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Marius Clarén (* 21st December 1978 in Berlin ), and Marius Götze-Clarén is a German voice actor , dialogue author , dialogue director and audio book speaker .


Marius Clarén took on his first voice acting roles as a child. His father had trained as an actor, first worked as a voice actor and then as a cultural editor at RIAS and the SFB . Likewise, his older brother Timo Clarén stood behind the microphone several times during his childhood. He is the German standard voice of Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire (since 1998) as well as Chris Klein (for example in American Pie - Like a hot apple pie ) and Jake Gyllenhaal (in The Day after Tomorrow or Brokeback Mountain ). He is also active as a dubbing author and audio book speaker.

He made his first major appearance in Terminator 2 , where he dubbed John Connor , played by Edward Furlong . His brother, Timo Götze-Clarén, also worked as a voice actor as a child, but later chose a different career. In the original radio play for Sam Raimi's Spiderman film (in whose German dubbed version Clarén lent his voice to the main character) Clarén also acts as the narrator - ISBN 3-89832-927-5 . He has also read in audio books - for example Kill your Boss (with Nana Spier , ISBN 978-3-8371-2762-1 ) and Artemis (with Gabrielle Pietermann , ISBN 978-3-8371-4165-8 )

His son Cosmo Clarén also works as a voice actor. They both appeared together in The Boss Baby , in which Marius speaks the older version of the role of Cosmo. His second son Vicco Clarén and his third son Carlo Clarén are also voice actors.

Texts (dubbed books)

Speaking roles (selection)

Chris Klein
Jake Gyllenhaal
James D'Arcy
Joshua Jackson
Shawn Hatosy
Tobey Maguire



Video games

Audio books

  • Chris Rylander: The Legend of Greg 1: The Blatant Catastrophic Beginning of the Whole Thing, Silverfish, ISBN 9783745601190
Percy Jackson
  • Percy Jackson 1 - Thieves in Olympus
  • Percy Jackson 2 - The Slayer of the Cyclops
  • Percy Jackson 3 - Curse of the Titan
  • Percy Jackson 4 - Battle for the Labyrinth
  • Percy Jackson 5 - The Last Goddess
  • Percy Jackson tells: Greek legends of the gods
  • Percy Jackson tells: Greek heroic sagas
Heroes of Olympus
  • Heroes of Olympus 1 - The vanished demigod
  • Heroes of Olympus 2 - The son of Neptune
  • Heroes of Olympus 3 - The sign of Athena
  • Heroes of Olympus 4 - The House of Hades
  • Heroes of Olympus 5 - The blood of Olympus
  • Goblins 1 - The Goblins
  • Goblins 2 - The Return of the Goblins
  • Goblins 3 - The Goblins War
  • Goblins 4 - The Goblin Hero
The shadow forest secrets
  • The shadow forest secrets 1 - forest of a thousand eyes
  • The Shadow Forest Secrets 2 - The Forgotten Place
  • The Shadow Forest Secrets 3 - Dangerous Transformation
  • The Shadow Forest Secrets 4 - The Mist Queen
Bibi & Tina
  • Bibi & Tina 68 - The holiday surprise
  • Bibi & Tina 79 - racehorse in need

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