Spider-Man (film)

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German title Spider-Man
Original title Spider-Man
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 116 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 10
Director Sam Raimi
script David Koepp
Comic : Stan Lee , Steve Ditko
production Ian Bryce ,
Laura Ziskin
music Danny Elfman
camera Don Burgess
cut Arthur Coburn ,
Bob Murawski

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Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man is an American Action - comic book adaptation directed by Sam Raimi , the American US in the May 3, 2002 cinemas and on 6 June 2002 started off German in the. The film was co-produced by Columbia Pictures , Marvel Studios, and Laura Ziskin Productions . The Spider-Man comic series of the same name served as a template . The main role of the same name was cast with Tobey Maguire .

By August 2002, the film grossed $ 821 million worldwide on a budget of $ 139 million. This puts it in 82nd place in the list of the most successful films without inflation adjustment (as of August 8, 2020).

The film was followed by the two sequels Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007), together the Raimi films form a trilogy.


Peter Parker lives with his aunt May and uncle Ben. He's shy and unpopular in high school. On a school trip he was bitten by a genetically manipulated spider and developed superpowers as a result: the increased power, speed and agility of a spider, the ability to climb walls and a special "spider sense" for danger. Unlike in the comic, he does not throw off the nets mechanically, but they are produced organically in the body. As in the comic, he can also spin various types of webs, thin elastic threads to swing through the skyscraper canyons of Manhattan , as well as stable webs for protection or to tie in criminals.

In order to impress his classmate and neighbor's daughter Mary Jane, he wants to buy a car and tries to earn the money in a wrestling match . The referee spontaneously renames the name Parker invented "The Human Spider" to "Spider-Man". After winning the match, Peter wants to collect the money he has earned, but only gets a ridiculously small part of it. Shortly after the money has been handed over, the organizer is robbed, which Peter could have prevented. In revenge for his low pay, however, he lets the thief escape unhindered. Shortly afterwards, his uncle is shot by a car thief and dies in Peter's arms. Peter Parker, horrified and angry at the same time, hears the position of the perpetrator from a police announcement and pursues him using his superpowers for the first time. Once in a warehouse, he grabs the thief and pulls the mask off his face. It's the thief from the wrestling stadium. He realizes that he could have prevented his uncle's death. The thief wants to shoot him; but after Peter knocked the weapon out of his hand at lightning speed, he fell backwards through a window pane and fell into a state of death-like shock. Peter remembers one of Uncle Ben's wisdoms: “Great strength follows great responsibility, remember that.” From then on he dedicated himself to hunting criminals. His life as a superhero Spider-Man seems to be going well.

At the same time, Norman Osborn, father of Peter's classmate and best friend Harry Osborn, is developing a serum to fully exploit human strength and potential. The military, which is funding the research, is getting impatient and wants to cut the development budget because the research by Osborn's company "Oscorp" does not seem to show any usable results.

Norman Osborn is forced to test the drug on himself. He manages to increase his potential, but he also develops aggression and madness. With the help of a costume he becomes a Green Goblin (Eng. 'Green Goblin'). He kills the head of research and steals the prototype of a combat glider and the associated combat armor, both of which had also been developed by Oscorp. During a parade, the Green Goblin kills the Oscorp board and blows up the balcony on which Mary Jane is. Since Harry Osborn, who is in a relationship with MJ, passed out in the explosion, she is now hanging on the rest of the balcony, which is about to fall. Spider-Man drives away the Green Goblin, saves MJ and swings with her through the city. When she wants to find out his identity, he sets off again.

J. Jonah Jameson is the head of the Daily Bugle , the local newspaper. He puts Spider-Man on the front page and portrays him as a threat. Ironically, Peter Parker works as a freelance photographer for Jameson. He delivers exclusive photos of Spider-Man, which he takes with a self-timer while fighting crime.

One evening Mary Jane is followed by some criminals and rescued by Spider-Man. To thank him this time, she kisses him without taking off his mask completely.

Norman Osborn recognizes his devilish side and cooperates with the green goblin. He wants to pull Spider-Man on the side of evil, but Spider-Man refuses. During a Thanksgiving dinner, Osborn realizes the connection between Parker and Spider-Man when he sees a wound on Parker that he inflicted on Spider-Man during a fight. Osborn leaves Parker, MJ, his son and Aunt May, who had come to dinner to plan his course of action.

