Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

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German title Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End
Original title Pirates of the Caribbean:
At World's End
Pirates of the Caribbean 3.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2007
length 169 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 10
Director Gore Verbinski
script Ted Elliott ,
Terry Rossio
production Jerry Bruckheimer
music Hans Zimmer
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Stephen E. Rivkin ,
Craig Wood

←  Predecessor
Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Successor  →
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

At World's End - Pirates of the Caribbean (coll .: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 , Original title: At World's End Pirates of the Caribbean is a) American pirate movie by director Gore Verbinski in 2007, which both in the German also opened in US cinemas on May 24, 2007. The film is the third film in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga , after Pirates of the Caribbean from 2003 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 from 2006 . It is a co-production of Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films distributed by Buena Vista International .

The film series is based on a themed ride that opened at Disneyland Resort on March 18, 1968. Pirates of the Caribbean is considered one of the most popular and well-known Disney attractions. From 2007 to 2018, the film was a budget of 300 million US dollars of all time as the most expensive film. This record was set by Avengers: Infinity War in 2018 and exceeded by Avengers: Endgame in 2019 .


Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Hector Barbossa want to free the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, who was dragged into the underworld by a giant octopus in the previous film . To find him, they need a special map that will lead them to the realm of the dead. They hope to receive them in Singapore from the pirate Sao Feng, they also ask him for a ship and a crew to be able to start the journey. Sao Feng, however, is initially stubborn. However, Will, who secretly pursues the goal of freeing his father with the help of the Black Pearl , manages to negotiate the necessary things.

With the help of the map they find Jack in the underworld and escape with him back into the world of the living. Shortly afterwards, however, Sao Feng, who had agreed with Will to take over the Black Pearl in Singapore to free his father on board the Flying Dutchman , and Lord Cutler Beckett, the leader of the East India Trading Company ( British East India Company ), appear. on. Will, Sao Feng and Beckett each want to get possession of the Black Pearl , but none of them succeed. Nevertheless, when the Endeavor and the Black Pearl meet, Beckett and Jack exchange their interests and agree on short-term mutual support under the motto 'It's all about business': Jack and the crew of the Black Pearl can flee just like Sao Feng. However, this takes Elizabeth with him, in whom he suspects the sea ​​goddess Calypso , who is bound to human form . They each sail in the direction of the shipwreck island, where a meeting of different pirate heads, the pirate lords, is to take place. Will is thereupon abandoned some time after the conversation between Jack and Beckett with the directional compass at sea in order to inform him about the way to the meeting point of the Pirate Brotherhood via Will, since Beckett through the possession of the heart of Davy Jones and his resulting control protect Jack's soul from him. Beckett himself can then have the entire fleet of the East India Trading Company head for the pirate island and Jack will be able to accuse Will of high treason.

That night Sao Feng was killed in an attack by the Flying Dutchman , Davy Jones' ship. Before his death, he named Elizabeth as captain and his successor as pirate lord. Shortly afterwards, the crew is arrested on the Flying Dutchman , where Elizabeth meets James Norrington, whom she knows from days gone by. Norrington frees Elizabeth and her crew and helps her escape onto the ship in tow. He is killed by Bootstrap Bill, Will's father, whose personality is gradually disappearing.

Meanwhile, on the Black Pearl , Jack and Barbossa learn from Tia Dalma that it is actually the job of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman to transfer the souls of those who die at sea to the afterlife. However, because Davy Jones neglected this task, he and his crew were punished by taking the form of marine animals with human characteristics and losing their memories. Shortly afterwards it turns out that Tia Dalma is actually the sea goddess Calypso, trapped in a human body.

The pirate lords, who come from all over the world and who include Barbossa, Jack Sparrow and now Elizabeth Swann, gather on Shipwreck Island. It is discussed whether the goddess Calypso should be freed from her human body to help the pirates in the fight against Davy Jones and Lord Beckett. Sparrow doubts that the goddess would be on good terms with the pirate lords, as it was this advice of the pirate lords that banished the goddess into a human body in order to have the seas to herself and no longer have to be under the supervision of Calypso. After some discussion, Elizabeth, who was elected Queen of the Pirates with Jack's help, decides that the pirates will go to war against Jones and Beckett.

The East India Trading Company has now found the shipwreck island with Will Turner or Jack's indirect help and is advancing with a large fleet under the leadership of Lord Beckett's flagship Endeavor . Before the fight starts, Beckett, Will, and Davy Jones meet Jack, Elizabeth, and Barbossa on a sandbar to negotiate. Jack Sparrow is exchanged for Will Turner after Beckett reveals that Jack is actually responsible for the Company's discovery of Shipwreck Island. But Barbossa still takes his 8 reales coin from Jack , which is necessary for the liberation of Calypso.

On board the Black Pearl, Barbossa frees Calypso from the figure of the Tia Dalma with a magical ritual, for which every pirate lord needs a certain item. Before she can transform, Will Turner reveals to her that it was Davy Jones who made her imprisonment possible in the first place. Since Calypso and Davy Jones once loved each other, she realizes the betrayal, and her anger creates a huge vortex in which the crews of the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl finally fight.

In the course of the battle, Jack loots the chest with the heart of Davy Jones and its key. Will and Elizabeth are married by Captain Barbossa during the battle. Eventually, Davy Jones stabbed Will Turner in the chest with a sword. To save Will, Jack stabbed Davy Jones' heart with his hand. This kills Davy Jones and Will becomes the new captain of the Flying Dutchman . After the dead Davy Jones fell overboard, the vortex disappears. Since the Flying Dutchman now has a new captain, the crew has regained its human appearance.

