pirates of the Caribbean

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German title pirates of the Caribbean
Original title Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length 143 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 10
Director Gore Verbinski
script Ted Elliott ,
Terry Rossio ,
Stuart Beattie ,
Jay Wolpert
production Jerry Bruckheimer
music Klaus Badelt
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Stephen E. Rivkin ,
Arthur Schmidt ,
Craig Wood

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Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Pirates of the Caribbean (Original Title: The Curse of the Black Pearl ) is an American pirate film by Gore Verbinski from 2003 and the first part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series . Jerry Bruckheimer was the producer .

The film tells the story of the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, who wants to bring the pirate ship Black Pearl back into his possession and meets Will Turner, who wants to save Elizabeth Swann, who was kidnapped by pirates with the Black Pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean was well received by the critics and the public and grossed around 654 million US dollars (548.9 million euros ; 590.5 million Swiss francs ) worldwide .


A British ship finds Will Turner, a boy drifting in the middle of the sea, among the wreckage of another ship. He wears a medallion around his neck. When Will is brought on board, Elizabeth Swann , the daughter of about the same age of the British governor of Port Royal , discovers the medallion. Since a skull is depicted on it, she fears that Will is a pirate and that he can be recognized as such by the medallion. Therefore she secretly takes the gold piece.

Eight years later, Will works as an armorer's apprentice in the Caribbean port of Port Royal, where Elizabeth lives with her father. One day the pirate Jack Sparrow comes to the island undetected. As soon as he has gone ashore, Elizabeth falls, unable to breathe due to a tight corset, passed out from a fortress wall into the sea. Jack is able to save Elizabeth, but is recognized as a pirate and arrested by Commodore Norrington, who was about to propose marriage to Elizabeth. Norrington makes derogatory remarks about Jack having only one shot in his pistol, no gunpowder, and a compass that doesn't point north. At the first opportunity, Jack briefly takes Elizabeth hostage and escapes the royal troops. To hide, he breaks into a forge and frees himself from the chains. Will comes back and notices that something has changed in his absence. Jack threatens him with his saber, but does not want to fight him because he is on the run. But Will challenges Jack, which Jack tries to make into a brief duel by tactical tactics when he is standing near the exit. However, Will prevents him from doing so by blocking the latch with a hurled saber. When Jack tries to go to the back door, Will gets in his way. He manages to disarm Jack, whereupon Jack pulls his pistol. Will accuses him of cheating in a fair fight, to which Jack replies that he is a pirate. The royal troops try to get into the forge, at which point Jack says the shot he has was not intended for Will. He is then knocked down with a bottle by the drunken master blacksmith, who had slept throughout the scene, and arrested again by the invading royal troops.

Elizabeth carried Will's locket with her when she fell into the sea. As it slowly sank to the bottom of the sea, it sent out a shock wave and a strong wind picks up. The following night, the crew of the Black Pearl attacked the islanders and discovered Elizabeth's gold medallion. Elizabeth invokes the right of parley ( French for "to speak", "to speak"), in which negotiations between the attacked and the pirate captain are possible. In order not to be recognized as the daughter of the governor, she poses as Elizabeth Turner . She is taken to the Black Pearl . Two pirates break into the fort, where they hope to find the armory, but only end up in the prison. There they meet Jack, who previously believed the curse was just a legend, until one of the pirates sticks his arm through the bars and it becomes a skeleton in the incident moonlight.

The next day, Norrington and his men plan how to proceed, which Will is not going fast enough because he sees Elizabeth in danger. However, he is harshly rejected because he is just a blacksmith and this operation must be well planned. Will then asks Jack to use his pirate skills to help him find Elizabeth because he loves her. Jack promises to help, whereupon Will frees him from prison. In fact, Jack wants to use Will to regain the Black Pearl .

The two start a deception by capturing the Navy's flagship, the Dauntless , and blocking the rudder so that the ship sails in circles. The Interceptor , the fastest ship in the fleet, takes chase and quickly reaches the Dauntless . All crew members storm the Dauntless . Meanwhile, Jack and Will jump onto the Interceptor , cut the lines and sail out of the harbor in pursuit of the Black Pearl . On the way, Will learns much of the story: Jack was captain of the pirate ship Black Pearl in the Caribbean . When the crew of the ship mutinied under the leadership of First Mate Barbossa , Jack was abandoned on a desert island. The pirate's honor dictates that an abandoned person be given a pistol with one shot so that he does not have to starve to death, but can shoot himself if necessary. Jack still carries that one shot pistol with him.

