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Albinus rehearsing Lulu , 2012

Jens Albinus (born January 3, 1965 in Bogense on Fyn ) is a Danish actor , director and author .


Jens Albinus' parents were pastor Erling and teacher Inger Albinus. He attended drama school at the Aarhus Teater from 1985 to 1989 and then worked at the Aarhus Teater itself until 1994. This was followed by engagements at various Copenhagen theaters, including the Danish State Theater (until 2002), and some engagements abroad (at the Berliner Volksbühne and the Basler National Theater). Albinus has been directing plays himself since 1999, and has played in cinema and television films since 1996, including Idiots by the Danish film director Lars von Trier . From 2003 to 2006 Albinus played the leading role in the crime film series Der Adler , a co-production of the Danish broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) and the Second German Television (ZDF), through which he became known to the German audience.


Aarhus Theater
  • Parasite Star (1990)
  • Hvide natter (1992)
  • Tre musketerer (1993)
  • Jeppe på Bjerget (1993)
  • Gensynet's Trilogy (1994)
  • Engle i America (1995)
Copenhagen theater
  • Dark (1994), Betty Nansen Theater
  • Mysterier (1996), Husets Theater
  • Den yderste konsekvens (1999), Edison Theater
Det kgl. Theater, Copenhagen
  • Helligtrekongersaften (1996)
  • Det kvindelige selskab (1997)
  • Egelykke (2000)
  • Hamlet (2002)
  • Hamlet (leading actor) in the performance in Kronborg (Summer 2003)
foreign countries
  • Leading actor in Strindberg's Der Vater (Faderen) at the Berliner Volksbühne (2000)
  • Actor of Don Rodrigo in Paul Claudel's The Silk Shoe (Silkeskoen) at the Basler Nationaltheater (2003)
Production & direction
  • Nederdrætighedens Historie (1999), Kaleidoskop Theater
  • Helenes himmelfærd (2000), Grob Theater
  • Udvidelse af kamp Zonen / Expansion of the combat zone (2002), Det kgl. Theater
  • Helene's ride in the sky (2014), Schauspiel Köln
  • Umbettung (2016), Schauspiel Köln


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  • Lauritzen Prize 1995
  • 2001/02 Director of the Year in Denmark
  • 2003 Danish Film Academy Award for Best Male Leading Role in Nils Malmros In Knowing The Truth

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