Spider-Man 2

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German title Spider-Man 2
Original title Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2004
length 122
Extended Version: 130 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 10
Director Sam Raimi
script Alvin Sargent
Story: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar ,
Michael Chabon
production Laura Ziskin
Avi Arad
music Danny Elfman
camera Bill Pope
cut Bob Murawski

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Spider-Man 2 is an American action film from 2004, which continues the film adaptation of the comic series of the same name that began with Spider-Man . It is a Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment production and directed by Sam Raimi . Spider-Man 2 was extremely successful with worldwide grossing US $ 784 million and is considered by many critics, including Roger Ebert , to be one of the best “superhero films” of recent years and the best film in Raimi's trilogy .

In Germany and the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, Spider-Man 2 was seen from July 8, 2004, in Austria from July 9. The film had previously celebrated its US premiere on June 23 ( IMAX cinemas ) and June 30, 2004, respectively. It was the first film ever to be copied by a DI master in 4K resolution .


The double life of Peter Parker increasingly overworked him. Right at the beginning he loses his job as a pizza delivery man because he again shows up late for work and therefore does not deliver an order on time. The meager pay for his photos, which he sells to the Daily Bugle, doesn't help him with his financial problems either. He is also increasingly missing his lectures at the university. When he visits his Aunt May in the evening, his friends Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn surprise him with a small celebration on the occasion of his birthday, which he himself had completely forgotten. Harry speaks disparagingly about Spider-Man, whom he blames for the death of his father, Norman Osborn . Peter explains that he is still interested in a mutual friendship and that he therefore prefers a change of subject. In an interview with Mary Jane, he promises to see the play The Importance of Being Earnest , in which she has played a leading role.

A few days later, Harry meets Peter with nuclear physicist Dr. Otto Octavius ​​made known. Peter would like to write a paper about this for the university. Octavius' most important project will soon be presented to the public. Since Harry's company "Oscorp" finances the tritium , which is important for the fusion experiment , Octavius ​​agrees to introduce Peter to his work. The laboratory tour is followed by an increasingly personal conversation with Octavius ​​and his wife Rosie.

When he was on his way to the theater the next day on his moped , his spider sense suddenly warned him and he was barely able to prevent being run over by a car with fleeing criminals. He confronts the crooks and as a result comes to the theater late. An arrogant usher refuses him entry; Peter then waits outside for the performance to end. He later watches as Mary Jane is picked up by a young man who kisses her and disappears with her in his arms. Dejected, Peter puts his suit back on and swings into the air. For some inexplicable reason, his network glands suddenly fail and Peter falls to the ground. Confused, he returns home.

The next day, Dr. Octavius ​​carry out his fusion experiment, the success of which would result in the creation of an inexhaustible source of energy. On the day of the demonstration, he uses four mechanical tentacles to control the experiment, which he can attach to his back and control through a spinal cord connection via his cerebellum . Since the tentacles are so highly developed that they have their own intelligence , Octavius ​​built in an interrupter chip that always gives him full control over the tentacles. Despite the state-of-the-art tools, the fusion gets out of control when all the iron parts in the room are drawn into the center of the artificially created "sun" by a magnetic effect. This increases its performance and the magnetic effect quickly and uncontrollably. Peter disappears into a corner of the laboratory and a few seconds later, as Spider-Man, he is able to prevent Harry from being killed by a metal shelf. He tries to shut down the power supply so that the merger is canceled. Octavius ​​is hit by a protuberance of the artificial sun, which destroys the breaker chip and welds the artificial arms to his body. His wife Rosie is killed shortly before by the splinters of glass from a broken window pane.

Harry Osborn loses a large part of his fortune due to the failed demonstration. He is angry with Octavius ​​and also Spider-Man, whom he does not thank for his rescue. Octavius ​​- meanwhile passed out - is being prepared for an emergency operation . When the doctors decide to cut off the tentacles with the help of chainsaws , they develop a life of their own and murder the doctors and nurses present. Only after this attack does Octavius ​​wake up from his faint and flee the hospital in fear. He withdraws to an abandoned dock on New York Harbor. There he mourns his wife and his unsuccessful lifelong dream. The tentacles are scary to him, since they can influence him since the chip failed. However, they convince him to repeat the fusion attempt. The money required for this is to be obtained through a bank robbery .

