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The letter painter from Jost Amman's book of estates , 1568

An illustrator practices one of the applied arts that is related to design . He draws and paints to illustrate ( illustrate ) a book, a magazine or other documents and printed matter .

The term illustrated came up in the middle of the 19th century. Modeled after the Illustrated London News and Illustration (newspaper) (Paris) appeared from 1843 in Leipzig publisher J.J. Weber the first illustrated magazine in Germany .

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According to rough estimates, around 80 percent of freelance illustrators worldwide no longer work in the “classic” areas of illustration such as literary illustration, but in the areas of advertising, packaging and illustrations for periodicals .

A major problem with periodicals is the increasing use of "stock illustration". Classically trained illustrators who cannot make ends meet in literary illustration produce illustrations for a small fee that are sold through "Stock Houses". In the USA, the illustration market for editorial illustration largely collapsed since the early 1990s. The “Stock Houses” gave their illustrations to the client for a very small fee, thereby undercutting the editorial illustrators and their agents. This wave of dumping reached Europe ten years later, so that here, too, illustration is hardly lucrative outside of commercial use.

Another branch of illustration work belongs to the book and novel illustrators. As a freelance artist or as a permanent member of a publishing house, they illustrate the covers of books and individual external illustrations for novels and poems.

Another branch is the event sector: fast draftsmen and graphic recorders accompany the event live: fast draftsmen mostly as caricaturists, graphic recorders visualize abstract content such as B. Discussion processes of a conference.

In Germany , the interests of illustrators are represented by the Illustratoren Organization (IO) as an association. As a registered association , the IO is in turn a member of the European Illustrators Forum (EIF) . You can search for illustrators for projects on the website of the illustrator organization. In addition, information on all job-related topics is offered there, such as usage rights, remuneration and legal assistance.

Eminent illustrators

The South Korean illustrator Kim Dong-sung (2014 at the Berlin International Literature Festival )
The Sino-French illustrator Chen Jianghong (2012 at the Berlin International Literature Festival )
The Japanese-American illustrator Allen Say (2016 at the Berlin International Literature Festival )
The German-British illustrator Judith Kerr (2016 at the Berlin International Literature Festival )


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