The Gift - The dark gift

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German title The Gift - The dark gift
Original title The Gift
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2000
length 111 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Sam Raimi
script Billy Bob Thornton
Tom Epperson
production James Jacks
Gary Lucchesi
Tom Rosenberg
music Christopher Young
camera Jamie Anderson
cut Arthur Coburn
Bob Murawski

The Gift is a film by the American director Sam Raimi . The mystery thriller is based on an original script by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson .


Annie - a widow with three children - lives in Brixton, a small town in the southern United States. Her husband died in an explosion at the city's cable factory a year ago. In order to secure her livelihood, she lays the cards for people with her special gift, fortune telling . One of her customers is the mentally disturbed car dealer Buddy, who tells her about a recurring nightmare that includes a blue diamond. She has been trying to help him for several years. She also has trouble with her eldest son, as he has been involved in fights at school several times. When she has to go to the headmaster, she sees Jessica for the first time, who is engaged to the headmaster. She has a disturbing vision of Jessica, who suddenly appears dead, tied up and wrapped in a water-soaking sheets in front of her. She also has an argument with Donnie Barksdale, who regularly beats up his wife Valerie; because Annie had advised Valerie to separate from him, he threatened Annie and her children several times.

Shortly thereafter, Annie lets her friend Linda persuade her to go to a party with her. She catches Jessica in a corner of the house having sex with a local prosecutor. When she returns to her house, a fanatical sermon is playing on the television and her cards form the word Satan on her bed . The window is open and a car can be heard, indicating that the intruder has just left the house. Annie calls the police and suspects Donnie Barksdale; however, the officer does not believe that Donnie broke into her home.

Then, when Jessica King, the fiancee of the headmistress of the town, is reported missing and the police have no further information, she seeks help from Annie. In a dream, Annie sees a body of water, in the tree behind it the wrapped up dead Jessica and in front of it a violinist playing backwards on his instrument. When the police actually find Jessica's body in a nearby pond that belongs to Donnie Barksdale, the latter is arrested.

Later Buddy runs up to her, he has something important to tell her. But Annie gets rid of him because she is in a psychological state herself. Later that evening, Buddy’s mother Annie calls that something bad is going on with Buddy and that she should come immediately. When she arrives there, she sees Buddy's father tied to a chair in his garden, while Buddy beats him with a belt. He talks about how he would have hurt him in his childhood - apparently his father abused him as a child, because his belly with a blue diamond tattooed on it becomes visible under his white undershirt. Finally Buddy showered his father with gasoline and set him on fire. The two women can no longer do anything and call the ambulance. The father is taken to the hospital, Buddy is taken to a mental hospital. Annie seriously reproaches herself for not having been there for Buddy earlier.

Despite Donnie's attorney trying to ridicule Annie and denigrate her gift, Donnie, who had an affair with Jessica, is found guilty.

But the visions of the dead Jessica do not stop, so Annie soon realizes that Donnie is innocent and that Jessica's killer is still roaming free. Since the prosecutor , who also had an affair with Jessica, does not want to reopen the case, Annie turns to Jessica's fiancé Wayne, with whom she begins to fall in love. She drives Wayne to the pond where Jessica's body was found. There Annie has another vision and finally recognizes the killer: It's Wayne. This then tries to kill Annie, but he is overwhelmed by the unexpectedly appearing Buddy. Annie brings the unconscious Wayne to the police, where he confesses to what he did. When Annie testifies that it was Buddy who knocked Wayne down, she learns that Buddy had committed suicide hours earlier by hanging himself in the mental hospital bathroom .

German dubbed version

The German dubbing was done at Film- & Fernseh-Synchron in Munich . Beate Klöckner wrote the dialogue book and also directed the dubbing .

actor German speaker role
Cate Blanchett Petra Einhoff Annie Wilson
Giovanni Ribisi Philipp Brammer Buddy Cole
Keanu Reeves Ole Pfennig Donnie Barksdale
Katie Holmes Natascha Schaff Jessica King
Greg Kinnear Frank Röth Wayne Collins
Hilary Swank Sandra Schwittau Valerie Barksdale
Michael Jeter Erich Ludwig Gerald Weems
Kim Dickens Elisabeth Günther Linda
Gary Cole Thomas Rauscher David Duncan
Rosemary Harris Ursula Traun Annie's grandmother
JK Simmons Dirk Galuba Sheriff Pearl Johnson
Chelcie Ross Reinhard Glemnitz Kenneth King
John Beasley Manfred Erdmann Albert Hawkins
Rebecca Koon Katharina Lopinski Buddy's mother
SD Stephens Andreas Neumann Deputy sheriff at the pond
Janell McLeod Barbara Witow Mrs. Francis
Stuart Greer Andreas Neumann Officer Huggins
Ed Reddick Tonio von der Meden Judge
Wolfgang Schatz Bailiff


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films 2001

Nominated in the categories

Independent Spirit Awards 2001

  • nominated in the category Best Supporting Actor (Giovanni Ribisi)

Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards 2001

  • nominated in the category Best Actress (Cate Blanchett)

Taurus Awards 2001

  • nominated in the category Best Fire Stunt

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