The East Manhattan house that was used for Peter Parker's apartment. (187 Chrystie street)

Peter and his aunt are present at the bank to avert the auction of their house while Octavius ​​is breaking into the safe there. Peter leaves the anxious Aunt May to change clothes and stop Octavius. This hurls bags of money at Peter and his network glands fail again. Without knowing the relatives, Octavius ​​kidnaps Peter's aunt as a hostage and flees up the skyscraper. In a duel on the skyscraper, Spider-Man can barely save May. Doc Ock disappears unhindered.

At a public reception in the evening, Peter is present as a photographer for the “Daily Bugle”. He sees Mary Jane and the astronaut John Jameson, son of J. Jonah Jameson, publicly announce their engagement. The friendship between Peter and Harry also fails when Harry accuses Peter of hiding Spider-Man's identity. Peter is devastated and swings sadly through the city as Spider-Man, where his spider powers expire again and he falls. Through a conversation with his doctor, he realizes that it is his superhero identity that prevents him from living a happy life. His misfortune also affects his strength. In a dream vision with his uncle Ben, he decides against his calling and throws his costume into a garbage can that same night.

Peter is happy for the next few days, his life is normalizing, his performance at the university is getting better and he is finally attending Mary Jane's play. She is very happy and Peter tries to convince her to give him another chance. Mary Jane refuses. During a visit to May, he finally confesses to him that he feels responsible for Ben's death when he did not stop his killer. Visibly shaken, May turns away.

In the meantime, Octavius ​​has put together the equipment to carry out his experiment again, all that is missing is the valuable tritium. He therefore pays Harry Osborn a visit, with whom he makes an agreement: He delivers Spider-Man to Harry, who in return procures a sufficiently large amount of tritium for the scientist.

When Peter sees a house on fire, he saves a little girl from it without his spider powers. This incident and further encounters as well as the reconciliation with May make him think again about his calling. He decides to revisit his Spider-Man identity. A little later, Mary Jane and Peter meet in a café. Despite being engaged to John, Mary Jane asks Peter for one last kiss. Shortly before their lips find each other, Peter is warned by his spider sense of a car, which in the next moment flies through the window pane. He can pull himself and Mary Jane to the ground, but in the next moment Doc Ock appears, who orders Peter as Spider-Man's photographer to tell the hero something: He wishes to meet Spider-Man at three o'clock at the West Side Tower. To make sure that Peter does his job, he kidnaps Mary Jane.

In the face of the danger in which Mary Jane floats, Peter's powers return. At the West Side Tower he meets Octavius ​​and both end up on a subway during the fight . When this is damaged by Octavius, Spider-Man is able at the last second to prevent it from falling off the high rails at the end of the route. Due to the exertion, he passes out, but the passengers take care of him. Doc Ock asks them to surrender Spider-Man, but they stand protectively in front of him. Doc Ock overpowers the passengers and the weakened Spider-Man and brings him to Harry Osborn. There he receives the tritium and goes to the port building on the Hudson River , where he keeps Mary Jane prisoner.

The old steel framework in the Hudson River , which was used for the hiding place of Octavius

Harry Osborn wants to kill Spider-Man in revenge for his father's death, but first remove his mask to find out his identity. After he is shocked to discover that his best friend is hiding behind Spider-Man's mask, Peter urges him to reveal Octavius' whereabouts. Leaving confused Harry behind, he makes his way to the harbor where Dr. Octavius ​​has already switched on his machine. There is also Mary Jane, chained to a pillar. After a last bitter fight between the hero and the failed scientist, Octavius ​​comes to his senses again and realizes the great danger in his newly created sun. Peter wants to shut down the machine before it's too late. But Octavius, who has now regained control of his tentacles, insists on destroying his work himself by sinking himself into the river with the machine, and thereby perishing. Mary Jane finally found out who Spider-Man is. Peter explains that he cannot be with her because his kind of life is too dangerous for her in the long run. The two tearfully say goodbye and Mary Jane is brought home by John Jameson.

At the same time, Harry Osborn finds the Green Goblin's equipment in his father's room. He has a vision in which his father orders him to avenge his death and kill Spider-Man aka Peter Parker. (The scene ends with a view of Spider-Man 3. )

Shortly before the beginning of the wedding with John Jameson, Mary Jane leaves the church in her wedding dress and seeks Peter. She makes it clear to him that she is ready to bear the possible risks of a partnership because she loves him and “cannot survive at all” without him. Peter is relieved and kisses her. A police siren sounds in front of the window, Peter puts on his costume and swings through the Manhattan skyline between two helicopters in the final sequence. Mary Jane looks after him thoughtfully.


