Scrubs - The beginners

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Television series
German title Scrubs - The beginners
Original title Scrubs
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2001-2010
length 22 minutes
Episodes 182 in 9 seasons ( List )
genre Dramedy , hospital series , sitcom
Theme music Lazlo Bane - Superman
idea Bill Lawrence
production Bill Lawrence ,
Randall Winston ,
Mike Schwartz
music Tim Bright ,
Chad Fischer ,
Chris Link ,
Jan Stevens
First broadcast October 2, 2001 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
September 2, 2003 on ProSieben
main actor
supporting cast

Scrubs - The Beginners is an American dramedy - sitcom , the 2001 Bill Lawrence has been developed. The nine seasons include 182 episodes that aired through 2010. The series has dealt with the professional and private problems of young doctors since they first tried walking in the hospital. Atypical for hospital series, dramatic and comical elements were combined.


The focal point and first-person narrator of the series is the young medical doctor John Michael Dorian, called JD. Fresh from university, he immerses himself in the world of day-to-day hospital operations in the Sacred Heart Hospital , learns to deal with the ups and downs of the medical profession and lets the viewer participate in his thoughts, fears and daydreams. Over time he develops and gains one or the other philosophical knowledge.

His two colleagues of the same age fare similarly : the equally handsome and determined (but often also very insecure and neurotic) Elliot Reid as well as his college friend and, until the end of season 4, roommate Christopher Turk. In addition to their choice of profession, the three of them have a close friendship; There is always a homoerotic component in the friendship between Turk and JD. It is different with her superiors, the strict chief physician Dr. Robert Kelso and the sarcastic- narcissistic senior physician Dr. Percival Cox. Kelso apparently only cares about the clinic's financial well-being. Cox, on the other hand, impresses with exemplary professional ethics, yet he seems to be an emotional wreck and is cool and distant, which is mainly expressed in his cynical humor. Furthermore, he depicts the almost archetypal form of the cynic who ruthlessly ventes frustration on his environment, who often rudely brings the assistant doctors back to reality. He and Dr. Kelso are enemies, and Dr. Cox Dr. Kelso as Satan himself. Dr. Cox is JD's great role model, and Jordan, Dr. Cox's ex-wife once emphasizes that he used to be just like JD.

Another obstacle for JD is the harassment of the caretaker, whose name is unknown.

Turk quickly begins a relationship with nurse Carla. In the course of the series, JD and Turk, who eventually marries Carla, grow noticeably and start families with children. From the eighth season, Dr. Cox took over the post of chief physician to Dr. Kelso, who is retiring, but still often spends his spare time at the Sacred Heart. Since Dr. Kelso is no longer the supervisor of Dr. Cox, it is easier for the two of them to respect each other and become friends.

Meaning of the title

The title specifically focuses on its ambiguity:

In English called scrubs the workwear by surgeons. The name is derived from the cleaning and disinfection procedure required before an operation , which involves thorough scrubbing of the hands. The entire process is therefore described as to scrub in or to scrub up (for surgery) .

In many hospitals, scrubs are also worn by other parts of the staff. The combination of a thin, short-sleeved top ( kasak ) and trousers of the same color are red, pink or purple in the series for healthcare workers , green for surgeons and blue for internists . This is the so-called area clothing typical in hospitals.

At the same time, scrub means something like “beginner” in the colloquial language of American English , but also “failure”, especially in a sexual context. In addition, the verb to scrub can be translated as “throw away”, “blow off” or “let go”.


