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Uwe Büschken (born October 16, 1953 in Oberhausen ) is a German actor and voice actor .


Büschken lends his voice to many actors, e. B. Matthew Broderick , Hugh Grant , Colin Firth , Tom Cavanagh , Ed Helms , Matthew Perry , Will Ferrell , Woody Harrelson , Luke Wilson and Bob Saget in the sitcom Full House (1987-1995). Büschken also speaks the demon Boo in the anime series Dragonball Z , Dragonball GT , Dragonball Z Kai and Dragonball Super . He also speaks Pinky from the cartoon series Pinky and the Brain .

He can also be seen in some Dieter Hallervorden films, e.g. B. Didi - The Expert and Didi in full swing .

Büschken lives in Berlin , the voice actress Olivia Büschken is his daughter.

Synchronized work (selection)

Colin Firth

David Eigenberg

Ed Helms

Greg Kinnear

Hugh Grant

Leland Orser

Matthew Broderick

Steve Carell

Will Ferrell



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  1. List of the audio books spoken by Büschken in Audible.