After going through the pirate island Tortuga , on the Jack a new crew for Interceptor obliged to go in pursuit of the Black Pearl to the Isla de Muerta . In the meantime, we learn what the curse is all about: After the mutiny against Jack, the crew of the Pearl stole an Aztec treasure from a cave on the island of Isla de Muerta (probably after Isla de la Muerte , Spanish for "island of death") , which comes from the raids of the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés . A curse weighs on this treasure, transforming the entire crew into the undead , which in the moonlight take the form of skeletons and whose enjoyment of food and drink has been taken away. The only way to break the curse is to bring all of the Aztec gold back to the site; in addition, everyone who has taken some of the gold must pay a blood price.

All gold but a single medallion was returned and the price of blood was paid by all pirates of the Black Pearl , with the exception of Bill Turner (Bootstrap Bill), who sent one of the gold coins to his young son Will in protest of the mutiny and was sunk in the sea for it . Therefore, the crew is now looking for the blood of a descendant of Turner and of course that medallion, which is why they kidnapped Elizabeth. Once there, the undead pirates want to pay the missing blood price with Elizabeth's blood. However, this fails because Elizabeth is not the wanted descendant of the pirate Turner. Amid the excitement about the failure, Will manages to escape with Elizabeth and the crew of the Interceptor . Jack, however, is captured by the pirates. With him on board, the crew of the Black Pearl takes up the pursuit of the Interceptor .

The Interceptor is sunk in a sea battle , its crew as well as Will and Elizabeth are captured. To help Elizabeth, Will reveals to the pirates that he is Turner's wanted descendant. The pirates abandoned Elizabeth and Jack on the same deserted island on which they abandoned Jack. Barbossa comments that while he agreed to release Elizabeth and Jack, there was no specification of where or when. On the island, Jack reveals that it was used as a warehouse by rum smugglers and that he only stayed there for three days before the smugglers showed up and took him away. After a night of drinking with the remaining rum, Elizabeth uses a large fire to draw the attention of a British Navy ship to her - it is the Dauntless under the leadership of Commodore Norrington, who had meanwhile set out in search of Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jack are taken on board and convince Norrington to pursue the Black Pearl . They don't tell him, however, that the pirates are undead.

Arriving at Isla de Muerta , Jack convinces the Commodore that he will go to the treasure cave alone and persuade the pirates to come out in order to lure them into an ambush. When the pirates arrive, Jack reveals the ambush and wins leader Barbossa for the plan to capture the ship of the British Navy and integrate it into a fleet led by Captain Barbossa. Jack would then become captain of the Black Pearl again. Almost all pirates then go to the English ship and begin a battle with the marines. Meanwhile, Jack frees Will in the cave and begins a degendual with the Barbossa who remained there. Jack has secretly taken one of the gold coins from the Aztec treasure and has become undead, with which he and Barbossa cannot kill each other. Will can finally lift the curse, and Jack shoots the now mortal Barbossa. The pirates fighting the English surrender because they too are now vulnerable.

Back in Port Royal, Jack is said to be hanged for his crimes, but Will and Elizabeth allow him to escape to the Black Pearl at the last minute . While Will and Elizabeth confess their love, Jack sails out to sea on the Black Pearl . After the credits you see the Barbossa monkey picking up one of the Aztec coins on Isla de Muerta and becoming undead again.


The film was written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio . At the beginning of the 1990s it was presented to the heads of the Walt Disney Company, but they initially refused to make a film.

The production of the film cost 140 million US dollars (117.5 million euros; 126.4 million Swiss francs). In addition, 40 million US dollars (33.6 million euros; 36.1 million Swiss francs) were spent on advertising. Many of the cast suffered from seasickness , which made filming difficult.

A fire broke out at a location, causing damage of US $ 350,000 (EUR 294,000; CHF 316,000).


The film contains homages to other films: The scene in which Jack Sparrow enters Port Royals on the sinking ship is an homage to the 1924 Buster-Keaton film The Navigator. The scene in which Sparrow and Turner under Cross-country skiing in a rowboat on the ocean floor comes from the 1952 film The Red Corsair with Burt Lancaster . The motif of the forced dinner with Barbossa and the dress that Elizabeth has to wear come from Raiders of the Lost Ark .