main characters

  • Dr. John Michael "JD" Dorian ( Zach Braff , German speaker: Kim Hasper ), main character and narrator in one person, is a young, talented, but also slightly clumsy and infantile internist from Ohio , whose thoughts and daydreams are almost never hidden from the viewer . During his time at the Sacred Heart he has various relationships and is taken on after his training as a doctor. Together with Kim Briggs he has a son in the seventh season, whereupon he decides at the end of the eighth season to take a new job at another hospital in order to be closer to his son. Therefore he leaves the Sacred Heart at the end of the eighth season. He had previously met again with his great love Elliott Reid and moved into a shared apartment.
  • Dr. Elliot Reid ( Sarah Chalke , German spokesperson: Ranja Bonalana ), JD's ambitious colleague from Connecticut , also practices internal medicine, prefers to step into every faux pas that comes up to her, and has emotions for JD almost every year from the sixth season she works as Attending doctor in a private practice within the hospital. In the course of the series, a solid friendship develops between her and Carla. At the beginning of the eighth season she gets together again with JD and at the end of the season she moves in with him in his new apartment.
  • Dr. Christopher Duncan Turk ( Donald Faison , German speaker: Sebastian Schulz ), also by his friends (and his wife after taking over his surname) usually only addressed by his last name, while Dr. Kelso calls him Turkleton. He is a gifted, confident surgeon and J. D's best friend in college. Because of his diabetes, he avoids sweets from the fourth season. He is in a relationship with the nurse Carla Espinosa and is married to her from the last episode of the third season and father from the sixth season. Towards the end of season eight (8.16) he was promoted to head of surgery.
  • Carla Espinosa ( Judy Reyes , German speaker: Tanja Geke ), nurse; The male protagonists 'emotional support, always advising and influencing, Turks' steadfast girlfriend since the first episodes (later his wife), prefers to distribute than to pocket. She and Turk have had a daughter named Isabella since season six. She is Dominican and proud of her origins. At the beginning of the eighth season, Carla becomes pregnant again.
  • Dr. Percival Ulysses "Perry" Cox ( John C. McGinley , German speaker: Bernd Vollbrecht ), experienced and deserving ward doctor (from season 3, episode "Mein Stolz" or "Mein Großer Fehler" senior physician ; from season 8, episode 6 chief physician ) , who likes to deliver elaborate monologues, is J. D's direct superior and mentor with a hard shell and a soft core. Although Cox usually seems extremely bitter and sarcastic, sometimes even narcissistic or cynical, he is nevertheless an extremely capable and courageous doctor and thus a mentor and role model for JD. When he is in a good mood, he usually calls JD "flat-nose pliers" ( newbie in the original) however, he gives him various maiden names. Elliot is called Barbie , Turk Gandhi by him . He is a big sports fan and supporter of the NHL team Detroit Red Wings , whose jersey he likes to wear in his spare time. He also has an unclear relationship to alcohol and is portrayed in some episodes as a man with alcohol problems . Additionally, he has an aversion to surgeons, psychiatrists, and dermatologists, whom he doesn't take seriously as real doctors. There is also an unspecified aversion to Hugh Jackman . From the third season he has a son, Jack, with his ex-wife Jordan, and from the sixth season a daughter who, at JD's request, is called Jennifer Dylan, as this name also results in the initials JD. At the end of season seven, after Dr. Kelso has resigned, the board of directors temporarily appoints him as the new chief physician. In the sixth episode of the eighth season he takes up the position of chief physician and becomes friends with Bob Kelso after a long animosity.
  • Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso ( Ken Jenkins , German speaker: Friedrich Georg Beckhaus ), the dreaded chief physician of the Sacred Heart , is presented as a person who always thinks of the hospital and himself first. He has several fixed habits, such as lingering in certain places at certain times of the day or maintaining certain daily routines, which he indicates in some episodes. In addition, he has a fondness for East Asian women. He also often talks derogatory about his homosexual son Harrison and his extravagant life, as well as about his overweight wife Enid, neither of whom appear in the series. In the seventh season, his actual age, namely 65, is announced at a surprise party. The board of directors of the Sacred Heart Hospital then wants to enforce Kelso's retirement. In episode 9 of the seventh season, Kelso finally leaves the Sacred Heart voluntarily , although the staff fought to stay. Still, Dr. Kelso was at the hospital daily for Season 8 after winning free lifetime muffins in a competition there. Only in the last episode of this season does he finally leave the Sacred Heart to work as a doctor again.
  • The caretaker ( Neil Flynn , German speaker: Thomas Nero Wolff ) makes JD's life difficult every day, since he was right with his assumption that an automatic sliding door at the entrance of the hospital could be defective due to a jammed coin, which the caretaker told him holds, only the polluter can have known. In episode 24 of the first season, the caretaker himself puts a penny in the door to intimidate insecure newbies. In the series finale, JD confesses to the caretaker that he accidentally dropped a penny in the door. The caretaker appears extremely intelligent and educated, sometimes crazy and inhuman in a certain way. In the course of the series, he claims various details about his background, such as having studied at Harvard University . The only thing that is certain is that he was an actor and a hurdler at a young age . In the third season (3.08: My colleague) JD finds out that the caretaker played in On the Run . In fact, Neil Flynn, who plays the caretaker, portrayed a police officer in this film. In the first episode of the eighth season it is announced that the caretaker's name tag reads "Janitor" (originally "Janitor"). In the season eight finale, the janitor tells JD his name is Glenn Matthews , but a passing hospital worker calls him Tommy . So there remains a certain doubt about his name for the viewer of the TV version. In an interview with Neil Flynn in the bonus material of the eighth season DVD, however, he confirms that he and the producer Bill Lawrence decided to tell JD the truth, thus confirming the name "Glenn Matthews".

