Dialogue director

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Dialogue direction , also called dubbing direction , is a field of work in film art and a special form of direction .

A dialogue director (or dubbing director ) has the task of coordinating the individual voice actors in the synchronization of films and television series . He pays attention to the timing and timbre of the speakers and checks whether the synchronized dialogues have the same effect as in the original version. The dialogue director also oversees the editing and editing of dialogues in post-production .

There are also dialog directors for cartoons and computer animation films because the dialogues have to be spoken independently of the film. Usually the dialogues are produced here first and the length of the scenes is then adjusted to the spoken word.

In the language of film, Dialogue Coaches (dialogue trainers or speech trainers) are sometimes referred to as Dialogue Directors . These are speaking professionals who practice with the actors in preparation for a role the pronunciation that the director of the film wishes for the scene (such as accents or certain accents ).


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