Pirates of the Caribbean 2

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German title Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Original title Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean 2.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 150 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 10
Director Gore Verbinski
script Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio
production Jerry Bruckheimer
music Hans Zimmer
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Craig Wood
Stephen E. Rivkin

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Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Original title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ; dt. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ) is an American movie from 2006, the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean and thus represents the second part of the Pirates-of-the-Caribbean saga . The pirate film was directed by Gore Verbinski ; the script was written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio . The main roles were played by Johnny Depp , Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley . The film is a co-production by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films and distributed by Buena Vista International .

The film series is based on a themed ride that opened at Disneyland Resort on March 18, 1968. Pirates of the Caribbean is considered one of the most popular and well-known Disney attractions.


The film begins during Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner's wedding reception in Port Royal . Before they can both say yes, Elizabeth and Will are arrested by Lord Cutler Beckett, a high-ranking representative of the British East-India Trading Company . Both helped the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow to escape in the first part, which is why they should now be hanged. Elizabeth's father, Governor Weatherby Swann, is powerless. Beckett promises not to punish Elizabeth and Will if Will gets Jack's compass for him. This always points in the direction of the object most wanted by the compass wearer.

Meanwhile, Jack goes in search of the key to a chest that contains Davy Jones ' heart. Jack had promised Davy Jones thirteen years ago that he would be a member of Jones' crew for a hundred years if he would salvage the previously sunk Black Pearl from the ocean floor for him. Now Jones is looking for Sparrow, as he has to pay off his debt. So he sends Will's father, who is now part of the Jones crew as an undead, to give Jack the black mark so that Jones can find him and set his sea monster on him. Seized by panic, Jack lets go to Land, as Jones can't harm him here.

After Will, while searching for Jack on the pirate island Tortuga, receives a hint from a fisherman that Jack's ship is in front of a cannibal island, he heads for it and actually finds the Black Pearl and Jack as well as some members of the crew there. There the natives have named Jack their god, but want to kill him in a ritual. In a wild escape, Will, Jack and their companions find the Black Pearl and set sail, where they meet the two pirates Pintel and Ragetti after they managed to escape the prison in Port Royal.

Jack's crew notices their captain's changes, and boatswain Joshamee Gibbs informs them that this has to do with Davy Jones, who is after Jack. To kill him one would have to destroy his heart. Will and Jack learn from the mysterious Tia Dalma that Davy Jones' heart has been in a chest since it was broken by a woman and he did not want to endure such suffering. You also learn that the chest is hidden on a desert island and that he always has the key with him. Jack wants to get the key immediately. Hardly at sea again when Davy Jones' ship, the Flying Dutchman , suddenly appears from the depths . He gives Jack three days to get him 100 souls instead of his own. Jack gives Will to Jones' crew as a deposit and wants to get him the missing 99 in Tortuga . In fact, there are various poor souls who want to hire on the Black Pearl , including James Norrington. He had lost his job with the Royal Navy because of the unsuccessful hunt for Jack. Although Norrington had a great dislike of Jack, he was accepted into the crew of the Black Pearl . After all, Jack needs every man to buy himself out. Surprisingly he meets Elizabeth in Tortuga, who managed to escape from Port Royal and who in turn is looking for Will. Jack uses this longing for his own purposes. Strangely enough, the compass hasn't served him for some time, so he persuades Elizabeth that the chest would also lead to Will and that she should wish it with all her heart. In disbelief, she agrees and as soon as she holds the compass in her hands, it finally works again and shows the direction in which to sail. Together they make their way to Isla Cruces Island, hoping to find the chest there.

In the meantime, Will meets his father on Jones' ship: "Bootstrap Bill" Turner. This helps him to find the key to the chest that contains Jones' heart. Finally, he also enables his son to escape from the Flying Dutchman . He also gives him a knife. Will promises that he will free his father by stabbing the knife through Jones' heart. Will escapes into the open sea in a sloop and is picked up by a merchant ship that is now being pursued by the Flying Dutchman . The angry Jones sends out his giant octopus, which destroys the ship and pulls it into the depths. Will survives and hides on Jones' ship, which is now heading for Isla Cruces , as Jones no longer thinks the chest is safe there. This is already being dug up by Jack after he was able to find it with the help of the compass. Before he can open the chest, the Flying Dutchman and Will arrive with her and fight Jack for his booty.

Backdrop of the Flying Dutchman at the Disney Resort Castaway Cay

While Jack wants to use Davy Jones' heart to buy himself free from his curse, Will plans to use it to free his father. Norrington, however, wants to steal Jones' heart and hand it over to Lord Beckett for his own rehabilitation. He knows that Beckett would use the heart, like Davy Jones, to rule the oceans. A fight breaks out between Jack, Will and Norrington over the key to the chest. Pintel and Ragetti try to steal the chest and are followed by Elizabeth. Finally, Jones' crew enters the island to also get hold of the chest and the key. Norrington can ultimately escape with Jones' heart and later hand it over to Lord Beckett, while Jack, Elizabeth, Will and the crew manage to escape to the Black Pearl .

To kill Jack, Jones calls the giant octopus again, which is supposed to pull the Black Pearl into the sea. As the fight against the Kraken seems hopeless, the crew decides to flee in the dinghy. In order to have a chance to escape, Elizabeth kisses Jack and chains him in the process, saying that the octopus is only after him . While Jack and the Black Pearl are being dragged down by the giant octopus into the realm of Davy Jones, the crew manage to escape.

