VFX supervisor

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The VFX Supervisor is the creative project manager for feature or advertising film productions, who is responsible for creating the visual effects . This requires knowledge in the areas of film and video technology, computer graphics , visual imagination, production flow planning (pipelines) and project management , in team management and in dealing with customers, as well as problem and conflict resolution-oriented and creative thinking. The abbreviation “VFX” is an onomatopoeic combination of letters which, spoken, already predominantly depicts the full text “Visual Effects”, which is more commonly used in the Anglo-American language area.

The clients for the VFX Supervisor are usually film production companies or service providers for VFX. The VFX Supervisor looks after the production together with the VFX Producer during the pre-production through the shooting to the post- production process . His duties in this case the creation of VFX design (idea and design of the effects) that are pre-visualization (Previz), the planning and implementation of the effects, seeking out the VFX companies and employees who care during filming, coordination and approval of all Sub-tasks to guarantee the desired visual quality. The VFX Supervisor works closely with the director , producer , set designer and cameraman.

Abroad, especially in the USA, the close involvement of a VFX supervisor in the production is almost a matter of course during the creation of the script in order to minimize friction losses during production, which can have a negative effect on the image quality, the budget or the schedule. In Germany, on the other hand, the importance of the VFX in this area of ​​production is still largely underestimated and, given the low budget, savings are often made on the VFX supervisor and VFX producer. This results in very high costs in post-production and the loss of visual credibility of the images in the finished film.


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