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The fund ( Latin: basic stock, inventory) is a collection of objects ( sets , props and costumes ) that are required for the realization of performances or exhibitions of the performing arts . In a figurative sense, their storage space is also referred to as a fund. Other areas use the term in the sense of "reason" or "base".

In the fund of the National Theater in Mannheim



For performances on stages ( drama , musical theater , show , theater ), style-accurate props from the epoch in which the performance takes place are required. The prop master first draws on the inventory of props from previous productions , which are stored in their own theater fund, well organized according to time periods and / or subject areas. If the requisite props are missing, they are made in the in-house workshops or bought in stores. These items then complement your own fund after the performance. If necessary, props can also be borrowed from third-party theater stocks or from commercial providers. In several large cities, the theaters form a community and store their objects in a common pool. Many theaters open their stock (temporarily) to the general public and offer z. B. the possibility to borrow costumes .


Every major film company ( MGM , Bavaria ...) has its own extensive pool of large props such as vehicles, equipment or components. A great costume collection is also part of a fundus film studios such weapons imitations of any kind. Small props, however, are often borrowed from theaters. Some commercial stocks have specialized and lend, for example, rare automobiles , historic aircraft or ships.


Establishing and maintaining a fund entails high costs for storage (creation or rental, energy), maintenance (cleaning, repair, room climate) and administration (personnel, cataloging, third-party loan). In order to reduce these costs, parts of the fund are regularly rented or sold.


It is in the nature of a fund that it becomes larger and larger due to constant new acquisitions. If a spatial extension is not possible, only the sale of part of the collection remains in addition to the relocation to non-local buildings. This is usually done through auctions , which, for example, costumes and objects by famous actors , attract worldwide attention and generate considerable proceeds .

Other meanings

Fashion and design

In connection with fashion and textile design , the makers like to fall back on what has already been done. The stored, past collections of the clothing manufacturers are essential for this. This branch also calls its “clothing collection” fund.


In addition, the physician refers to the bottom part of a hollow organ with fundus. Particular attention should be paid to the fundus uteri (the base of the uterus ) and the fundus ventriculi (the floor of the stomach ). For more details, see Fundus (Medicine) .


In an effort to find synonyms for the terms experience and wealth of knowledge , journalists also like to use the word fundus and use it to refer to the collection of everything learned and experienced that a person has stored in his brain.


The fund of a museum is kept in the depot . This applies to the objects that are currently not on display and the mostly large research holdings, which are therefore not accessible to the general public. In the case of special and themed exhibitions, they are then taken to the exhibition rooms or are loaned to other museums or traveling exhibitions for a certain period of time. A permanent loan usually comes from a foreign museum or collector.


In architecture , the collection of style elements from bygone building eras is also referred to as a fund, from which a planner can take parts at any time and incorporate them into new designs.


Similar to the architecture, composers and arrangers make use of the music fund, the collection of contemporary musical style elements and tone sequences.


Colloquially, all seldom used household items or work equipment that are stowed away somewhere are often disparagingly referred to as a fund.

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