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A film composer , also a film music composer , is a composer who, in close cooperation with the film director and / or the producer, writes the film music for a film or a television series, usually as part of post-production . The most important film award is the Academy Award (Oscar) for the best film music ("Best Original Score").

The origin of the film composer lies in the beginnings of film history , when silent films were accompanied by pianists and the first film composers wrote the music specifically as a piano setting for the pianist or as a score for the orchestra. Only after the advent of the sound film was film music recorded in the studio. Since then, there have been various forms of making film music, for example with synthesizers ( Hans Zimmer ), in the form of jazz ( Henry Mancini ) or with symphony orchestras ( John Williams ).

Area of ​​responsibility

With their music, film composers make a significant contribution to the effect of films , because it influences the expressiveness of the cinematic images in a variety of ways: Film music conveys emotions, creates an atmosphere or mood, constructs the film world spatially, comments or illustrates the events and structures the narrative. With different emphases, this applies to cinematic works of various kinds, such as B. feature films , documentaries , television series , television news , magazine programs or cinema and television advertising . Depending on the intended use, specific demands on the music and different budgets for its creation are made available. Sometimes, however, no composer is employed at all, but instead the rights of use for existing music are acquired. Film and television music can span a variety of styles that the film composer must be familiar with. It is primarily not to be viewed as an independent musical work, but as part of the cinematic product that the composer must serve with his work; However, it sometimes gains its own level of awareness and popularity outside of it and is z. B. marketed via soundtrack albums. Film songs in particular are often designed not only for the film (e.g. a film musical ), but also with a view to a later release that is separate from the film.

Well-known composers

The world's most famous film composers include:

In addition to composers who have specialized in film music, numerous film music was composed by composers for whom film music was only one genre among many, or who were mainly known as interpreters, such as Dmitri Shostakovich , Alfred Schnittke , Edison Denisov , Aaron Copland , William Walton , André Previn or Daft Punk .

The most well-known composers mainly active in German-language film and television include:

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