Superhero Movie

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German title Superhero Movie
Original title Superhero Movie
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2008
length 81 (theatrical version) minutes, 87 (extended version) minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Craig Mazin
script Craig Mazin
production Craig Mazin
Robert K. Weiss
David Zucker
music James L. Venable
camera Thomas E. Ackerman
cut Craig Herring
Andrew S. Eisen
Dan Schalk

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Superhero Movie is an American spoof by David Zucker from 2008. The plot essentially follows Spider-Man . The screenwriter was Craig Mazin , who worked with Zucker on Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4 .


Rick Riker lives with his aunt Lucille and his uncle Albert Adams. He's shy and unpopular at school. On a school trip he is bitten by a genetically manipulated dragonfly and develops superpowers: the proportionally increased power, speed and agility of a dragonfly, the ability to climb walls and a special “dragonfly sense” for danger.

Without further ado, Rick fights evil as "Dragonfly", but someone stands in the way of his fate: Lou Landers. After a failed experiment, Lou also develops superpowers. He can steal a person's life force and so seeks immortality under the name of "hourglass". He also kills Rick's aunt in the film. Jill falls in love with Dragonfly, but doesn't know that Rick is Dragonfly. At the same time, Jill also gets closer to Rick, but after the two are as good as together, Rick decides that they can't be together after all, probably so as not to endanger Jill. Finally, Rick Riker is tired of Dragonfly and quits. But after a few days Uncle Albert managed to persuade Rick Riker that he should start again with Dragonfly. Dragonfly then goes to a peace award ceremony. There he can still do the hourglass. Eventually Jill finds out that Rick Riker is Dragonfly.

Cast / voice actor

role actor German Voice actor
Rick Riker / Dragonfly Drake Bell Marius Clarén
Jill Johnson Sara Paxton Dascha Lehmann
Lou Landers / Hourglass Christopher McDonald Engelbert von Nordhausen
Uncle Albert Adams Leslie Nielsen Klaus Sunshine
Aunt Lucille Adams Marion Ross Christel Merian
Mrs. Xaviar Regina Hall Bianca Krahl
Bank clerk Kurt Fuller
Invisible girl Pamela Anderson Christin Marquitan
Human Torch Simon Rex
Carlson Dan Castellaneta Uwe Büschken
Dr. electricity Brent Spiner Bodo Wolf
Lance Landers Ryan Hansen Tommy Morgenstern
Trey Kevin Hart Marcel Collé
Professor Xaviar Tracy Morgan Thomas Petruo



Similar to the films Fantastic Movie , Date Movie, and Meine Frau, die Spartaner und I , Superhero Movie also received mostly negative reviews.

"Largely based on Sam Raimi's film" Spider-Man ", a poorly successful parody of superhero films that primarily derives its joke from a series of stale gags. Well-known scenes from the relevant genre models are mockingly "re-enacted" without the film achieving bite or even independence. "

"The" Spider-Man "parody produced by David Zucker (" Die nackte Kanone ") never reaches the class of his earlier films, and some gags make no sense even for those who know the original. But there is a delicious Tom Cruise piss, a reunion with Leslie Nielsen and funny bonus scenes after the credits. "

Superhero Movie works, as long as the viewer approaches the film with realistic expectations, as a Spider-Man parody. But anyone who hopes for an entertaining parody of the comic genre as a whole will be disappointed. The characters from X-Men & Co. are included in the plot too carelessly and arbitrarily, so humor almost inevitably falls by the wayside. At least total failures like my wife, the Spartans and I leave Superhero Movie behind. "


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