Minor characters

  • Jordan Sullivan ( Christa Miller , German spokeswoman: Andrea Kathrin Loewig ), the hospital's supervisory board member, is one of the few who her ex-husband Dr. Cox can stand up. When Jordan is heavily pregnant in season 2, the two get back together. Jordan then also moves to Dr. Cox and they raise their son Jack together. In episode 24 of season 5, the two are horrified to find that Jordan is pregnant again. This is because she and Dr. Cox had unprotected sex because he underwent a vasectomy , which they only discovered then had failed. The baby is successfully operated prenatally by Turk and colleagues in episode 8 of Season 6 because it suffers from obstructive uropathy .
  • Dr. Kim Briggs ( Elizabeth Banks , German speaker: Melanie Hinze ) is JD's girlfriend from episode 23 of season 5. In episode 24 of the same season it comes out that she is expecting a child and later (episode 2 of the 6th season) they decide to have the child. In the fourth episode of the sixth season she moves to Tacoma (Washington) because she has taken a new job there and in episode 8 of the sixth season JD and Kim break up because she lies to him that she had a miscarriage, even though that Baby is healthy and they both decide they don't want a long-distance relationship. However, they get back together in episode 6.21 when JD and Turk see her at a medical congress and Kim explains to him that she just lied to him out of panic and that she would like to raise the baby with him. In episode 2 of the 7th season, JD realizes before their son is born that he has no feelings for her and is only with her because of the baby. They then separate again.
  • Theodore "Ted" Buckland ( Sam Lloyd , German speaker: Hans Hohlbein ), a suicidal and frustrated lawyer without self-confidence who very often - especially from Dr. Kelso - lets himself be pushed around and shares an apartment with his mother. He has suffered from hair loss since he was 13, and his wife has left him and is now with his brother. He is a gifted musician and plays and sings in a band ("The Worthless Peons"; lit. "The worthless work slaves"; in the German dubbing "The wretched losers"), which mainly appears a cappella in the hospital elevator and there advertising jingles and the theme songs from cartoon series. At Turks and Carla's wedding, however, it becomes clear that they are also excellent at playing instruments. He only got his law degree because he could take the Alaska exam. During the eighth season, Ted meets Stephanie Gooch ( Kate Micucci ), who entertains children in pediatrics.
  • Dr. Todd "The Todd" (in German dubbing: "Der Todd" ) Quinlan ( Robert Maschio , German speaker: Björn Schalla ), Turks chubby and always sleeveless surgeon colleague, is never at a loss for a high-five or a suggestive comment. Often allusions to a possible homosexuality of Todd are built in, who in addition to his obscene jokes against women also makes ambiguous statements (" Todd [Todd often speaks of himself in the third person] knows what is cool - regardless of gender "). He also likes to wear very tight and brightly colored men's briefs ( Banana Hammock , in German: banana hammock ). In episode 20 of season 5, Carla and Elliot investigate Todd's possible homosexuality, as they suspect his macho behavior is a compensation for his orientation and hope that he will stop it after an outing; however, he then transfers his behavior patterns to men as well. In this episode it is implied that he may be bisexual ; When asked what he is now, he simply replies: "I am Todd!". During the course of the eighth season, it is learned that Todd has an open sexual relationship with a couple of doctors from the hospital.
  • Dr. Doug Murphy ( Johnny Kastl , German speaker: Bernhard Völger ) (English nickname: Nervous Guy , German: " Nervenbündel "; later Peepants ("Hosenpisser" - mostly used by Dr. Cox)) sits in the same boat as Elliot and JD Due to the He is extremely insecure about the high number of deaths among his patients. Confidence he gets only when he his strength than by chance pathologist can prove, but there also developed Doug new difficulties: He laid "his" bodies like (she forgets eg the coffee machine.) Or must deal with the already inserted rigor mortis struggle . In addition, he is not particularly respectful of the dead, for example he lets the corpses keep his Coke cool, or he puts them together in a circle to play cards.
  • Dr. Denise Mahoney ( Eliza Coupe , German speaker: Eva Michaelis ) is a beginner in the Sacred Heart from the 8th season . She gets the nickname "Christina" (originally "Jo") from JD. It usually appears numb and insensitive. Their rough behavior often leads to irritation, especially when dealing with patients. JD tries to get her to be more sensitive in her professional life, which he partially succeeds. Her appearance is very confident and she describes herself as a "strong woman". She has a sexual preference for fat men because, in her opinion, they put more effort into sex.
  • Sister Laverne Roberts ( Aloma Wright , German speaker: Regina Lemnitz ) looks forward to her soap operas as soon as the hospital gossip doesn't offer enough variety. She fulfills the stereotypical image of the Afro-American, overweight and grumpy, but at the same time maternal and kind-hearted receptionist, which often occurs in American films and series. She dies in episode 15 of season 6 in a car accident. However, Aloma Wright appears in some episodes of the 7th season as sister Shirley, who has the appearance of sister Roberts only for JD and is called "Laverne-a-vù" by him (alluding to déjà-vu ).
  • Dr. Wen ( Charles Chun , German speaker: Viktor Neumann ) is Turks senior physician and mentor until he is transferred to pediatric surgery in the 5th season. Wen is a calm, balanced Asian who has his young colleagues under control and never gets loud.
  • Dr. Keith Dudemeister ( Travis Schuldt , German voice over artist : Tommy Morgenstern ) starts in the 5th season at the Sacred Heart as an assistant doctor and becomes Elliot's lover and later her fiancé. However, at the beginning of season 7, Elliot breaks up with him just before the wedding when she realizes that she doesn't really love him.
  • Ed ( Aziz Ansari , German voice over artist: Dirk Petrick ) comes to Sacred Heart as a beginner at the beginning of the eighth season . There he is quickly noticed by his arrogance, listening to audio books or texting on his cell phone during the rounds. It is known that he used to work as a DJ and therefore has a tendency to verbally recreate the scratching of records, which is especially true for Dr. Cox leads to tantrums. In episode 8 of season 8, he is led by Dr. Cox, who is now chief physician, was fired for playing a quiz machine with his friends instead of learning about a patient's illness.
  • Dr. Coleman "Colonel Doctor" Slawski ( Bob Bencomo , German speaker: Peter Groeger ) is a doctor whose name the protagonists keep forgetting, and who therefore gets his nickname based on his external resemblance to Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken received. In episode 9 of season 6, J. D. learns that Colonel Doktor is the father of ambulance driver Lloyd. The name Coleman Slawski also includes the word Coleslaw, "coleslaw", a dish that is available as a side dish at KFC.
  • Dr. Seymour "Beardface" (in the German dubbing "Bartfratze" ) Beardfacé (in the German dubbing Bartfracé ) ( Geoff Stevenson , German speaker: Frank Ciazynski , also Gerd Holtenau and Thomas Kästner ) is a doctor whose name the protagonists because of the bushy beard mostly wrongly pronounced on purpose.
  • Dr. Sunny Dey ( Sonal Shah , German voice-over artist: Magdalena Turba ) is in the hospital as a beginner from season 8, episode 8.
  • Ladinia "Lady" Williams ( Kit Pongetti , German voice-over artist : Christin Marquitan ) becomes the caretaker's girlfriend in the 7th season, and they get married in the 8th season. The actress was already in the episode My Philosophy of the 2nd season as Dr. See Mitchell .

