Borrowing - dangerous rope teams

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Television series
German title Borrowing - dangerous rope teams
Original title Borrow
Borgen Logo.png
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Year (s) 2010-2013
length 60 minutes
Episodes 30 in 3 seasons
genre drama
idea Adam Price
music Halfdan E.
First broadcast September 26, 2010 (Denmark) on DR1
first broadcast
February 9, 2012 on Arte

Borgen - Dangerous rope teams (Original title: Borgen) is a Danish television series . The Danish broadcaster DR1 aired them in three ten-part seasons between 2010 and 2013.

The Danish original title Borgen ( German : "the castle") is the slang term for Christiansborg Palace , the seat of the Danish parliament , the head of government and the supreme court .


Borgen was developed and written by Adam Price as lead author and co-authors Jeppe Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm . The first two seasons were directed by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen , Annette K. Olesen , Rumle Hammerich and Mikkel Nørgaard, while the third season was Jesper W. Nielsen . Before the third season aired in Denmark, Price announced that it was expected to be the last. In Germany, Arte broadcast the first episodes in February 2012.

In May 2020, DR1 announced the production of a fourth season with 8 episodes in collaboration with Netflix . This is to be broadcast in Denmark from 2022 and later on Netflix.


First season

The focus of the series is Birgitte Nyborg ( Sidse Babett Knudsen ), a politician from the fictional Moderate Party who is unexpectedly elected Denmark's first female Prime Minister. Borgen - Dangerous Roped Offices is about the intrigues and power games in politics. In addition, the influence of the press is part of the cinematic narrative as the fourth estate. The series also sheds light on the private life of the characters involved, including Nyborg's family life with the two children and her husband, who, as agreed between them, is putting his career on hold for that of his wife. However, the situation grows over his head over time and he is increasingly dissatisfied.

Second season

The second season takes place in Nyborg's next year of reign. Bent Sejrø, her confidante and mentor , suffers a stroke that has no consequences. Birgitte Nyborg is divorced; her daughter Laura suffers from panic disorder and is successfully treated in psychiatry . In the last episode, Nyborg calls new elections.

Third season

Birgitte Nyborg returns from the private sector to politics two and a half years later - it remains to be seen whether she lost the new elections announced at the end of the second season or whether she withdrew from politics for other reasons. Since the return to the moderate is blocked, she founds a new party, The New Democrats . In addition to Bent, her political foster father, she also wins and loses new comrades-in-arms. Her new spin doctor will be Katrine Fønsmark, who has a son with Kasper Juul but lives separately from him. Torben Friis, TV1's news chief , becomes one of the main characters of the third season. In the end, Nyborg with 13 seats won enough seats to rejoin a government coalition and to shape politics “in the interests of Denmark”. In her private life she survived breast cancer and had an increasingly intense love affair with the British architect Jeremy Welsh.

main characters

Birgitte Nyborg and family

Birgitte Nyborg Christensen
Chairwoman of the Moderate Party and Denmark's first female Prime Minister. She is married to Phillip Christensen, but the marriage ends in divorce during the second season; they have two children together, Laura and Magnus. In the third season she founds the new party The New Democrats with several colleagues . She gets breast cancer , but can overcome it. After her renewed electoral success - in which she won fewer seats than the major parties - the leader of the Labor Party, Hans-Christian Thorsen, offered her the office of prime minister. The leader of the Workers' Party is striving for a - foreseeable fragile - alliance with the Freedom Party under their new, "modern" chairman, Benedict Nedergaard. Birgitte Nyborg refuses and uses her power as kingmaker to enter an expected stable coalition government with Lars Hesselboe as foreign minister, after she had previously persuaded him to make programmatic concessions.
Laura Christensen
Daughter of Phillip Christensen and Birgitte Nyborg. In the 2nd season she fell ill with panic disorder .
Phillip Christensen
Birgitte Nyborg's husband and professor at Copenhagen Business School , put aside his professional ambitions in business in favor of his wife and their two children before the divorce.

Birgitte Nyborg's collaborator

Kasper Juul
Spin-Doctor from Birgitte Nyborg. When he was fired from Nyborg, he worked for a short time as a political commentator for TV1 . He is in a relationship with Katrine Fønsmark, with whom he has their son Gustav. In the third season he returns to TV1.
Bent Sejrø
Member of the Moderate Party and Minister of Finance in Nyborg's cabinet. He is Birgitte's political mentor, suffers a stroke and then retires from political business, but soon returns as her political advisor. After initial doubts, he joins the New Democrats .
Troels Höxenhaven
First Minister of Justice, then Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nyborg's cabinet, and later head of the Labor Party . Although he is married to a woman, he also has homosexual contacts. When this threatens to become public knowledge, he commits suicide .
Hans-Christian Thorsen
First defense and then foreign ministers in Nyborg's cabinet. After Höxenhaven's death he becomes chairman of the Labor Party and Nyborg's deputy. Takes over official duties during Nyborg's break.
State Secretary in the State Chancellery, who already served under Hesselboe. After his resignation, he still has good contacts with him. He is also well connected internationally and in business.
Soren Ravn
Nyborg's advisor in the third season. Has a temporary relationship with Katrine Fønsmark. Was active in the Communist Party of Denmark in his youth, which is becoming a problem.


