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A theme music - subordinate to the theme melody and theme song or title song - is music that introduces a radio or television program or, in modifications, is also used in several movies. When it comes to word broadcasts on radio, the terms signation and code melody are used in Austria .

A title track also describes a song that has the same name as the music album on which it appears.


The melody in the opening credits of a TV show , TV show or cartoon series is from the composer composed on the widest possible recognition back and can actually - on success of each series - a veritable popular songs or chart hit developing (such as the title theme Maya the Bee ). Similarly, stereotypical identification melodies with high recognition value in the credits (for example “Who turned the clock” in the credits of the German version of the Pink Panther cartoon series or Thank you for the flowers in the credits of the German version of the Tom & Jerry cartoon series).

A theme tune can also be used for recurring radio programs or for other media such as computer games. For decades, the broadcast from today’s reports on the NDR and WDR radio programs has been introduced by the title Wade in the Water by jazz musician Ramsey Lewis . The NDR radio show Between Hamburg and Haiti also used the title Fiesta in Belo Horizonte by composer Martin Böttcher from the documentary ... for example Brazil for years . The Tatort theme music by Klaus Doldinger , first broadcast in 1970 , has opened the crime thriller evening almost unchanged for 46 years.

The song to the title melody is sometimes also used to explain what the television series is about, for example, this is the case with the opening credits for the television series Three Girls and Three Boys , Flipper (1964–1967) and Chip and Chap , in Raumschiff Enterprise an explanatory text is spoken to accompany the title melody. Often the singing is only used to create a connection to the topic, as in Eine terrible Nice Family ( Love and Marriage ), Malcolm mittendrin ( You're not the boss of me now ), Scrubs ( I'm no superman ) or The Big Bang Theory ( It all started with a big bang ).

For movies that can be described as a series or series, composers often use variations of the theme music from the first film, for example the composer Ron Goodwin for the films in the Miss Marple series. In the official James Bond films, almost all films are introduced by a variation on the theme melody by composer Monty Norman , the James Bond theme .

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