Guest appearances

Love affairs

  • Elizabeth Bogush is Alex JD's "Love Without First Sight" as a social worker in episodes 1.12 to 1.14.
  • Scott Foley can be seen in episodes 1.20, 1.21 and the entire third season as the dolphin trainer Sean Kelly, whom Elliot can hardly resist. In season eight, he reappears as Kim's new life partner.
  • Heather Locklear twists the male workforce in episodes 2.07 and 2.08 as Julie Keaton's pharmaceutical representative - even Dr. Cox - the head.
  • Rick Schroder is Paul Flowers' nurse in episodes 2.15 to 2.19, who definitely has his apron on in his relationship with Elliot.
  • Amy Smart plays the "hot coma bride" Jamie Moyer in episodes 2.18, 2.20 and 2.21, who gives JD sleepless nights.
  • Heather Graham stars in the first eight episodes of season four and in 4.19 the psychiatrist Dr. Molly Clock, which illuminates the emotional world of those around you.
  • Tara Reid plays Jordan's younger sister, Danni Sullivan, who initially helps JD get over his ex-girlfriend. This happens in episodes 3.06 to 3.11, 3.14, 3.19 to 3.22, 4.16.
  • Julianna Margulies is litigating Turk in ep. 4.09 and ep. 4.10 as malpractice attorney Neena Broderick while she is in a dominant relationship with JD.
  • Josh Randall is the altruistic and introverted Jake and love at first sight for Elliot in episodes 4.23 to 4.25 and 5.03.
  • Mandy Moore , until 2006 girlfriend of main actor Zach Braff, has a guest appearance in ep. 5.09 and 5.10 as JD's girlfriend Julie Quinn.
  • Chrystee Pharris , turns her head in episodes 4.15 to 4.19 as Kylie JD's bartender or political science student .
  • As Stephanie Gooch, Kate Micucci entertains the pediatric kids with her ukulele and becomes Ted's friend in episode 8.08. She can also be seen in episodes 8.9 and 8.17.

friends and family

  • John Ritter played one of his last roles before his death in 2003, JD's father in episodes 1.19 and 2.09. Episode 4.06 was dedicated to him. The plot of this episode is thematically about the death of JD's father. In the end credits you can also read: "For Our Friend John Ritter".
  • Tom Cavanagh plays JD's older brother Dan Dorian, who causes a stir in episodes 2.06, 3.05, 4.06, 4.07, 5.18 and 7.03.
  • Brendan Fraser is Jordan's brother Ben and despite the divorce, Dr. Cox's best friend, who urgently needs medical and family support in episodes 1.22, 1.23 and 3.14. His death in season three hits his sister Jordan and Dr. Cox very much.
  • Hattie Winston plays Turks mother in episodes 1.19 and 3.22.
  • In episodes 3.06, 3.21 and 3.22, Freddy Rodríguez plays Carla's brother Marco, who is initially at war with the English language and with his future brother-in-law Turk.
  • Jay Mohr is in the episode "My Coach" (2.17) Cox's enemy and former protégé Dr. Pete Fisher.
  • Ryan Reynolds plays JD and Turks old college buddy Spence, who is Dr. Clarifies his paternity to Cox.
  • Billy Dee Williams plays Julie Quinn's godfather in episode 5.10.
  • R. Lee Ermey plays the father of the nameless caretaker in episode 1.19.
  • Keri Russell plays Melody O'Harra, an old college friend of Elliot, in ep. 6.18 and 6.19.
  • Cheryl Hines plays "My New God" in ep. 5.05. Cox's religious sister Paige.
  • Lane Davies plays Elliot's father Simon Reid in episodes 1.19 and 2.08.
  • Markie Post plays Elliot's mother Lily Reid in episodes 1.19, 3.09 and 5.19.
  • DL Hughley plays Turks brother Kevin in episode 2.14.

