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A film crew filming CSI: NY in Brooklyn
Organization chart film production

As a film crew (also film crew ) all on one are film production people involved indicated that no actors , extras , extras and stuntmen are. These people are usually listed in the credits .

Each staff is made up of different departments (“Departments”), each of which has different tasks to perform in preparation ( V ), during the shoot on the set ( S ) and in follow-up ( N ). The usual structure consists of production, direction, camera, sound, montage, make-up, costume design, production design, music as well as special effects and audiovisual effects.


The list of professions listed here is by no means exhaustive; With the further development of the medium of film, new tasks are still being found and new professions are being created. More detailed descriptions of all professions can be found on the linked Wikipedia pages.


Production is primarily responsible for project development and implementation, management and organizational management. Fundamentally, the film producer , executive producer , line producer and accountant are to be named. The management consists of the production management , the production management (Unit Production Manager ), the first recording manager or recording manager and the subject recording manager . There is also the film management team and the production assistant. The safety officer filming location (“set”) is responsible for the occupational safety area . The production department also has the set recording manager, the set runner and the production driver .

  • V / S Transportation Captain
  • S Move unit coordinator
  • S Car Captain
  • S blockers
  • S set manager
  • S location manager

Direction / story development

(artistic direction of a film project, adaptation of the script for the recording, acting management, ...)

Production design / costume design / makeup / special effects

(Design and production of a film world in all details, English Art Department )

Camera / image creation

(Photographing a story in its film world, taking care of the film material, designing and processing the image level)



(Conception and production of the film music)

Sound / sound design

(Recording and creative processing of language, noises, atmospheres, music)

Cut / assembly

(Selection and design of the raw material created during the shooting; leads to the final structure and content of the film)

Visual effects



Individual evidence

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