Both backdrops and individual striking film scenes, such as the Disney films In the Hereafter, Rooms Are Still Free and The Haunted Villa , intentionally have parallels to an attraction in the Disney theme parks. The Pirates of the Caribbean park attraction served as a template. The scene in which the jailed pirates try to lure a dog with a bunch of keys in its mouth with the help of a bone was part of the park attraction. The same applies to a film scene in which Jack Sparrow finds the pirate Gibbs sleeping in a stable, surrounded by pigs. In addition, the sets of Tortuga and the cave on Isla de Muerta have been adapted to the scenery of the attraction. After the great success of the film, the attraction in the theme park in Orlando was renewed and parts of the plot of the film were incorporated.

The song Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) was composed in 1967 as the theme song of the park attraction by George Bruns , the text is by Xavier Atencio based on the story Dead Man's Chest in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island (1881). The song is sung at the beginning of the film by Elizabeth during the crossing from England, later by Elizabeth and Jack together on the island on which they are abandoned, and in the final scene by Jack.

Vince Lozano represents the pirate Jacoby, whose beard is constantly on fire. The real pirate Blackbeard , who tied burning fuses in his beard before battles, served as a template .


To keep the authenticity , Verbinski wanted to shoot the film in the Caribbean. That turned out to be difficult because many places were heavily populated or developed for tourism. Finally, it was decided to go to the comparatively sparsely populated St. Vincent . There, jetties and buildings were made as backdrops in the anchorage of Wallilabou Bay on the west coast of the island. Several hundred locals were employed for the shooting.

In the former marine theme park Marineland in California , a fort was built from cement and plaster walls for the port of Port Royal. The location was chosen because of the similarity of the sun courses in Marineland and St. Vincent.

The governor's house couldn't be a real one, as it was set on fire and partially destroyed in the film by the pirates. For this reason, the interior space was built in the Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach and a facade was built in Marineland that could be set on fire.

Special effects on ships and pirates

Special effects were also used in the visualization of the pirate ship Black Pearl and two military ships, the Interceptor , the fastest warship in the British fleet at the time, and the 50m long Dauntless , a large British ship of the line with a hundred cannons on board.

The Black Pearl wanted to give Gore Verbinski a symbolic character by portraying it as a kind of ghost ship with tattered sails. It was constructed in the Spruce Goose Dome in Long Beach . Tests had shown that shooting on the open sea was very dangerous, so some shooting was moved to the Spruce Goose Dome. The rigging , however, shows numerous anachronisms . B. the gaff rigged in a manner that was common during the first decades of the 18th century, while all other ship cracks date from at least the 1770s.

In the absence of real ships in a category comparable to the Dauntless , such as the HMS Victory in Portsmouth's museum harbor , models and sets of the bow, middle and stern sections were mounted on a barge for close-up shots and linked in the final cut using CGI technology .

The Lady Washington in 2005 off the coast of Southern California

The Interceptor was represented by the brig Lady Washington , which had to be sailed to the Caribbean for the filming. The Lady Washington is a reproduction of the first US ship that was able to dock on the Pacific Northwest coast in 1789. For the recordings, the outside of Lady Washington was repainted in order to match her ship colors in the black- blue-ocher - check of the British Navy at the beginning of the 18th century as an interceptor to those of the Dauntless . In addition, the ship's rooms were changed and new gun ports for the specially made cannons and a "historic" steering wheel were installed. Work on the ship took 49 days. Even for the Interceptor it was not possible to do without a model entirely, as there were scenes to be shot that one did not want to realize with Lady Washington . For example, the Lady Washington would hardly have survived the shooting of exceptionally violent storm scenes unscathed in hurricanes on the open sea.

The scenes with the miniature models were filmed in a 20 meter by 40 meter large and 1 meter deep water basin. This type of filming was chosen because it would have been too expensive and dangerous in the open sea. In addition, some scenes required ships to be blown up. The ship models were moved with the help of underwater devices. In order to simulate a storm on the open sea, large fans, water tanks that held approx. 3000 cubic meters of water and two wave machines were used. Jerry Bruckheimer's original plan was to rent the water tank that had been used to film Titanic . However, this was currently occupied because Peter Weir realized scenes for his film Master & Commander - Until the End of the World there .

When designing the pirate skeletons, typical external features of the people depicted were retained by using motion capture to transfer them to the respective skeleton, which was created using CGI . In order to show the different states of putrefaction, (fresh) turkey meat was photographed and the respective meat structure was transferred to the bones of the skeletons. There were also details such as bits of flesh or hair. The skeletons were built into the film by filming a recording of the actors who were to be replaced by skeletons as a comparison and a recording with the same camera setting but without the actors, in which the computer-generated skeletons were then inserted.

