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Set of equipment for the science fiction movie Ainoa
Ready-to-shoot arrangement / scene for the science fiction film Ainoa

The prop master / the props manager works both in film and in the theater . He is responsible for the procurement of props (all movable items of equipment), i.e. small items, furniture, furnishings of all kinds, and takes care of everything from paper clips to machine guns . He should have the knowledge of how this item was used in earlier times and how it is used today.

The rooms in which the items are stored and managed are usually referred to as a prop room , store , or stock .

His direct contact persons are the stage and production designers and the directing team .

Areas of responsibility in the film

In German-language films it is generally the case that the furnishings, furniture, props, etc. necessary for setting up the sets are obtained from the so-called outdoor props, after consultation with the production designers . This person is usually supported by a driver and various helpers (for carrying furniture, packing, assembling, sorting, etc.). In the case of technically more complex feature films, it can also happen that several outside props are working on a film and the work is divided up according to topic: one person only takes care of weapons, another only takes care of carriages and horses, and another only takes care of small props.

During the shoot , the set prop (formerly an interior prop) ensures that the props are handled and served appropriately, they pay attention to the connection , they pour alcohol-free wine into glasses, and they manage the set-up for the next shot. Helpers are available for complex scenes with many extras in the picture, and there is a small construction team for the day of shooting for special modifications (set wall rolls away, ceiling is lifted, etc.).

International large-scale productions sometimes have entire armies that divide the work. So there are z. B. Set dressers, stand-by props, food designers, pretty much all crafts and professionals who teach the actors how to use special props. (e.g. weapons experts). In Germany, the art department for small productions usually consists of a set designer, assistant set designer, outdoor prop, set prop and prop driver.

The terms outside and inside props are misleading today for laypeople and now also for film people. They come from the beginning of the film, when it was shot exclusively in the studio: The outside propositioner was out and about getting the props, the inside propositioner supervised the shooting in the studio, i.e. inside. In 2018 the term interior prop was replaced by set prop.

There are around 650 prop masters working in Germany.

Professional associations

In Germany, many prop masters were represented in the Vereinigung Hamburger Requisiteure (VHR) or the Verband der Requisiteure NRW eV (VdR), which are now part of the nationwide Verband der Requisiteure und Set Decorator e. V. (VdR / SD eV) have risen. (see web links)

In Austria, the prop masters, together with production designers, costume designers and cloakrooms, form the Association of Austrian Film Outfitters (VÖF).


Further training with an examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) with the qualification as a "certified props master". The preparation for the exam before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce can take place at the educational institution "DAS INSTITUT für angewandte Medien" in Hamburg and Hanover or at the "European Media and Event Academy" in Baden-Baden.

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