96 Hours - Taken 3

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German title 96 Hours - Taken 3
Original title Taken 3
Country of production France
original language English , Russian
Publishing year 2014
length 109 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Olivier Megaton
script Luc Besson ,
Robert Mark Kamen
production Luc Besson
music Nathaniel Mechaly
camera Eric Kress
cut Audrey Simonaud ,
Nicolas Trembasiewicz

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96 Hours - Taken 2

96 Hours - Taken 3 (original title: Taken 3 ; as Leetspeak : TAK3N ) is a film of the director Olivier Megaton from 2014 with Liam Neeson in the lead role. The film continues the action films 96 Hours and 96 Hours - Taken 2 released in 2008 and 2012 .


The gangster Malankov kidnaps an accountant and forces him to open the safe in the office of Stuart St. John, for which the accountant works and who owes Malankov money. However, the safe is empty. Malankov calls St. John and then shoots the accountant as a "last reminder".

Bryan Mills surprises his daughter Kim with an early birthday present. Kim is unwittingly pregnant and is hiding this news from her father and boyfriend. In the evening Lenore, Bryan's ex-wife, visits him in his apartment and tells him about her marital problems with Stuart St. John. Bryan and Lenore still have feelings for each other but decide to continue a normal friendship. Bryan gives Lenore a duplicate key to his apartment so that she can retreat there if she's feeling bad.

The next day, Kim meets with her father, intending to tell him about the pregnancy, but fails. In the evening, Stuart comes to Bryan's apartment and asks him to keep his distance from Lenore, to which Bryan agrees. The next morning, after a jog, Bryan receives a message from Lenore's cell phone asking him to meet her in his apartment. Bryan gets bagels and on his return finds a bloody knife in the hallway and Lenore with a slit throat in his bed. Shortly afterwards, two policemen appear to arrest him. Bryan overwhelms the police and escapes from his apartment. More police officers appear and pursue Bryan, but he can hang them after escaping through neighboring gardens and jumping into the sewers. Bryan later calls Kim and tells her about Lenore's death and that he will find the culprits. Bryan also contacts Sam and asks if an old hiding place is still active. Bryan hides there for the time being.

In the meantime, Inspector Franck Dotzler has taken over the murder of Lenore St. John and examines Bryan's environment and past, but finds nothing useful and no clear motive.

Bryan penetrates Meanwhile in the coroner's office and removes some hair of Lenore's corpse. Then he reads the GPS data from Lenore's car, which is in the police car park. The plainclothes officers Garcia and Smith are looking for Bryan and are also in the parking garage. Bryan escapes unnoticed and reads from the GPS data that Lenore was at a gas station outside of Los Angeles shortly before her death . Arriving at the gas station, Bryan poses as the LAPD detective in order to gain access to the footage from the surveillance cameras . There he sees how unknown men kidnap Lenore, one of whom wears a striking star tattoo. Garcia and Smith also appear at the gas station because they too have read out the GPS data. They discover Bryan, and he is arrested. Dotzler has now recognized what skills Bryan has and warns the police officers in the convoy in which the arrested Bryan is. The police consider the warning to be exaggerated, but are taught better when Bryan, who has meanwhile freed himself from his handcuffs, brings the police car under his control. During his escape, during which he caused a pile-up on the highway, he reads the SMS traffic from his cell phone and Lenore's on the police computer. Then more police cars discover him, and Bryan escapes into a parking garage. He reverses the stolen police car into an elevator shaft and the car explodes, but Bryan survives the fall. A short time later he reports to Inspector Dotzler and asks him for two days so that he can prove his innocence. Dotzler believes him, but refuses to negotiate because the law requires him to arrest Bryan.

Bryan passes the data to Sam, who is supposed to analyze it. Bryan also asks for his undercover attendance at Lenore's funeral. Sam, who is taking part in Bryan's place, can talk to Kim and instructs her to do everything as usual, as she is being monitored by the police. In a grocery store, she gets herself a yogurt drink, as always, with a note from Bryan on it, on which she is asked to drink the yogurt in the store. Later in the classroom, Kim gets sick and goes to a bathroom where Bryan is already waiting for her. Bryan finds a bug on Kim and disturbs her so that no one can eavesdrop on them. Garcia now follows Kim to the toilet, as he suspects Bryan to be there too. Kim tells Bryan about her pregnancy and that Stuart is being guarded by bodyguards. In the meantime, Inspector Dotzler arrives with a police unit on campus to arrest Bryan, but he triggers the sprinkler system and can escape in the ensuing confusion. Kim is confronted by Dotzler for obstructing the investigation, but then released.

Bryan meanwhile pursues Stuart's convoy as it leaves Los Angeles. However, another car pushes Bryan's vehicle off the road, causing it to fall down a cliff and explode. Bryan was able to save himself from the vehicle beforehand and so survived the attack. He hijacked another passing vehicle and found the men in a kiosk. He attacks them and kills everyone. Then he penetrates into Stuart's second house and abducts him. Under torture, Stuart confesses to having done business with gangster Oleg Malankov. On the last deal, however, Stuart couldn't pay him, which is why he murdered Lenore in revenge. Bryan realizes that Kim is in danger at Stuart's house and picks her up with Sam, Bernie and Casey.