Meanwhile, the Endeavor picks up speed to attack the Black Pearl . However, the Endeavor is sunk by the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman , which has returned to the surface , with Beckett dying. The East India Trading Company's fleet then begins to retreat.

Will offers his father freedom, but he decides to stay on board the Flying Dutchman with his son. As captain of the Flying Dutchman, Will is now only allowed to spend one day on land every ten years. He spends this with Elizabeth. Before leaving, he gives Elizabeth the chest that now contains his heart.

Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl leave Jack in Tortuga in a small boat. Barbossa wants to find the legendary fountain of youth with a map . However, Jack had stolen this important part of the map beforehand, who in turn is now looking for the fountain of youth.

After the credits, it is shown how Elizabeth and her son are standing on a cliff ten years later and waiting for Will, who approaches the coast with the Flying Dutchman .


  • Parts 2 and 3 of the saga have been with a budget of about 220 million US dollars rotated since March 2005 together to save costs. The shooting of part 3 was interrupted for some time due to the film release of the second part and only continued in August 2006. Filming locations were the Bahamas , Dominica , Los Angeles , Santa Clarita and the Walt Disney Studios , Burbank in California .
  • Because some scenes had to be re-shot for part 3, experts assume that the budget for part 3 is up to 350 million US dollars .
  • According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the unconventional weather in the Bahamas caused a lot of technical problems and resulted in the shooting being prolonged considerably.
  • The third part of the saga did not appear in Germany for the first time with the previous series title Fluch der Karibik , but was instead published under the English title Pirates of the Caribbean .
  • The visual effects are implemented by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) , among others . Among other things, a huge vortex was generated with the help of computer technology.
  • The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards plays Captain Teague, the keeper of the Code and Jack Sparrow's father. This is an homage to Johnny Depp's statement after the first part that he had based his interpretation of the role of Jack Sparrow on Richards among others.
  • Part 3 had to struggle with some negative reviews due to the plot, despite its great financial success.



The Teen Choice Awards was Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End on 26 August 2007 as Best Film - Action Adventure excellent. Johnny Depp also won the award for Best Actor - Action Adventure , as did Keira Knightley for Best Actress - Action Adventure . The Best Villain Award went to Bill Nighy . At the Satellite Awards 2007 , the film's sound engineers were nominated for a prize.

The film was also nominated for an Oscar in the categories of Best Visual Effects and Best Make-up .

Financial success

The film grossed 58 million US dollars worldwide on its launch date, May 24, 2007. On the first weekend (May 26-27, 2007), US revenue of € 115 million was posted. Worldwide the film grossed 332 million US dollars on the opening weekend. This balance makes Pirates of the Caribbean - At the End of the World the second most successful film on the launch day as well as on the launch weekend, just a few weeks earlier Spider-Man 3 achieved a higher result in both categories with 59 and 382 million US dollars respectively. By August 14, 2007, the film grossed a total of 954 million US dollars and as of September 29, 2007, $ 960,616,964 had already hit the box office. Another record was set when 20 days after its theatrical release outside the United States, $ 500 million had been grossed, something no film had achieved before.

The film ranks 54th on the list of successful films for $ 961 million (as of August 8, 2020).


"The grand finale of Disney's pirate saga 'Pirates of the Caribbean' keeps its fans out for far too long time and again and in the end only leaves a bitter aftertaste."

- Michael Stepper, Focus Online

"The third part gets quite out of hand, spins even more sailor's thread and gets tangled in it instead of winding it up."

- Peter Zander, Welt Online

“Long, unnecessarily ramified, almost undead itself: What began in 2003 with a funny pirate comedy has become a sterile copy of its own in a double extension. It's a shame about the good Jack Sparrow. "

- Cinema Online

“Sometimes too verbose, the pirate spectacle is entertaining with opulent and original tricks. The multitude of characters and charming storylines do not round up into a dramaturgical unit. "

TV broadcast

On March 14, 2010, the film was shown for the first time on German-language free TV . It was broadcast on ProSieben and ORF eins and achieved an audience rate of 40 percent in the advertising-relevant target group on ProSieben. The scene running after the credits was accidentally not broadcast on the German private broadcaster, but it was broadcast on the Austrian public broadcaster.


Although this film was announced as the last part of the series, both the last film scene and the epilogue scene indicated a sequel. In 2008 a fourth part was confirmed. On September 11, 2009, the title of this fourth film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, was announced. The title in conjunction with the final scene of the third part laid early to the conclusion that the plot of the film on Tim Powers ' novel In Stranger Tides (original title: On Stranger Tides ) will be based in the pirate to the discovery of the fountain of youth compete.

However, Gore Verbinski did not return to directing the fourth part. Even Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley not participated again. In the film, however, Geoffrey Rush returns as Captain Hector Barbossa and Kevin R. McNally as Jack's first mate Joshamee Gibbs. Ian McShane as pirate Blackbeard and Penélope Cruz as his daughter were new to the cast. The role of Jack Sparrow was re-played by Johnny Depp after being offered a top salary of over $ 33 million. In the fourth part, Depp was not dubbed by the German voice actor Marcus Off as in the first three parts , but by Johnny Depp's regular voice actor David Nathan , due to internal disputes. The film, directed by Rob Marshall , opened in German cinemas on May 19, 2011.


All flags shown in the fight against the East India Trading Company belong to well-known pirates: "Calico Jack" Rackham (flag of the Black Pearl ), Madame Ching , Edward England , Edward Low or "Black Sam" Bellamy (same flag), Bartholomew Roberts and the flag falsely attributed to his subordinate Christopher Moody .


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