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A make-up artist's work utensils at the theater
Mask at the Bielefeld Theater
Mask for filming

Makeup artist (makeup artist) is a professional in the art of film - and theater area , whose mission field about the makeup artists extends. The work of a make-up artist is also known in technical jargon as " making a mask " , and his work area is called "the mask" .

Make-up artists are employed in film , theater , musicals , at the opera and wherever people need a special look in public. Their job is similar to, but not the same as, make-up artist: Make-up artists can be found especially for make-up in the areas of bridal, evening, gala and catwalk make-up. Of course there are exceptions and overlaps.

A makeup artist is usually responsible for the makeup and hairdressing of actors in the theater, opera, musicals, film and television. The activities include not only making-up, but also the visual transformation of the performer into other characters, e.g. B. from a young person into an old person, into a monster, into another person etc. For this purpose, make-up artists use special stage make-up and sometimes mostly self-made face and body parts, so-called "prosthetics". You also work with modeling clay to make scars or wounds, for example, as well as other aids to change people's appearance (false beards, wigs or bald heads). Make-up artists are also responsible for making wigs, hairpieces and beards, as well as for styling and grooming them.


The profession of make-up artist has been officially recognized in Germany since 2003 and the training is set for three years according to the dual training system. There is also school-based training at vocational schools .

The course is offered at state or private universities . At the Dresden University of Fine Arts , a nine-month internship in a theater is required to start studying . Since 2006, the University of Music and Theater in Munich has been offering the bachelor's degree in make-up painting with the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding, which ends with a bachelor of arts.

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