Stuart agrees to contact Malankov so that Bryan can get to him. With the help of Sam and Kim, Stuart and Bryan break into Malankov's parking garage and outsmart the security guards. Bryan goes to Malankov's penthouse, kills all guards and can mortally injure Malankov during a duel. Malankov, dying, explains that they were both deceived by Stuart. Meanwhile, in the parking garage, Stuart shoots Sam down and flees, with Kim hostage, to Santa Monica Airport so that he can leave the country with his private jet and Lenore life insurance for over twelve million dollars. Bryan follows them to the airport in Malankov's Porsche. Meanwhile, Inspector Dotzler is informed about the life insurance and contacts Bryan. However, he is forced to save Kim without Dotzler's help. Shortly before Stuart can take off with his jet, Bryan crashes into the landing gear with the Porsche and can thus prevent the start. After a brief scuffle, in which Bryan Stuart announced that he would be waiting for him after his release from prison, he knocked down the killer and freed Kim. Stuart is arrested by the arriving police.

After a short talk with Inspector Dotzler, Bryan is released. He then talks to Kim and Jimy on the beach about their future with Kim's child. If the baby turns out to be a girl, Kim and Jimy want to name the baby Lenore. Bryan gives them both his full support.


After 96 Hours - Taken 2 hit theaters, Liam Neeson stated that a sequel was impossible. 20th Century Fox commissioned the two authors Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen to write another sequel after a successful box office result. The story should go in a different direction. In 2014 it was announced that Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace , Famke Janssen and the other characters would take up their roles again. The offer of directing was still pending, but Olivier Megaton took over directing again. Leland Orser , Jon Gries and David Warshofsky resumed their roles as Bryan's friends. Forest Whitaker was cast as Inspector Franck Dotzler, Jonny Weston as Kim's friend, and Sam Spruell as the villain Malankov.

Filming began in March 2014 in Los Angeles and Atlanta .

The cost was $ 48 million. In the United States, the film grossed around $ 89 million. The film grossed $ 326 million worldwide.


Again Nathaniel Méchaly took over the composition of the soundtrack of the film, which contains a total length of 1:08:50 and was published on January 5th, 2015 by EuropaCorp .

No. title Interpreter Duration
1. Taken 3 Opening Nathaniel Mechaly 0:36
2. Let me weep Gaelle Mechaly 2:55
3. Toes Glass Animals 4:18
4th Predictable Nathaniel Mechaly 1:21
5. Lenore Is Dead Nathaniel Mechaly 1:42
6th Bryan Runs Nathaniel Mechaly 2:52
7th A stutter Ólafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan 5:10
8th. He's playing you Nathaniel Mechaly 1:38
9. Bryan's Escape Nathaniel Mechaly 4:10
10. He Didn't Do It Nathaniel Mechaly 2:24
11. Inspector Dotzler Nathaniel Mechaly 1:19
12. College Persuit Nathaniel Mechaly 2:31
13. Kim interrogation Nathaniel Mechaly 3:38
14th Fourth Yogurt From The Back Nathaniel Mechaly 1:28
15th Malankov's penthouse Nathaniel Mechaly 2:41
16. Up To The Russians Nathaniel Mechaly 1:29
17th He's a ghost Nathaniel Mechaly 3:04
18th Bryan's Grief Nathaniel Mechaly 6:14
19th Anything Yet Nathaniel Mechaly 2:39
20th Store Fight Nathaniel Mechaly 2:37
21st Porsche Persuit Nathaniel Mechaly 4:21
22nd Saving Kim Nathaniel Mechaly 4:51
23. Infinity The xx 5:15
24. Howling (Ame Remix) Howling 8:06


“Liam Neeson (' Non-Stop ', ' Unknown Identity '), who only rose to an action star at an advanced stage in his career , shows signs of wear and tear. [...] It is well known that you should stop when it is most beautiful. The creators of the "96 Hours" series clearly missed this moment - but after the mild infusion of 'Taken 3' it should really be over (although the end still leaves a back door open). "

- Carsten Baumgardt on filmstarts.de

“The methodology that makes the character Bryan Mills calculating and at the same time unpredictable - which actually fits much better with Neeson's style - is not completely given up, but it is definitely neglected. [...] Especially fans of the first part will feel to their disappointment how the 'Taken' series is running out of steam. "

- Frank Kaltofen on Moviemaze.de

“The overall result of the third part is therefore a rather poor and, on balance, simply extremely boring affair, which, despite the prominent cast, comes across as a completely random, lovelessly filmed B-film off the rack. [...] Another part is definitely not to be expected of the audience and the careers of all those involved. "

- André Becker on Manifest - Das Filmmagazin

“'Taken 3' let the explosive fuel of the franchise seep away, lacks any ambivalence in the script, and finally elevates Mills to an impeccable and unambiguous hero [...]. Despite all the narrative tidiness, the film gets lost on the visual level, in continuity with similar tendencies in 'Taken 2', in pure chaos. "

- David Leuenberger on unique-online.de

“The top-class thriller continues the events of the introduced figure of the CIA retiree Bryan Mills, with long tracking shots and calm close-ups in a bizarre way against bombastic action sequences that are cut up almost beyond recognition by a disturbing, difficult-to-understand montage . An annoying visual experience in which what is happening can only be guessed at. "


  • 2016: People's Choice Awards in the Favorite Thriller Movie category ( Taken 3 )

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