Katrine Fønsmark
Journalist at TV1 and later editor at Ekspres newspaper . In the third season she becomes Birgitte Nyborg's spin doctor. She is in a relationship with Kasper Juul, with whom she has their son Gustav.
Torben Friis
Editor-in-chief of the newsroom at TV1 with changing superiors.
Hanne Holm
Journalist at TV1 and later editor at Ekspres newspaper . She is an alcoholic , which also brings with it professional problems.
Alexander Hjort
From the third season the new TV1 program director, who puts Torben Friis' under pressure with a view to the audience quota and questions his journalistic principles.

Opponent Birgitte Nyborgs

Lars Hesselboe
The Prime Minister, who was replaced by Birgitte Nyborg, is the leader of the opposition ( Liberal Party ) and later becomes Prime Minister again.
Michael Laugesen
Chairman of the Labor Party , after his resignation editor-in-chief at Ekspres .
Svend Åge Saltum
Chairman of the right-wing Freedom Party , political opponent of Nyborg's politics, who likes to pretend to be down to earth and close to the people. He is a pig farmer and likes to be rude in the media.
Amir Diwan
Chairman of the left-ecological Milljö party . He forms a government with the moderates and becomes Nyborg's environment minister. After a scandal staged by the State Chancellery about his preference for environmentally harmful cars, he resigns. He helps Birgitte Nyborg to settle the Kharun conflict with his knowledge of Arabic.
Ann-Sophie Lindenkrone
Chairman of the Communist Solidarity Collection . She becomes involved in a wiretapping scandal.

Cast and dubbing

figure actor Voice actor Seasons consequences
Birgitte Nyborg Christensen Sidse Babett Knudsen Christin Marquitan 1-3 30th
Katrine Fønsmark Birgitte Hjort Sørensen Celine Fontanges 1-3 30th
Torben Friis Soren Malling Robin Brosch 1-3 30th
Ulrik Mørch Thomas Levin Christian Stark 1-3 30th
Kasper Juul Pilou Asbæk Sascha Rotermund 1-3 29
Hanne Holm Benedict Hansen Katja Brugger 1-3 27
Phillip Christensen Mikael Birkkjaer Jürgen Holdorf 1-3 26th
Bent Sejrø Lars Knutzon Kaspar Eichel 1-3 22nd
Lars Hesselboe Søren Spanning Holger Mahlich 1-3 21st
Michael Laugesen Peter Mygind Clemens Gerhard 1-3 15th
Svend Åge Saltum Ole Thestrup Gustav-Adolph Artz 1-3 14th
Troels Höxenhaven Lars Brygmann Volker Hanisch 1 + 2 07th
Bjørn Marrot Flemming Sørensen Klaus Dittmann 1 + 2 07th
Alexander Hjort Christian Tafdrup Matthias Klimsa 3 9

Parties and media

Parties in Christiansborg
  • The moderates (De Moderate) are Birgitte Nyborg's party (in seasons 1 and 2) and are located to the left of center at the beginning. The moderates are based on Det radical Venstre .
  • The Labor Party (Arbejderpartiet) has the largest parliamentary group ahead of the Liberals, but is often plagued by wing battles. It is based on the social democrats .
  • The Milieupartei (Miljøpartiet, literally: Environment Party) mainly represents green and ecological standpoints, but is also particularly concerned with integration policy. The Socialistisk Folkeparti served as a template .
  • The Solidarity Collection (Solidarisk Samling) is a splinter party that sits on the left in parliament. It is based on the Enhedsliste .
  • The Liberals (De Liberale) are the second largest party in Parliament, they are based on Venstre . They often cooperate with the conservatives.
  • The New Conservatives (Ny Højre, literally: New Right) are strongly linked to the Liberals and are based on the Conservative Folkeparti .
  • The Freedom Party (Frihedspartiet) is a right-wing populist group based on the Dansk Folkeparti . Since she is sometimes xenophobic, she is not used by the other parties to form a government.
  • TV1 is the most important television station, it regularly broadcasts interviews and debates about what is going on in the castle. The frequent conflicts about the balance between the quality of journalism and the audience rating are striking.
  • The Ekspres is a daily newspaper whose cover stories influence politics, although these do not always concern political issues, but often focus on the private lives of politicians.
  • The second is in fierce competition with TV1. The station is mentioned often, but rarely shown directly.