The song that the street musician plays on the violin is the theme music for the cartoon The Amazing Spider-Man , which was shown on television in the 1960s.

While Peter Parker wants to tie his shoes in the park, he is "unintentionally" jostled with his bag by a person. This person is the director Sam Raimi.

When J. Jonah Jameson ponders what to call Otto Octavius, his assistant suggests “Dr. Strange ”to which Jameson replies: It already exists. This is a nod to the chief magician Doctor Strange .

Opening credits

Similar to Spider-Man , Spider-Man 2 opens with a very elaborately designed opening credits in which the plot of the first film is summarized using 15 comic images. The drawings are by Alex Ross and were auctioned until October 20, 2004 in favor of the “United Cancer Front” in the internet auction house eBay .

Extended cut

Before the third part was released in theaters, an extended cut of the film that was around eight minutes longer was released on DVD. This version is also called Spider-Man 2.1. designated.

German dubbed version

The German synchronized editing was done at RC Production Rasema Cibic in Berlin . The dialogue book was written by Klaus Bickert , and the dubbing director was Joachim Tennstedt .

actor German speaker role
Tobey Maguire Marius Clarén Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Kirsten Dunst Marie Bierstedt Mary Jane Watson
James Franco Kim Hasper Harry Osborn
Alfred Molina Roland Hemmo Dr. Otto Octavius ​​/ Dr. Octopus aka Doc Ock
Donna Murphy Andrea Aust Rosalie Octavius
Cliff Robertson Friedrich Georg Beckhaus Uncle Ben Parker
Rosemary Harris Barbara Adolph Aunt May Parker
Willem Dafoe Pure beauty Norman Osborn
JK Simmons Joachim Kerzel J. Jonah Jameson
Dylan Baker Bodo Wolf Dr. Curt Connors
Joel McHale Norman Matt Bank clerk Mr. Jacks
Bill E. Rogers Peter Flechtner colored firefighter
Ted Raimi Bernhard Völger Hoffman
Daniel Gillies Dennis Schmidt-Foss John Jameson
Bill Nunn Tobias Master Joseph "Robbie" Robertson
Vanessa Ferlito Tanja Geke Louise
Michael Edward Thomas Charles Rettinghaus Man by the fire
Hal Sparks Johannes Berenz Man in elevator
Aasif Mandvi Rajvinder Singh Mr. Aziz
Elizabeth Banks Debora refuses Mrs. Betty Brant
Brent Briscoe Detlef Bierstedt Jerk
Bruce Campbell Reinhard Kuhnert usher
Daniel Dae Kim Viktor Neumann Raymond
Tom Carey Hartmut Neugebauer Platoon leader


No. title Interpreter
1. Vindicated Confessional dashboard
2. Ordinary Train
3. Did you Hoobastank
4th Hold on jet
5. Gifts And Curses Yellowcard
6th Woman Maroon 5
7th This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know) Taking Back Sunday
8th. Give it up Midtown
9. Lucky You Lost prophets
10. Who I Am Smile Empty Soul
11. The Night That The Lights Went Out In NYC The Ataris
12. Meant To Live Switchfoot
13. We are Ana Johnsson
14th Someone To Die For Jimmy Gnecco feat. Brian May
15th Spidey Suite Danny Elfman
16. Doc Ock. suite Danny Elfman


Spider-Man 2 won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and was nominated for Best Sound and Best Sound Editing . The film received three nominations at the MTV Movie Awards in the categories “best action scene” (fight on the subway), “best film” and “best villain ”. For his stunt scenes, Spider-Man 2 received at the Taurus Awards 2005 in the category Best Overall Stunt By A Stunt Man and two other nominations in the categories Best Work With A Vehicle and Best Special Stunt (Best Specialty stunt).

Reception and receipts

source rating
Rotten tomatoes

The film received mostly positive reviews from both audiences and critics. Roger Ebert gave four out of four stars in his review and was of the opinion that it was "the best superhero film since Superman ". The film received 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.8 out of 10 stars in the Internet Movie Database .

The lexicon of the international film judges that the sequel with “amazing effects” delivers a “great melodrama about identity and responsibility”.

Spider-Man 2 ranks 95th in the list of the most successful films without adjusting for inflation (as of August 8, 2020).


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