Costumes and masks

According to his own statements, Gore Verbinski wanted to avoid portraying pirates using clichés such as eye patches. Instead, he wanted to emphasize their unsanitary way of life. The main responsible costume designer wanted to give them the wildest possible appearance, so she put some costumes together with stones in a concrete mixer so that they looked tattered.

For the make-up of the pirates, the colors were applied to the skin in layers in the form of fats and inks and then the color was dabbed off. No sponges were used for the application, but brushes, so that the color got better into the folds of the skin.

Mackenzie Crook , who played the wood-eyed pirate Ragetti, wore mostly soft contact lenses to illustrate his wooden eyes. However, depending on the situation, he also used harder contact lenses that made his eye appear larger so that it looked like it was sticking out. Lee Arenberg , who played the pirate Pintel, wore yellow contact lenses to make him look more scary. Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp also wore contact lenses. Rush's contacts make his eyes look cloudy. Johnny Depp's contact lenses had a practical function: they were supposed to protect his eyes from too much light like sunglasses. He wears them when he has to look towards the sun in a scene to avoid blinking all the time.

Vince Lozano portrays a pirate whose beard burns constantly. The beard was made from dreadlocks into which wires with copper mounts were braided at the ends. Incense sticks were placed in the sockets and lit before the shoot.


The soundtrack comes from Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer and consists of 15 titles.

Alan Silvestri was originally hired as a composer, but due to differences of opinion with producer Jerry Bruckheimer he left the project quite early, which is why Gore Verbinski turned to Hans Zimmer. However, he was currently working on the music for Last Samurai and had promised not to accept any other projects. Instead, he recommended the then relatively unknown composer Klaus Badelt. Still, Zimmer worked with Badelt on many topics . He composed the melody within a single night, and created a fully synthesized demo that includes some of the themes and motifs from the soundtrack.

Due to the tight schedule, in which the music had to be completed within three weeks, Zimmer and Badelt hired seven more composers. Parts of the material were recorded by the Hollywood Studio Symphony , a film music orchestra, under the direction of Blake Neely within four days. However, large parts of the film score consist of samples and not orchestral recordings. The soundtrack was only released under Badelt's name both on the soundtrack CD and in the credits.

Because of the small, simple orchestra and the tight schedule, these recordings were not very convincing. Badelt and his team reworked these digitally and added sound effects and recordings of a London choir. For the release, the soundtrack was shortened to 43 minutes and structured thematically.

The music is mainly written in D minor and in large parts uses a simple orchestra, counterpoints are rarely used. The sequel soundtracks are based on the work on the first film.

The music is also used outside of the films. For example, the title Barbossa is Hungry was regularly played at the biathlon competitions of the 2006 Winter Olympics when the leading person came to the shooting range. The title has also been heard at various ski jumping events or at matches in the European Football Champions League .

Johnny Depp as actor Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is played by Johnny Depp , who was given largely artistic freedom in the portrayal of the character. Originally, US comedian Jim Carrey was intended for the title role .

Johnny Depp's charismatic portrayal can be counted among the main reasons for the film's extraordinary audience success. As Captain Sparrow, he sways slightly when walking and mumbles or slurs. Johnny Depp was significantly influenced in the portrayal of his character by Keith Richards , the guitarist of the Rolling Stones . Depp announced that pirates were the rock stars of their time. Since he considers Richards to be the greatest actual rock star, it made sense to incorporate the character of this rock star into the role. In addition, Depp was influenced by Pepé le Pew , a cartoon character from Warner Bros. , who is a mostly hopelessly in love, charming skunk, but the influence on the character of the film can be classified as minor here.

The German dubbing voice of Johnny Depp should initially be taken over by David Nathan , who usually dubbed Johnny Depp. However, the responsible supervisor decided at short notice to let Marcus Off record the part as well and finally to take over the new version for the film. In the following two parts, too, Marcus Off took over the German dubbing by Johnny Depps. But since Off asked more fees for the synchronization of the fourth part, he was replaced by David Nathan.


The world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean took place on June 28, 2003 at the Disneyland Resort in California. The premiere for the public was celebrated on July 9, 2003. The film was shown in Germany from September 2, 2003. The age rating varied from country to country. While it was 7 years in Spain , in the United States only cinema-goers over 13 years of age were allowed to attend one of the film screenings because of the violence and action scenes. In Germany the film was released from the age of 12.