Arte broadcast a double episode of the first season every Thursday from February 9 to March 8, 2012. In Switzerland, the series was broadcast on August 20, 2012. From October 29, 2012, the second season was broadcast on Swiss television ( SRF 1 ). The ARD branch program Einsfestival repeated all ten episodes of the first season on New Year's Eve from 2012 to 2013 and immediately afterwards again on New Year's Day in a total of two complete runs. In Austria , ORF 2 aired the first season of the series from July 2013 every Sunday evening in double episodes.

From November 22nd to December 13th, 2012, Arte showed the second season in triple and double episodes every Thursday. The third season was broadcast from October 3 to October 31, 2013 in double episodes on Arte.

Repetitions ran u. a. at WDR television , at Einsfestival and in the first . The series was sold in 70 countries worldwide.

DVD publications


  • Season 1 was released on June 29, 2012
  • Season 2 was released on September 27, 2013
  • Season 3 was released on January 31, 2014

Episode list

season 1

episode Danish title German title First broadcast
Denmark ( DR1 )
First broadcast in
Germany ( Arte )
First broadcast
Switzerland ( SF 1 )
First broadcast
Austria ( ORF 2 )
1 Dyden i midten Election campaign 26 Sep 2010 0Feb 9, 2012 Aug 20, 2012 07 Jul 2013
2 Tæl til 90 Count to 90 0Oct 3, 2010 27 Aug 2012
3 The awkward art The art of the possible Oct 10, 2010 Feb 16, 2012 03rd Sep 2012 Jul 14, 2013
4th Hundreds on the other hand The informant Oct 17, 2010 Sep 10 2012
5 Mænd of the elsker kvinder When men love Oct 24, 2010 23 Feb 2012 17 Sep 2012 Jul 21, 2013
6th Statsbesøg Freedom of the press Oct 31, 2010 Sep 24 2012
7th Ikke se, ikke hear, ikke tale The wiretapping scandal 0Nov 7, 2010 0March 1, 2012 0Oct. 1, 2012 04th Aug 2013
8th Agurketid Sour cucumber season Nov 14, 2010 0Oct 8, 2012
9 Del og hersk Divide and conquer Nov 21, 2010 0March 8, 2012 Oct 15, 2012 Aug 11, 2013
10 The first day of the month of October The first Tuesday in October Nov 28, 2010 Oct 22, 2012

season 2

episode Danish title German title First broadcast
Denmark ( DR1 )
First broadcast in
Germany ( Arte )
First broadcast
Switzerland ( SRF 1 )
1 89,000 børn Use in Afghanistan 25 Sep 2011 Nov 22, 2012 Oct 29, 2012
2 I Brussels can hear about this Who will be the EU Commissioner? 0Oct 2, 2011 0Nov 5, 2012
3 The sidste worker Power struggle 0Oct 9, 2011 Nov 12, 2012
4th Op til kamp Let's fight! Oct 16, 2011 Nov 29, 2012 Nov 19, 2012
5 Plant et træ Whoever plants a tree ... Oct 23, 2011 Nov 26, 2012
6th Dem & Os Criminal responsibility Oct 30, 2011 0Dec 3, 2012
7th Hvad Indad Tabes, Skal Udad Vindes - Del I. Civil war in Kharun 0Nov 6, 2011 0Dec 6, 2012 Dec 16, 2012
8th Hvad Indad Tabes, Skal Udad Vindes - Del II Peace negotiations Nov 13, 2011 Dec 17, 2012
9 Private livets fred Attack on privacy Nov 20, 2011 Dec 13, 2012 0Jan. 7, 2013
10 En bemærkning af særlig karakter Together into the future? Nov 27, 2011 Jan. 14, 2013

season 3

episode Danish title German title First broadcast
Denmark ( DR1 )
First broadcast in
Germany ( Arte )
1 I Danmark he jed født Back to politics 0Jan. 1, 2013 0Oct 3, 2013
2 Med lov shall land bygges The new party 0Jan. 6, 2013
3 The rigtige nuance af brun The right shade of brown Jan. 13, 2013 Oct 10, 2013
4th Den enes død ... mess Jan. 27, 2013
5 You shall ikke bedrive hor Sex workers 0Feb 3, 2013 Oct 17, 2013
6th Fortidens sønner Shadow of the past Feb 10, 2013
7th Faldet The disaster Feb. 17, 2013 Oct 24, 2013
8th One has a standpoint ... The betrayal Feb. 24, 2013
9 Front and bottom The debate 0March 3, 2013 Oct 31, 2013
10 Valget The vote March 10, 2013


Sü describes the series as "phenomenally good European television". In a February 2014 review published by The Washington Post , political scientist Stephen B. Dyson described Borgen as "the best television series of all time about politics."

She was awarded the Prix ​​Italia for best television series in 2010 . In 2011 Sidse Babett Knudsen received the Golden Nymph at the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo . On May 27, 2012, the series received a BAFTA award for best international television series.

radio play

The BBC radio play Borgen - Outside the castle was broadcast in 2015 by Deutschlandfunk in the original with some German explanations such as MOM = MON for Momentum = Monsanto .

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