Since the green goblin Spider-Man wants to harm Spider-Man's soul, he threatens Aunt May in her house. Because of the shock, she has to go to the hospital, where she is immediately visited by Peter Parker. She tells of a demon with yellow eyes. Peter realizes that the green goblin knows his identity. When he wants to call Mary Jane, the Green Goblin answers and arranges to meet him on the Queensboro Bridge , where Spider-Man is leaving immediately.

Once there, the green goblin confronts Spider-Man with a "sadistic choice": A cable car full of children and his love Mary Jane will fall into the river and he will have to choose whom to save. When the goblin drops Mary Jane and the gondola, Spider-Man jumps after them and manages to save both of them. Now it comes to the showdown between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. In the course of the fight between the two, Spider-Man's mask is destroyed. Osborn also reveals himself, rips the mask of the green goblin from his head and, in a situation that is weakened for the goblin, manages to implore Parker for pity. He is torn between two identities and you can see him fighting desperately against himself. He begs for help. At the same time he is preparing to attack Spider-Man from behind with his remote-controlled glider, which is equipped with knives. Parker refuses, recognizes the danger at the last second through his "spider senses" and avoids the glider that hits Osborn and kills him. Norman Osborn's last wish is that Harry doesn't find out about his second self. Spider-Man puts Norman Osborn in his house in normal clothes. Here Harry Osborn sees Spider-Man carrying his father's corpse in his hands, whereupon he later swears revenge.

The final scene of the film takes place in the cemetery during the funeral of Norman Osborn. After Harry Osborn tells him about his thirst for revenge against Spider-Man, Mary Jane confesses her love to him and kisses him. Peter Parker says he would always be there for her, but only as a friend. The kiss, however, evokes memories of the earlier kiss in Mary Jane, as can be seen from her face.

As Peter moves away from her, he accepts his responsibility and you can see Spider-Man swinging through New York at the end of the film.


  • The first trailer of the film was withdrawn after the attacks of September 11, 2001, because Spider-Man caught a helicopter there in a net that he had stretched between the towers of the World Trade Center .
    In the film itself there is a take (~ 00: 53: 30) in which the World Trade Center appears in the silhouette of New York , which is reflected in the eyes of Spider-Man.
  • Shortly after the cinema release, the two main characters kissed in the pouring rain, with Spider-Man hanging upside down on a house wall. The shoot had to be repeated several times. This kiss has often been parodied, for example in the film Shrek 2 , at MTV Movie Awards by Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar , in the series OC, California and Turkish for beginners or in the animated series The Simpsons and in the film Superhero Movie .
  • As in all Marvel films in recent years, Spider-Man creator Stan Lee appears in the film in a short scene. He runs away from the green goblin in a crowd and saves a little girl.
  • Randy Savage - also Macho Man Randy Savage - embodies the wrestler against whom Spider-Man has to last three minutes in the ring.
  • Bruce Campbell has a small role in each of the three Spider-Man films, in the first part he plays the announcer in the wrestling match. In the console and PC game of the same name, he also takes on the role of the cheeky travel guide (tutorial).
  • Lucy Lawless , who plays Xena , makes a brief cameo in the film . As Spider-Man starts taking action, there are various statements from people what they think of his appearance. She is the punk who says about him: “Guy with 8 hands? Sounds sharp! ".
  • As a special promotion for the cinema release in Europe, Marco Melandri from the MS Aprilia Racing Team competed once in the Grand Prix race of the 250 cm³ MotoGP class in Mugello in 2002 with a Spider-Man design. Marco Melandri emerged victorious from this race.
  • The costumes for the entire series of Spider-Man films were created by British, three-time Oscar winner James Acheson .
  • In the scene in which Peter tries to shoot his thread in a controlled manner, he uses the word Shazam! , which is the magical saying of the DC Comics- owned cartoon character Captain Marvel , which triggers his transformation.