Patients and relatives

  • In episodes 1.10, 1.22, 3.07 and 5.20, Nicole Sullivan as Jill Tracy causes excitement among the assembled medical community. In ep. 6.15 she appears to Dr. Cox as a ghost.
  • Richard Kind gives the hypochondriac Harvey Corman in episodes 2.12, 3.20, 4.09 and 4.10.
  • Jon Polito plays the sexist Mr. Summers in episode 4.10, who is treated as a member of Elliott's board of directors.
  • In episode 4.11, Matthew Perry plays the adopted son of a patient who needs a kidney donation. When JD visits him at the airport where he works, he is watching the series Wings and wondering why Friends is n't being repeated instead . Perry himself played one of the main roles in Friends.
  • Michael Learned plays Mrs. Patricia Wilk in several episodes of the 5th season, a long-term patient who dies due to carelessness despite a good recovery.
  • Jason Bateman plays the patient Mr. Sutton in ep. 5.08.
  • Peter Jacobson plays the patient Mr. Foster in ep. 5.08.
  • Michael Weston plays the patient Private Brian Dancer in episodes 6.07, 6.09, 6.10 and 6.12, who was injured in the Iraq war.
  • Tim DeKay plays the worried father of a paraplegic patient in episode 8.11.

Hospital staff

  • In the role of medical student Kristen in episodes 1.17 and 1.18, Kelli Williams is exactly Dr. Cox's type.
  • Frank Encarnacao will play Dr. Walter Mickhead, a surgeon who u. a. in season 5 is suspected of murdering his wife.
  • DJ Qualls also plays a medical student named Josh in episode 1.17, who is assigned to JD.
  • Sean Hayes plays the young resident Nick Murdock in episode 1.07, but gives up his job at the end of the episode.
  • Sarah Lancaster is "the kiosk girl" Lisa, who in episodes 2.10, 2.12 and 5.23 has high hopes of being able to avert the curse of JD's hospital.
  • Michael J. Fox embodies the visiting doctor "Superdoc" Kevin Casey in episodes 3.12 and 3.13, who gets more than the best out of his obsessive-compulsive disorder and helps almost all hospital staff out of their specific life crises.
  • Bellamy Young points out to Dr. Miller in episodes 3.15, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20 and 3.22 Turk repeatedly in his place.
  • Dick Van Dyke is in the episode "My Modern Knowledge" (2.14) as Dr. Townshend to see.
  • Clay Aiken , runner-up in the second “ American Idol ” season, plays the kitchen boy Kenny in episode 4.17. In this episode, half of which is played in sitcom form, Aiken sings a song with which he then wins a curious competition.
  • Paul Adelstein plays the sensitive orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stone, who often stands out for his special compassion.
  • Masi Oka plays Franklyn, the laboratory assistant.
  • Phill Lewis starred as the crazy orthopedic surgeon Hooch for four episodes.
  • Courteney Cox will be the new chief physician of the Sacred Heart Hospital (Dr. Taylor Maddox) for a period of three episodes at the beginning of season eight .
  • Martin Klebba plays the short janitorial assistant Randall Winston.


  • Colin Hay , singer and founding member of the Australian band Men at Work , has a guest appearance with guitar in episode 2.01 with the song Overkill . He makes a second appearance in ep. 7.02 singing the Men-at-Work hit Down Under after being born his son in one of JD's daydreams. He has a third brief appearance in the last episode of the eighth season.
  • In episode 2.15, Eric Bogosian plays the psychologist Dr. Gross by Perry Cox.
  • Gary Busey made an appearance in episode 5.06. After Elliot claims she looks like Gary Busey in her driver's license photo, he appears in the background as a doctor and says the same is said about him.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plays himself in episode 5.12.
  • The Blue Man Group can be seen in episode 6.01 at their show in Las Vegas.
  • David Copperfield (2.09), Jay Leno (2.17) and Common each have a cameo .
  • Big Bank Hank, Wonder Mike and Master Gee as Sugarhill Gang make a brief appearance and a. as an alarm clock band in episode 4.01.
  • Billy Dee Williams plays himself in ep. 5.10 and is the godfather of JD's girlfriend at the time.
  • Colin Farrell can be seen in ep. 4.14 as the Irish bar brawler Billy Callahan and the womanizer of Carla and Elliott.
  • In episode 3.22, George Takei plays a pastor "who looks like Mr. Sulu " - the helmsman of the spaceship Enterprise from the series of the same name.
  • Erik Estrada has a guest appearance in episode 3.07 in which he plays himself.
  • The band The Polyphonic Spree has a guest appearance in ep. 3.19. Since one of the band members is in the hospital and cannot go on tour with them, Dr. Cox invited the band.


