Filmbulletin - magazine for film and cinema

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Filmbulletin - magazine for film and cinema

description Swiss film magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Movie
language German
publishing company Filmbulletin Foundation
in Zurich (Switzerland)
Headquarters Zurich
First edition 1959
Frequency of publication Initially 6 times a year,
later 9 times a year,
from 2009 8 times a year
Sold edition 3000 copies
Editor-in-chief Tereza fisherman
Editor Filmbulletin Foundation
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Article archive from year 1/1996 (freely available after 24 months)
ISSN (print)

Filmbulletin - Zeitschrift für Film und Kino is a Swiss film magazine that has been published since 1959, currently in eight issues per year. It is one of the leading German-language film magazines. It is the only periodical film magazine in German-speaking Switzerland . Up to year 57 [2015, No 4] the title addition was: Filmbulletin - cinema at eye level .


The magazine of the Filmbulletin Foundation is published in Zurich. It was originally brought into being in 1959 by the Catholic Filmkreis Schweiz, but theological topics and reflections no longer play a role today. The editions for the Federal Republic of Germany are distributed by Schüren Verlag in Marburg .

Filmbulletin not only sheds light on current topics and new films in the cinema, but also often addresses the creative, but mostly lesser-known employees among the film authors and directors . Therefore the maxim of the Filmbulletin is a politique des collaborateurs , in order to bring the work of the cameramen , film editors , sound designers , film composers , production designers and screenwriters more into focus. Filmbulletin sees itself as a platform for critical , historically and theoretically sound engagement with film and cinema.

Furthermore, there are reviews of current films, DVD editions or book publications in the individual issues. Filmbulletin can therefore be compared with other well-known film magazines such as epd Film , film-dienst , Cargo and Ray .

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