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The Lexicon of International Films (spelling: Lexicon of International Films ) is a multi-volume reference work with film reviews and other entries on all cinema films and many television films that have been shown in Germany since 1945 . It is constantly being updated, parts of which are also available via various film databases .

The work was published by Filmdienst magazine until 2018 and since then by the Catholic Film Commission for Germany .

The encyclopedia

The lexicon of international films is based on the film reviews of the film magazine Filmdienst , which has been published since 1947 and has its origins in Catholic film work. In 1987 the lexicon was published as a ten-volume work by Rowohlt Verlag . In 1995 the publisher brought out a new edition of ten volumes. In 2002, the two-thousand-one publishing house updated the reference work and published it as a four-part film dictionary, in which the films were partially re-rated. A supplementary volume has been published since 1987, bringing the encyclopedia up to date, initially every two years and then annually from 1995 onwards. The annual volumes of the “Lexikons des Internationale Films” have been published by Schüren Verlag since 2001 .

The individual reviews can also be found in the Munzinger archive, which is subject to registration, since 2004 . The primary source for online searches is the Filmdienst portal, where film details and abstracts of reviews are freely accessible; the long reviews, however, only via registration. Filmdienst also licenses this online offer to other databases such as Zweausendeins , kabeleins.de and kabeleins.at , as well as to bs-net.de. However, all of these secondary sources may lack entries that can be found in the film service.


In addition to the original title of a film, the German film title with alternative titles, the main contributors, the year of publication and the year of the German premiere or first broadcast and other technical details are listed. The descriptions in the main part usually consist of three to four sentences per entry.

The print edition from 2002 is the same as at the end of 2001 and covers 52,000 films. In addition, it contains 130 essays on the following topics:

Volume I:

Volume II:

Volume III:

Volume IV:

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  • Catholic Institute for Media Information [KIM] and Catholic Film Commission for Germany (Ed.): Lexicon of international films. Cinema, television, video, DVD . Zweiausendeins, Frankfurt am Main 2002, ISBN 3-86150-455-3 (Red. Horst Peter Koll, Stefan Lux and Hans Messias with the help of Jörg Gerle, Josef Lederle and Ralf Schenk, welcomed by Klaus Brüne).
  • Lexicon of International Films 2001. 48,000 films with short reviews . System theme (CD-ROM for Windows 95/98 / NT 4.0 / MacOS from 8.1).
  • Journal film-dienst and Catholic Film Commission for Germany (ed.): Lexicon of international films: The complete range in cinema, television and on DVD. Partial volumes: Film year 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2007. Schüren Verlag, ISSN  0430-4446 (Red. Horst Peter Koll and Hans Messias with the help of Jörg Gerle [DVD]).


“The lexicon is not just a listing of films, but in a sense represents the goals of Catholic film work. The coverage of the entire range of films on offer reflects the intention to emphatically support the cultural diversity of film. (…) The concern to critically question the conveyed values ​​in addition to the artistic form is justified, which is underlined by discussions about problematic media effects that are constantly being reignited. "

- Peter Hasenberg , Richard W. Orth : Lexicon of International Films (Vol. 1, Foreword by the editors, p. VIII)

"An indispensable reference work [...] the 'Lexicon of International Films' [is] still one of the most important reference works on film, despite the online competition (which is also available from in-house) thanks to the publishers' consistent updating policy."

- AS : literaturkritik.de (to Lexicon of International Films - Film Year 2010 )

“The only film lexicon in print form offers a comprehensive overview of the past film year and helps to keep track of things with a well thought-out selection and clear evaluations. Indispensable for the professional, helpful for those interested in film. "

- Hans Helmut Prinzler : regie.de (to Lexicon of International Films - Film Year 2016 )

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