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Publication series (also series work or simply series or series , also obsolete series work ) is the literary - bibliographical term for a form of continuous collected works . The rules for alphabetical cataloging defined 2007:

"A series of publications is a continuous collection of works whose individual parts generally do not appear regularly and each contain a work (individual work, collection or collective work) with its own title or a volume of such a work."

Like periodicals, series are unlimited in time, so they do not have a fixed conclusion. In contrast to periodicals (such as a daily newspaper ), the individual parts of a series of publications generally do not appear at regular intervals. The continuously published individual works in a series of publications are given their own titles; these title titles designate the individual part (whether in booklet or book form ), whereas the overall title , series title or series title denotes the entire series. As part of the title of a book, the title of the series with the relevant information often appears on the back of the half- page title page . Series of publications are given an International Standard Number for Continuous Collected Works (ISSN), while the titles are given an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

The series title holds the track titles together. The individual track titles are self-contained and mostly come from different authors. The booklets and volumes of the series are usually numbered consecutively. The number in question is called the series number . Together with the series abbreviation , the series number forms the short title of a play title. Thematically very wide-ranging publisher series (including publisher collections ) such as Reclam's Universal Library or the edition suhrkamp are distinguished from thematically limited specialist series, which are mostly published by scientific institutes, companies, associations or individuals. The series editor is responsible for the entire series, in contrast to the editor of a single volume.

Colloquially, series of publications and, more generally, groups of publications by a publisher that can be identified as belonging together due to a uniform appearance, are also referred to as book series .

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