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A painting (from Middle High German gemælde, Old High German gimâlidi) is an image applied to a carrier (paper, canvas or similar). The older use of the word is more general than the current one. Up until the early 16th century, painting was used to mean representations by painting , including on coins and copperplate engravings .

It was only with the development (see the van Eyck brothers ) and the rapid spread of oil painting in the 15th and 16th centuries that the idea of ​​painting as a picture produced with painterly techniques, which was now viewed as a work of art , also developed.

According to today's definition, a painting is distinguished from a drawing in that the colors are mixed before they are applied to the image carrier . An exception to this definition is pastel painting , which should actually be called "pastel drawing". In linguistic usage the terms painting and drawing are still mixed up, for example it is often said that children “paint” when they are actually drawing.

In general, the painterly techniques used in paintings assume three components:

With the advent of inexpensive synthetic paints and industrially manufactured image carriers in the 19th century, a revolution in artistic techniques took place (cf. Impressionist painting ).

While these were previously part of a craft tradition that essentially went back to the 15th century, photography is now doing the rest to redefine the tasks of painting as a medium. In the recent past, this has led to a resurgence of commissioned painting based on photo templates. Accordingly, the term painting is increasingly used in German language instead of painting . In today's parlance, painting therefore primarily refers to modern art .

The material value of a painting is difficult to quantify. Prices of over 100 million US dollars have already been achieved several times, cf. the list of the most expensive paintings .


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