The crew returns to Tia Dalma, perplexed, from whom they learn that they can free Jack again by sailing into the realm of Davy Jones and retrieving their captain. Tia Dalma provides them with the pirate captain Barbossa, who was shot by Jack Sparrow in the first part and is alive again.

History of origin

The film budget included more than 225 million US dollars . Filming in the Bahamas , St. Vincent , Dominica , Los Angeles , Santa Clarita and the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank , California began in March 2005 and lasted until September 10, 2005. The special effects were among others by Industrial Light & Magic ( ILM ) realized. For example, the movie character Davy Jones was generated entirely in the computer, only his voice, eyes and movements come from Bill Nighy. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (US-American title: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest ) and part 3 of the film trilogy were shot as a film project to save costs. Theatrical release of Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (US title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ) was in Germany on July 27 of 2006.

German synchronization

The German dubbing voice of Johnny Depp is mostly cast with David Nathan , but in Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1 the responsible supervisor wanted Depp to have a different dubbing. So Marcus Off was cast, who spoke the whole film again and also took over the role in the second and third part.



The critics received the film differently. Among other things, it was criticized that the film was too long and Gore Verbinski was too infatuated with his characters and therefore neglected the plot. Positive voices praised the film as a highly amusing adventure film with breathtaking action and fantastic characters. It was also Johnny Depp's acting performance praised.

source rating
Rotten tomatoes

The lexicon of international films wrote: “Turbulent continuation of the genre parody" Pirates of the Caribbean "(2003), which with its abundance of ideas is somewhat overwhelming for both the story and the audience, although it basically has few surprises to offer. Because of its convincing self-irony, the film still stands out from the majority of popular genre productions. "

Bill Zwecker wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times on July 6, 2006: "This second film is really just thrills, special effects and non-stop action - but practically without any coherent or dominant plot." ("This second film is pretty much all thrills, special effects and nonstop action - but with virtually no cohesive or compelling story line. ")

The German cinema and DVD magazine WIDESCREEN wrote in the 09/06 issue: “Jack Sparrow's new adventure is overloaded with action fireworks. A breathless hunt through special and digital effects. A collection of bursting planks, rattling sabers and swinging ropes that never come to rest. A string of highlights after highlights! And that's one more hell of a lot of fun! Who cares that the plot seems a little erratic, if only the spectacle is held up evenly? This part 2 has everything a bombastic adventure on the big screen needs to have. And more: Because Jack Sparrow and his sayings are once again what separates the wheat from the chaff. The summer blockbuster has done its job. "

Gross profit

The film hit US cinemas on July 7, 2006, grossing $ 132 million on the opening weekend, setting a new record. With grossing over $ 423 million, the film is one of the six most successful films in US cinemas. It started in German cinemas on July 27, 2006, where it had more than 7 million viewers, making it the most successful film in Germany in 2006 after Ice Age 2 - Now is thawing . It grossed over $ 1 billion worldwide and is 35th (as of August 8, 2020) in the list of the most successful films of all time .


The film received a gold screen for more than three million cinema viewers in Germany and a short time later a gold screen with a star for more than six million viewers. Johnny Depp was nominated for the Golden Globe in the category "Best Actor", but came away empty-handed. The film received an Oscar in the category “ Best Visual Effects ” and was also nominated for: “ Best Sound ”, “ Best Sound Editing ” and “ Best Production Design ”.

At the presentation of the MTV Movie Awards 2007 , the film received an award in the “Best Film” category. Johnny Depp received the award for "Best Representation," Keira Knightley was nominated in the same category. Bill Nighy had to admit defeat to Jack Nicholson ( Departed: Unter Feinden ) in the category “Best Villain in a Movie” .


Pirates of the Caribbean advertising medium before the stage victory in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • As advertising 2005/2006 drove a regatta - yacht under the name Pirates of the Caribbean in the long-distance race (that is, the first part of the original English title..) Volvo Ocean Race with. The ship won the last regatta stage and came in second overall.
  • The original title Dead Man's Chest can be derived from the beginning of the pirate song from Treasure Island . Chest means both "chest" and "chest", referring to the heart of Davy Jones.
  • According to a subsequent idea of ​​the authors, the captain, who was friends with Governor Weatherby Swann, was supposed to represent Captain Hawkins, the father of Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island , who was missing at sea . However, this idea did not make it into the final version of the film.
  • Another reference to Treasure Island is the Black Mark, which is handed over to Bill Bones as a black spot .
  • Keira Knightley wore hair extensions when filming Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and the third part, which was created at the same time , because her own hair was still too short at the time after a previous shoot of the movie Domino , where she had to wear short hair.
  • In the first part Jack Sparrow receives a slap in the face from the ladies Scarlett and Giselle. In this part, Will Turner receives a slap in the face from Giselle, which he is supposed to pass on to Jack. While Scarlett and Giselle did not know each other in the first part, they are probably friends in this one, since Will meets them together and Scarlett laughs when Will is slapped by Giselle.


  • Wolfgang & Rebecca Hohlbein: Pirates of the Caribbean - Fluch der Karibik 2 , Egmont vgs, 2006

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