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Norbert Grob (* 1949 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German film and media scholar , author , essayist and film critic .


Norbert Grob studied German , philosophy and political science at the Free University of Berlin from 1971 . In 1980 he completed his studies with the first state examination. From 1980 to 1982, together with Jochen Brunow , Antje Goldau and Norbert Jochum, he published the film magazine Films - Altes und Neues vom Kino , of which a total of 13 issues have been published. In 1984 he received his doctorate in Berlin on the forms of the cinematic gaze. Narrative perspectives in the films of Wim Wenders and then worked for six years as a research assistant at the Institute for Theater Studies at the Free University of Berlin .

In 1997 he completed his habilitation in Marburg with a thesis on The Special Speech of the Cinema . At the same time he was a lecturer at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin and the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg . In the mid-1990s he curated the film-historical project The Year 1945 and the Cinema for the Deutsche Kinemathek Foundation . From 1998 to 2001 jury president for the award of the Bielefeld Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Film Prize. From 2001 to 2015 member of the jury for the award of the Marburg Camera Prize . From 2002 he was professor for media dramaturgy and head of this subject at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and was retired in 2016. In 2018 he was the jury president for the awarding of the German Camera Prize in Cologne .


From 1976 he published texts, essays, reviews, portraits for numerous magazines and newspapers, etc. a. for Die Zeit and the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger , for epd-Film and Filmbulletin . As an author and editor, he has published several books on film history, including a. the first comprehensive Fritz Lang biography in German.

In addition, he designed over twenty cinematic essays for WDR television in Cologne. a. about Alfred Hitchcock , Gerd Oswald , Elem Klimow , Robert Siodmak , Rudolf Thome , André Téchiné , Hou Hsiao-Hsien , Samuel Fuller and Otto Preminger , about film noir and artificial people in film .

As an author

  • 1984: Wenders: The Early Films. Munich: Filmland-Presse (Edition Films, 2). ISBN 978-3-88690-061-9
  • 1991: Wenders. Berlin: Wissenschaftsverlag Volker Spiess (Edition Films, 79). ISBN 978-3-89166-130-7
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  • 2003: Been to the cinema: reviews of the film (1976-2001). St. Augustin: Gardez! (Film Studies, 32). ISBN 978-3-89796-036-7
  • 2006: Just be natural !: 57 Notes on the art of acting. Remscheid: Gardez! (Film Studies, 51). ISBN 978-3-89796-176-0
  • 2013: From the Face of the World: Essays on Film History. Baden-Baden: Nomos (film studies, 66). ISBN 978-3-8487-0775-1
  • 2014: Fritz Lang: "I am an eye person". The biography. Berlin: Propylaea. ISBN 978-3-549-07423-7 .
  • 2015: Three champions in Hollywood: Erich von Stroheim - William Wyler - Otto Preminger. Berlin: Bertz + Fischer (Deep Focus, 21). ISBN 978-3-86505-324-4

As author and editor (selection)

  • 1983: Rudolf Thome. Together with Michael Esser and Karlheinz Oplustil. Berlin: Friends of the Deutsche Kinemathek (Kinemathek, vol. 20, issue 66).
  • 1984: Fuller. Together with Ulrich von Berg. Munich: Filmland-Presse (Edition Films, 1). ISBN 978-3-88690-060-2
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  • 1996: William Wyler. Together with Wolfgang Jacobsen and Helga Belach. Berlin: argon. ISBN 978-3-87024-343-2
  • 1999: Otto Preminger. Together with Rolf Aurich and Wolfgang Jacobsen. Berlin: Jovis. ISBN 978-3-931321-59-8
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  • 2003: This side of the "demonic screen": new perspectives on late Weimar cinema. Together with Thomas Koebner and Bernd Kiefer. ISBN 978-3-88377-732-0
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  • 2016: Handbook Standard Situations in Film. Together with Thomas Koebner and Anette Kaufmann. Marburg: Stoke. ISBN 978-3-89472-809-0
  • 2016: Break of the world line. On the modern cinema: essays - portraits - homages. Together with Bernd Kiefer and Isabelle Louise Bastian. Berlin: Bertz + Fischer (Deep Focus, 24). ISBN 978-3-86505-327-5
  • 2017: Style epochs of film: New Hollywood. Together with Bernd Kiefer and Ivo Ritzer. Stuttgart: Reclam (Universal Library, 19399). ISBN 978-3-15-019399-0
  • 2018: Style epochs of the film: The Nazi film. Together with Friedemann Beyer. Stuttgart: Reclam (Universal Library, 19531). ISBN 978-3-15-019531-4

As author and director (selection)

  • 1984, March 4th: Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart. ARD (30 min.)
  • 1984, November 11th: Born for the cinema. Robert De Niro. ARD (15 min.)
  • 1985, January 29th: Walter Hill and his films. WDR (29 min.)
  • 1986, July 27th: An American in Paris. ARD (30 min.)
  • 1987, April 5th: “He who has no memory has no life either.” The film parables by Elem Klimow. ARD (29 min.)
  • 1988, 5.6 .: Angel face. The black series. ARD (19 min.)
  • 1988, September 15: Gerd Oswald. Hollywood professional of the late hour. WDR (58 min.)
  • 1989, October 8th: Art is never the whole story. THE MODERNS by Alan Rudolph. ARD (10 min.)
  • 1991, October 6th: To the end of the world. The films of Wim Wenders. ARD (24 min.)
  • 1992, 5.1 .: love at first sight. Rudolf Thome's cinema. ARD (21 min.)
  • 1992, July 12th: A city of sadness. The films of Hou Hsiao-hsien. ARD (15 min.)
  • 1997, April 10th: "Every character has his own world". André Téchiné's cinema. WDR
  • 1998, February 16: Every day is not a Sunday. Robert Siodmak and his films. WDR (29 min.)
  • 1999, February 11th: Love is stronger than life. Five chapters on Otto Preminger. WDR (29 min.)
  • 2000, February 29th: Cyborgs, Monsters, Replicants. Artificial people in the film. WDR (20 min.)
  • 2005, November 9th: Violence and gloom in film noir. Stories from another America. WDR
  • 2006: Eva's provocative daughters - from Marlene to Scarlett. WDR (20 min.)

Individual evidence

  3. "Norbert Grob, one of the best experts on Fritz Lang's life and work, presents the first comprehensive biography of the film genius." Press release from Ullstein book publishers

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