Pirates of the Caribbean grossed 305.4 million US dollars (256.3 million euros; 275.7 million Swiss francs) at the box office in the United States. Added to this are 348.5 million US dollars (292.5 million euros; 314.7 million Swiss francs) worldwide, resulting in total box office income of 653.9 million US dollars (548.8 million euros; 590, 4 million Swiss francs). The opening weekend brought in 46 million US dollars (38.6 million euros; 41.5 million Swiss francs). The film ran until January 8, 2004 in the cinema for more than six months. In Germany alone, over 6 million people saw the film.

From November 2, 2004, DVD and VHS were available in stores. This increased rental income by USD 15 million (EUR 12.6 million; Swiss franc 13.5 million). Walt Disney owns the distribution rights worldwide. Buena Vista International GmbH distributes the film in Germany.

In addition to the film, various merchandising articles were released . On July 10, 2003, the action adventure Pirates of the Caribbean was released for Xbox and PC. This game was developed by the game developer Bethesda Softworks and is the successor to Sea Dogs . The official development title Sea Dogs 2 was changed a few months earlier when Disney acquired the license to the game. Elements from Pirates of the Caribbean were subsequently incorporated into the game, such as the appearance of the Black Pearl and some skeleton pirates. Otherwise there are no parallels to the film. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has released a game entitled Pirates of the Caribbean - The Legend of Jack Sparrow , which deals with the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean , among other things . The game also features scenes from Jack Sparrow's stories that are not shown in the film, such as the conquest of the port of Nassau or the escape from the deserted island. In addition to his presence in official Pirates of the Caribbean games, the character Jack Sparrow also appears in the sequel to the video game Kingdom Hearts , in which the plot of the film is thematized (broadly).

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game was announced on November 18, 2010. The game was released in May 2011 and covers all four films in terms of content. The game was developed by Nintendo and also appeared on the Nintendo 3DS , the then new console from Nintendo, with which you can also play the game in 3D.

In addition, books based on the plot by Wolfgang and Rebecca Hohlbein have been published by Vgs Verlagsgesellschaft . Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH published a radio play that reproduces the plot in an abbreviated form. Hasbro brought out a board game for the film.


The synchronization was done by Berliner Synchron GmbH Wenzel Lüdecke . The dialogue book comes from Lutz Riedel , who also directed the dialogue .

actor German speaker Role name
Johnny Depp Marcus Off Captain Jack Sparrow
Orlando Bloom Matthias Deutelmoser Will Turner
Keira Knightley Giuliana Jakobeit Elizabeth Swann
Geoffrey Rush Martin Umbach Captain Hector Barbossa
Jack Davenport Thomas Nero Wolff Commodore James Norrington
Kevin McNally Bert Franzke Joshamee Gibbs
Jonathan Pryce Lutz Riedel Governour Weatherby Swann
Lee Arenberg Jan Spitzer Pintle
Mackenzie Crook Stefan Krause Ragetti
Zoe Saldana Tanja Geke Anamaria
Giles New Gerald Schaale Murtogg
Angus Barnett Stefan Fredrich Mullroy
Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Tilo Schmitz Bo'Sun
Treva Etienne Erich Rauker Charcoal burner
Michael Berry Jr. Bernd Schramm Twigg
Damian O'Hare Victor Neumann Lt. Gilette
Vince Lozano Peter Groeger Jacobi
Trevor Goddard Gerald Paradise Grapple
Brye Cooper Olaf Reichmann Mallot



source rating
Rotten tomatoes

Pirates of the Caribbean was well received by the critics and hailed as a "surprise and summer blockbuster ". In particular, Johnny Depp's performance as Captain Jack Sparrow and the mixture of comedy and adventure film were recognized. The lexicon of international films judged : “Intelligent coat-and-sword film, which impresses with its humorous and fantastic atmosphere and narrative attitude as well as its main actor, who puts on his character with tongue-in-cheek irony. For fans of the genre, the film is highly enjoyable entertainment. ”The fact that the film was based on a Disney attraction created some confusion. For Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle, this was an indication of the low number of good ideas in the film industry. He wrote, “Is that a sign of the apocalypse ? No, but it points to the lack of inspiration and points to a film that is entirely made of surface and filled with air. "


The plot was criticized, on the one hand, for containing illogical elements and, on the other, for having too many changes, which dragged the film out unnecessarily. In the opinion of the film critic Roger Ebert , the fighting with the undead is the biggest mistake of the film. In his eyes the skirmishes between the undead pirates and the soldiers of Port Royals are pointless. The undead would have to be victorious from the outset, as they could not die and so could fight until the living troops were defeated. This was one of the reasons why Ebert described the plot as "moronic". Ed Park asked in the Pittsburgh Tribune : "How many delays and diversions can you accommodate in a film?" He criticized the multitude of fights and changes in content. The movie was chic to Ty Burr of the Boston Globe , albeit with an increasingly confusing plot.