  • At the end of the last episode of the eighth season, many of the guest stars listed here have a short appearance again.
  • By the end of season four, seven Chaos City actors , Bill Lawrence 's previous creation, had guest appearances on Scrubs - Michael J. Fox , Barry Bostwick , Alan Ruck , Michael Boatman , Richard Kind , Alexander Chaplin and Heather Locklear .
  • In Lawrence's follow-up series, Cougar Town , some actors from Scrubs also appear. Sam Lloyd plays his role as Ted Buckland and also tells a little about his life after the series ends. Zach Braff, Robert Maschio and Shaughn Buchholz have smaller appearances . Ken Jenkins made two appearances as the father of the main character Jules Cobb, Bob Clendenin has a recurring role like Nicole Sullivan and Barry Bostwick. Sarah Chalke, Michael McDonald and Katie O'Rourke (the coffee sister) also play in several parts of the series. Scott Foley is at times the friend of the leading actress in both series. Lawrence's wife Christa Miller plays one of the main roles, some of which is similar to her Scrubs role. Leading actress Courteney Cox also had a three-episode role on Scrubs . Josh Halloway and Rachel Rovner, who were on the production staff at Scrubs , have guest roles on Cougar Town .


A special feature of the series is that each episode of the first eight seasons is portrayed from JD's point of view, i.e. from a subjective narrative perspective . In order to underline this character of the series, almost all episode titles begin with “My” in English and with “Mein (e)” in German. The only exceptions are the episodes in which other characters are given the floor to let the audience share their thoughts and dreams:

number title Original title teller
2.15 His story His story Dr. Cox
3.18 My friend Turk His Story II Turk
4.05 Your history Her story Elliot
5.10 My therapy Her Story II Carla
5.19 My friend the caretaker His Story III facility manager
6.07 My contentious colleagues His Story IV Dr. Kelso
6.17 My supporting cast Their story Jordan / Ted / Todd
8.12 My popularity Their Story II New interns

In season 7, some episodes were reversed to find a better ending on NBC. The order in which the film was shot was: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8th; 11; 9; 10. This also corresponds to the broadcast order on ProSieben, Mein Märchen (US episode 7.11) was broadcast on October 29, 2008, Meine Duseldiagnose (US episode 7.09) on November 5, 2008 and Mein neue Boss (US episode 7.10) on November 12, 2008.


  • The X-ray image in the intro is always upside down, apart from a few episodes of the second season. In the 23rd episode of the 5th season (My new crush), a minor character (Kim Briggs) humorously points out in a modified intro by hanging it up the right way round.
  • The websites and (addressed in episode 9 of season 6 and episode 6 of season 7), created by the US broadcaster NBC for fans of the series, existed for a while in reality, are both but now offline.
  • In the episode “5.20: My Lunch with Cox”, three patients die after rabies was transmitted from an organ donor (Jill Tracy) to the three recipients. That case actually happened in the United States in 2004, when infected organs were implanted in several hospitals across the country.
  • In the episode “6.06: My Musical ” you see Judy Reyes , alias Carla Espinosa, almost only sitting. The reason for this is that Judy Reyes broke her pelvis shortly before filming. The dance scene during the song "For the Last Time I'm Dominican" therefore had to be recorded six weeks later.
  • The Sacred Heart Hospital was named after the school of Christa Miller , wife of Bill Lawrence.
  • Ted's band really exists. She calls herself " The Blanks " in real life and performs regularly. The Blanks also released their first album in 2004 called "Riding the Wave".
  • Zach Braff ("JD") and Donald Faison (Chris Turk) are best friends in real life too, and lived together while filming for season one.
  • The picture Ted has in his office is actually that of his mother.
  • Producer Bill Lawrence has a guest appearance as a registrar or caretaker in the episodes "8.15: My Bahamas, Part 2" and "8.19: My Finale, Part 2". He can also be seen as an extra at the end of the episodes "5.06: My wrong conclusion" and "6.02: My baby and his baby".
  • In episode 1 of the 7th season, Dr. Cox the “Sacred Heart Who's interested” to JD, whereupon JD replies, “This is my revenge, Tony Shalhoub”. Tony Shalhoub won an Emmy in 2005 for "Best Actor in a Comedy Series," for which Zach Braff was also nominated. In the credits of episode 1 of season 8, JD alludes again to the "prize-clearing Shalhoub".
  • In almost every episode, "Sister Lori Nelson" is shouted over the loudspeaker, but she cannot be seen in any episode.
  • Neil Flynn originally played the role of "Dr. Cox ”auditioned.
  • For the tandem jump shown in episode 7 of season 2 , Elliot and JD were doubled by a stunt woman and a stunt man. They met for the first time on set for this scene and are now married.
  • In the episode “8.03: My Police State”, Dr. Taylor Maddox to Dr. Cox, she thinks his name is stupid. This is a nod to the Maddox actress's name. This is actually called Courteney Cox .