German dubbed version

The German synchronized editing was done at RC Production in Berlin . Jan Odle wrote the dialogue book , Joachim Tennstedt directed the dialogue.

actor German speaker role
Tobey Maguire Marius Clarén Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Kirsten Dunst Marie Bierstedt Mary Jane Watson
Willem Dafoe Pure beauty Norman Osborn / The Green Kobold
Cliff Robertson Friedrich Georg Beckhaus Uncle Ben Parker
Rosemary Harris Bettina Schön Aunt May Parker
JK Simmons Joachim Kerzel J. Jonah Jameson
James Franco Kim Hasper Harry Osborn
Randy Savage Tilo Schmitz Bone Saw McGraw
Michael Papajohn Lutz Schnell Dennis Carradine
Ron Perkins Klaus Jepsen Dr. Mendell Stromm
Joe Manganiello Tobias Kluckert Eugene Thompson
Stanley Anderson Otto Mellies General Slocum
Ted Raimi Bernhard Völger Hoffman
Bill Nunn Tobias Master Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
Jack Betts Gerhard Paul Henry Balkan
Una Damon Christin Marquitan Lab Tour Guide
Shan Omar Huey David Nathan Teacher
Gerry Becker Lutz Mackensy Maximillian Fargas
Elizabeth Banks Debora refuses Mrs. Betty Brant
Jayce Bartok Julien Haggége musician
Tim De Zarn Roland Hemmo Philip Watson
Bruce Campbell Erich Rauker Ring moderator

Film music

Danny Elfman composed the music for the film. He put his main emphasis on creating own themes for each figure, which are used in different variations. In addition, the film opens with a furious main title that contains dynamic orchestral sounds as well as choir voices. The 45 minutes of music in the film ( 38 of the length of the film) create a dark, exciting atmosphere. The penultimate track of the Farewell score accompanies the final scene of the film in which Spider-Man swings through the Manhattan skyline. Elfman has received several awards for film music.

At around the same time, a soundtrack album was released that contains pop and rock titles by well-known artists, which are rarely alluded to in the film. Among other things, this album contains the single Hero by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott . She also won several awards. The accompanying music video shows the two singers on the roof of a skyscraper and elements of the film.

No. title Interpreter
1. Theme from Spider-Man Paul Francis Webster & Robert J. Harris
2. Hero Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott
3. What We're All About Sum 41
4th Learn to crawl Black Lab
5. Somebody Else Bleu
6th Bug bytes Alien Ant Farm
7th Blind default
8th. Bother Stone Sour
9. Shelter Greenwheel
10. When It Started The Strokes
11. Hate To Say I Told You So The Hives
12. Invisible Man Theory of a Deadman
13. Undercover Pete Yorn
14th My Nutmeg Phantasy (feat. Angie Stone & Mos Def ) [Morello Mix] Macy Gray
15th I-IV-V Injected
16. She was my girl Jerry Cantrell
17th Main Titles Danny Elfman
18th Farewell Danny Elfman
19th Theme From Spider Man Aerosmith


“Entertaining comic book adaptation that puts the emphasis less on show values ​​than on the development of the young hero who has to learn to take on the responsibility of a grown man. The dramatic context of the thematic core is, however, repeatedly disturbed by action scenes that inhibit rather than promote the narrative flow. "

“With this lavish film adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name, horror specialist Sam Raimi shows that he really does appreciate it. After a brilliant first half, the visually impressive spectacle degenerates more and more into a typical superhero duel. Thanks to the masterful first half, which can definitely be understood as a funny allegory of puberty (physical changes), and thanks to a brilliantly performing Tobey Maguire in the title role, this is definitely successful entertainment. "


The film was nominated for many awards, including two Academy Awards nominations for sound and visual effects, two Grammy nominations for soundtrack ( Danny Elfman ) and the song Hero ( Chad Kroeger of Nickelback ), a 2003 Taurus Awards nomination for the Final fight, as well as five nominations for the MTV Movie Awards . Kirsten Dunst was able to win two MTV Movie Awards, for best actress and for the best kiss together with Tobey Maguire . Danny Elfman won the Saturn Award for his music.


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  • Mark Cotta Vaz: Behind the Mask of Spider-Man - A secret look behind the scenes. With a foreword by Stan Lee . Translated from the English by Timothy Stahl. Dino, Stuttgart 2002, ISBN 3-89748-606-7 .

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