Ebert also bothered the length of the film, he wrote that the film felt like it already contained a sequel. The film critic James Berardinelli saw it similarly. The film is a good 30 minutes too long. The protracted battles with the undead, who could not be killed, were repeated. However, the film as a whole is solid fun.


The cast of Pirates of the Caribbean received overall critical acclaim. Johnny Depp's portrayal of the eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow was particularly appreciated. Mick LaSalle said he enjoyed watching Depp and Rush, and that Orlando Bloom was familiar with the nice-boy-next-door role that he kept within. Keira Knightley is doing well, and it was surprising that she was only 18 years old. Roger Ebert, however, was not that enthusiastic about Knightley's portrayal of Elizabeth Swann. In his eyes, she doesn't create enough fire, which explains why these saber rascals would risk their lives for them. Bloom is a good cast, however, and Ebert added that Bloom has the classic profile of a silent movie star. Regarding Depp's interpretation of Jack Sparrow, he agreed with the prevailing view. “It can be said that its representation in every atom is original. There has never been a pirate or a human being like this in this film. ”Berardinelli goes so far as to say that Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Johnny Depp.

running gag

The two somewhat idiotic pirates Pintel and Ragetti, played by Lee Arenberg and Mackenzie Crook, become a recurring comedic part . Ragetti has to repeatedly fight for his wooden eye, which later becomes a key role in the third part.


The film delivers classic pirate movie clichés, but this was not criticized by most of the critics. The Boston Globe was enthusiastic about the duels in the rigging , the broadsides at sea, parrots, planks and grog and notes appreciatively that typical exclamations like "Arrrr" appear in the film. What caused many pirate films in the past to fail, Pirates of the Caribbean took advantage of. The movie critics of Bayern 3 also judged that the story barely omits a well-known motif, but almost always finds a new trick to depict it. This flexibility compared to other pirate films shows that the film pleasantly does not take itself seriously. The Bayern 3 critics also commented on typical Hollywood clichés: "The basic tone of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sometimes resembles classic Hollywood, and then again, in all its obvious self-irony, postmodern quotes." The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops gave a similar verdict : It is a "self-parodying story".


Pirates of the Caribbean was nominated for five trophies at the 2004 Academy Awards, including Johnny Depp for Best Actor, but went empty-handed in all categories.

The Golden Globes was Pirates of the Caribbean a nomination. Also here for Johnny Depp, but he had to admit defeat to Bill Murray in the category of Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical .

The film was awarded in eleven categories (Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director, Fantasy Film, Best DVD Special Edition Release, Makeup, Special Effects, Music, Costumes and Keira Knightley for the Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award ) for the Saturn Award nominated, with only Penny Rose being awarded for the best costumes.

Ve Neill and Martin Samuel received the British BAFTA Award for the best make-up. Pirates of the Caribbean received nominations in the main actor, costumes, special effects and sound categories that did not result in any awards.

Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom also won the Teen Choice Awards in the Best Liplock and Best Chemistry categories .

Johnny Depp received a total of 16 nominations for various film awards, including numerous as best leading actor as well as for the MTV Movie Award together with Orlando Bloom in the category Best Action / Fighting Sequence . He received an award in seven categories. This includes the award of the actors' guild , the Screen Actors Guild Award .


So far, four sequels have been released. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was released in the United States on July 7, 2006 and in Germany on July 27. The third part Pirates of the Caribbean - At the end of the world ran on May 24, 2007 in American and German cinemas. On May 19, 2011, a fourth part, Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides , came to German cinemas after it premiered on May 7 in the United States. In total, the first four parts have grossed more than 3.7 billion US dollars (3.1 billion euros; 3.4 billion Swiss francs) worldwide .

The fifth part Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) was planned for summer 2015. However, due to the requested changes to the script and the failure of Lone Ranger , this date was canceled. Instead, the film only came to the cinema on May 25, 2017.


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