"Scrubs" received various awards and nominations. In 2002, the cast for a comedy series was nominated for the most important US television award, the Emmy , as was the direction of the episode "My old Lady" (1.04: My favorite patient). In 2003 and 2004 the cast was again in the final selection, as did the editing and the script for the episode "My Screw Up" (3.14: Meine Schuld). A year later, the series won an award for editing the episode "My Life in Four Cameras" (4.17: My Sitcom). The series received nominations for “Best Comedy Series , “Best Leading Role in a Comedy Series (Zach Braff) and “Best Cast in a Comedy Series” . In 2006 the series made it into the final selection for "Best Comedy Series" .

For the other important award, the Golden Globe , Zach Braff was nominated in 2005 and 2006 for "Best Actor in a TV Series - Comedy / Musical" .

Broadcast Notes

In the US, Scrubs premiered on NBC on October 2, 2001 - with a slight delay due to various program changes in the weeks after September 11, 2001 .

Audience numbers were solid and peaked in season two. With the beginning of the second season in September 2002, Scrubs was moved to the hotly contested broadcasting slot on Thursday evening in the USA, but had to vacate it again in early 2004. NBC ordered three additional episodes - 25 instead of the usual 22 - for the fourth season.

The broadcast of the fifth season of the series began in January 2006 with two episodes per week. This point in time is atypical for the US television landscape, in which new seasons of a series are usually broadcast from autumn. For NBC's Olympic coverage, the broadcast of the fifth season was interrupted and then continued with one episode per week. On November 30, 2006, NBC began airing the sixth season.

The 2007-08 season seven production was interrupted by the strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), which includes showrunner Bill Lawrence. Eleven episodes could be written before the strike and have already been broadcast. A twelfth episode was then completed by non-WGA writers. After a strike-related break, production was resumed in February 2008.

NBC only showed the eleven pre-strike episodes, the last on May 8, 2008. This was also the last new episode of Scrubs that the broadcaster showed. Production of new episodes continued, however, as broadcaster ABC took over the series and ordered an eighth season. The 18 episodes were shot by early September 2008. The season was broadcast from January 6, 2009 and ended with a double episode on May 6, 2009.

In Germany , ProSieben acquired the broadcasting rights and showed the first episodes in the evening program from September 2, 2003 - at that time unusual for an American sitcom. However, the audience ratings were not enough: After 30 episodes, the broadcast was suspended, briefly resumed a few months later, then stopped again. On July 4, 2005, the series was relocated to the daily evening program, but was removed from the program on September 30, 2005 before the end of the complete broadcast of the third season (only the last four episodes were missing). ProSieben also owns the broadcasting rights to the other seasons and from October 22, 2006 broadcast the remaining four episodes of the 3rd and then also the 4th to 6th season in double episodes. The 7th season was broadcast on ProSieben between September 3, 2008 and November 12, 2008. Season 8 broadcast began on March 16, 2010 and ended on May 25, 2010.

In Austria , the ORF showed the first two seasons with a few interruptions from September 2003 to mid-2004 and broadcast the third season in 2006. At the beginning of 2007 an episode of the fourth season followed on Saturdays and since May 2007 an episode of the series (seasons 1–6) has been broadcast on weekdays. On November 19, 2007, the ORF began broadcasting the sixth season. The seventh season has been shown in the afternoon program on Saturdays since October 2008. Since the end of season 7, the series was repeated from Monday to Saturday until the end of 2009. Since March 13, 2010, the 8th season has been broadcast on ORF 1 on Saturdays.

In Switzerland , Scrubs has been running on SF two since 2004 and was temporarily suspended on December 25, 2006 after the end of the third season, but was later reintegrated into the program. SF two was the first German-language broadcaster to broadcast the eighth season.

Season Episode count US premiere US season end US odds
1 24 October 2, 2001 May 21, 2002 11.20 million (38th rank)
2 22nd September 26, 2002 April 17, 2003 15.94 million (14th place)
3 22nd October 2, 2003 May 4, 2004 10.41 million (43rd rank)
4th 25th August 31, 2004 May 10, 2005 06.90 million (88th rank)
5 24 January 3, 2006 May 16, 2006 06.40 million (98th rank)
6th 22nd November 30, 2006 May 17, 2007 06.41 million (87th rank)
7th 11 (originally 18 planned) October 25, 2007 May 8, 2008 06.38 million (115th rank)
8th 19th January 6, 2009 May 6, 2009 05.61 million (123rd rank)
9 13 December 1, 2009 March 17, 2010 03.79 million (106th rank)


Created, conceived and produced by Bill Lawrence, Scrubs was based on his ideas and the accounts of his college acquaintances. This included, among others, Jonathan Doris, who was now a practicing doctor and part-time medical advisor to the series, who served as a rough template for the main character John Dorian. He and other experts brought in the wealth of experience from which the scriptwriters drew extensively. The first episode, in particular, portrayed several involuntarily funny, but actually true incidents.

