers . The ZDB records records of almost all German academic libraries and many other public libraries and is freely available on the Internet. The journal database is managed by the Berlin State Library in cooperation with the German National Library , which is responsible for technical system support and development.


The basic prerequisite for the inclusion of a title in the journal database is that it belongs to the "genre" of continuous compilations ( periodicals and series of publications ), i.e. it appears in several parts (booklets, volumes) and is not limited in terms of publication duration (such as encyclopedias are, for example ). The spectrum includes not only printed evidence ( print media ), but also the titles of electronic journals and microforms .

The database records which periodicals are available in the individual participating libraries. You can search for a magazine title, for example. The so-called inventory data record provides information on which volumes are available in which library. In contrast, the ZDB does not list any article titles .

Due to its range of title and inventory records, the ZDB in Germany is the backbone of interlibrary loan for the aforementioned types of literature. In addition to the holdings of German libraries, it also lists those from Austria and (to a limited extent) other European countries. As the world's largest database of its kind, the ZDB comprises more than 1.5 million titles in all languages from 1500 to the present day and contains over 13 million records of ownership from around 4400 German libraries for these titles .

Since June 2014, most of the metadata has been under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0 1.0) license and is therefore released for reuse.

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