There were other real role models. The type of caretaker who harassed newcomers for inexplicable reasons is, according to Bill Lawrence's testimony, based on painful experiences, represented in every larger group of colleagues. The cynical Dr. Cox was a reference to Lawrence's former high school teacher of the same name. Cox's ex-wife Jordan was played by Bill Lawrence's wife Christa Miller .

Various characteristics and preferences of the actors were also reflected in the series, Sam Lloyd is a member of the a cappella group " The Blanks ", which appeared sporadically as Ted's band. Since Sarah Chalke speaks fluent German and French, her character Elliot also received these attributes in the series. In the German dubbed version, Elliot's foreign language skills were replaced by Danish (and Bavarian in some episodes ), which means that some jokes in the German version can no longer be understood.

JD's family name Dorian is like that of Dr. Kelso Taken from Oscar Wilde's novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray , in which Lord Kelso is the protagonist's hated grandfather.

Artistic implementation

The series stood out from the typical sitcom in several ways. The usual multi-camera technology was dispensed with, in which scenes are filmed simultaneously from different angles. Instead, only one camera was used, as is also the case with cinema productions. Although this increased the shooting time and thus increased production costs, it allowed greater creativity in the choice of settings and editing . Otherwise the protagonist's various daydreams would have been unsatisfactory.

They also went their own way with the sound . Voice-over comments framed the action and pushed it forward. Sound effects accompany movements. Audience or rehearsed laughter, as is usual with other sitcoms, is dispensed with (exception: episode 17 of the 4th season, My Life in Four Cameras , in which scrubs and sitcoms were recorded as a multicamera show in front of an audience. In the German version, the Laughs recorded as usual).


The former North Hollywood Medical Center hospital in north Los Angeles has served as the backdrop since the second episode . In addition to the medical facilities, it also housed the other film sets , such as the characters' apartments (for example, an old operating room was used for Dr. Cox's apartment because his apartment was supposed to appear very sterile and clear), as well as all the facilities required for the Production process were necessary. It was demolished in mid-2011. A functioning hospital in the center of the city was used for exterior shots only (the exception is the back entrance with the parking lots and the emergency access to the emergency room).


The synchronization of the German version was carried out by “ Arena Film GmbH ” in Berlin . Efforts were made there to adapt and transfer the numerous linguistic jokes. While the occasional vocal parts are usually not synchronized, almost every detail is otherwise tried to be translated into German in such a way that it makes sense there. There are different opinions about the quality - especially with the puns and jokes that may not be understood outside of English-speaking countries; In other words, scenes that cannot be translated without changing the joke or losing it.

An example can be found in episode 19 of season 5 ("My friend, the caretaker"). Here the caretaker is asked to help treat a patient and to hold her legs. In the original English he calls himself “Dr. Jan Itor ”. In the German dubbing it became “Dr. House Hyphen Master! ”. Here the English “Dr. Jan Itor “(Janitor = caretaker) should not remain untranslated without confusing. However, the German translation manages to preserve the running gag of the series by distorting it and in this case even with an allusion to the television series “ Dr. House "expanded.

In the episode “2.20: Meine Interpretation”, however, JD encounters an originally German patient, dubbed “Hermann the German” by JD, who is dubbed the Dane Erik the Viking , an allusion to the film of the same name. In the course of the episode there is an allusion to Nena's song 99 Luftballons , which the German viewer cannot understand.

Rights holder

Scrubs was produced by Bill Lawrence's Doozer company and Disney's ABC Studios branch . The pilot episode was originally created on behalf of the company's own broadcaster ABC . After this terminated the continuation of the cooperation, the competition from NBC jumped into the breach and acquired the first broadcast rights. After the seventh season, which was supposed to be the last for Scrubs , NBC stopped broadcasting and ABC acquired the rights to the eighth season.

DVD publications

In the German-speaking area, all nine seasons have been released on DVD. All seasons have been classified by the FSK from the age of 12, with the exception of the 6th season, which is released from the age of 16. The complete box, which includes all seasons, was released on April 15, 2011.

Episode list

TV episodes


From January 1 to April 8, 2009, ten webisodes entitled Scrubs: Interns were posted on . Two more webisodes are included on the DVD and Blu-ray for the eighth season of Scrubs .

episode title First broadcast
1 Our intern class January 1, 2009
2 Our meeting with JD January 7, 2009
3 Our meeting in the Broom Closet January 13, 2009
4th Screw You with Ted and the Gooch January 27, 2009
5 The Late Night with Jimmy Show February 3, 2009
6th Our meeting with the brain trust February 10, 2009
7th Legal Custodians Outtakes March 18, 2009
8th Our Bedside Manner March 25, 2009
9 Our meeting with Turk and the Todd April 1, 2009
10 Our final advice April 8, 2009
11 Our meeting with Carla Scrubs Season 8 DVD / Blu-ray
12 Legal Custodians Episode Scrubs Season 8 DVD / Blu-ray

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