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Television series
German title Commissioner Lund - Das Verbrechen (ZDF, home video)
The Killing (Arte)
Original title Forbrydelsen
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Year (s) 2007–2012
Danmarks Radio ,
Norsk rikskringkasting ,
Sveriges Television ,
ZDF Enterprises , Nordvision ,
Nordisk Film & TV Fond
length Danish version: 55 minutes
ZDF version: 110 minutes
Episodes 40 (Danish version) and
20 (ZDF version) in 3 seasons
genre Crime series , Nordic Noir
idea Søren Sveistrup
production Sandra Foss , Piv Bernth
music Frans Bak
First broadcast January 7, 2007 on DR1
first broadcast
Sep 14 2008 on ZDF

Commissioner Lund - Das Verbrechen ( Danish original title: Forbrydelsen , German about: Verbrechen ; the Arte broadcast also The Killing , German about Die Killing ), is a Danish crime series that appeared from 2007 to 2012. It consists of three seasons, the first of which consists of 20 episodes and the other two of ten episodes each. Each season, across episodes, tells the investigation of Commissioner Sarah Lund, played by Sofie Gråbøl , into a murder case in Copenhagen . It was conceived by Søren Sveistrup and co-produced by Danish Radio . The series is characterized by a dark visual language in terms of both content and form and became a great success with the public in Denmark and other countries, especially Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden. The numerous awards include the British BAFTA Prize and the American International Emmy .

The series has already been remade twice : from 2010 to 2014 in the USA under the title The Killing and in 2014 in Turkey under the title Cinayet .


season 1

Sofie Gråbøl (2011), starring Sarah Lund
Police headquarters in Copenhagen, Lund's place of work

The action of the 20-episode season spans 20 consecutive days between late October and mid-November. At the beginning, the police find 19-year-old schoolgirl Nanna Birk Larsen dead and raped in a car that was sunk in a river. Sarah Lund, Commissioner at the Copenhagen Police Department and initially on the move to her new place of residence and work in Sweden , is investigating the case together with Commissioner Jan Meyer, who is planned to be her successor. The car in which the body was found belongs to the campaign team of school senator Troels Hartmann, the top candidate of his liberal party in the upcoming mayor election and opponent of the current, long-time incumbent Poul Bremer. The police investigations therefore also put a strain on Hartmann's reputation and election campaign.

The investigations by Lund and Meyer initially reveal that the convicted John Lynge drove the car several times, but not when Nanna's drive on the evening of her disappearance, when she had attended a school Halloween party. Then they investigate among Nanna's school friends before their suspicions are directed against the teacher Rama, who teaches at Nanna's school. Since Rama is also a representative of the integrative teaching model promoted by Hartmann in his election campaign, he and his party are suspected of covering up a murderer. Meanwhile kidnapped Nanna's father Theis with the help of his colleagues and friend Vagn Skærbæk vindictive teacher to him vigilantism to practice. However, Lund and Meyer find Theis and arrest him in time before he can beat Rama to death with an iron bar. In addition, the commissioners determine that Rama cannot be the murderer at all and thus exonerate him. Hartmann can thus thwart the plan of two adversaries who want to force him to resign because of his handling of the suspicion against Rama.

Lund later finds out that Nanna had the key to an apartment owned by Hartmann's party and was abused and raped there. Since Hartmann was in the apartment that same evening and had contact with Nanna on an online dating platform, he is now the main suspect in the police investigation. Although he protests his innocence, he does not initially want to reveal where he was after his stay in the apartment that night. The commissioners later learn that Hartmann was in his summer house that night and tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide there because of private problems in connection with the death of his wife. In the investigation against Hartmann, the investigators targeted Olav Kristensen, an official in the town hall who had visited Hartmann's party's apartment unusually often and received special payments of 5,000 kroner a month. A little later Kristensen is hit by a hit and run in an accident and dies.

Lund's suspicions as to who could have been the driver of the accident vehicle are directed against Jens Holck, a politician from Hartmann's campaign team, whom she therefore visits privately. When she spots the car, Holck tries to shoot her. Meyer can prevent that at the last second by shooting Holck. Meanwhile, Hartmann defends himself against Bremer's attempts to damage his reputation over alleged involvement in the murder case. Because Holck was the one with whom Nanna had a love affair.

With Holck's death, the Nanna murder case is officially resolved, but Lund continues to investigate on her own initiative, suspecting someone from Theis' moving company to be the murderer. When she and Meyer are examining a rental warehouse , Meyer is shot by an unknown person. The prosecutor then suspects Lund of killing Meyer and obtains her suspension. However, Lund finds out that on the day she was murdered, Nanna returned to the party apartment to get her passport, which she had left there. Because Nanna did not want to leave the country with Holck, but with her former childhood friend Amir, who testified to the police that he and Nanna had been observed for some time by an employee of Theis' moving company. This man is Vagn, who unsuccessfully tried to convince Nanna to end the relationship with Holck. Since Nanna laughed at him, he lost control, abused her and took her in the campaign car to the Birk Larsen's new, unoccupied house, where he raped her. Then he drove the car into a forest and sank it together with the tied up Nanna in the river.

When Vagn notices that the police are on him, he kidnaps Theis to the place in the forest where he sunk the car with Nanna. There he explains to Theis that he was the murderer and provokes Theis to shoot him. Although Lund and Theis' wife Pernille persuade Theis not to do so, he finally shoots Vagn.

season 2

In 2009, Forbrydelsen II was shot in Denmark as a sequel , which takes place two years after Forbrydelsen I in the series world . The scriptwriter and director remained unchanged. Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) had been transferred to the border police in Gedser and is being brought back to the Copenhagen homicide squad because of her investigative instinct. Again the series interweaves three levels: the private level (the family of a detained former Afghanistan soldier); the level of big Danish politics (a new minister of justice who stirs up the government with unpleasant questions); and the level of crime: several murders indicate an Islamist background, but then lead to the middle of the Danish military.

season 3

Denmark is in the middle of an election campaign. For the incumbent Prime Minister, a deal with the major shipping company Zeeland is of great importance in order to keep jobs in the country; Zeeland also plays a crucial role in the government's economic plan. Three sailors from the shipping company are murdered and nine-year-old Emilie Zeuthen - daughter of CEO Robert Zeuthen - is kidnapped. A public prosecutor is also murdered.

Sarah Lund finds out that all the dead had to do with an old case: 13-year-old Louise Jelby was found dead in the sea in Jutland; the death was hastily declared a suicide. During the course of the first episode, it becomes more and more clear that the perpetrator is not interested in money, but wants to take revenge for the dead girl. He is convinced that Louise did not commit suicide, but was murdered, and that Zeeland is involved in the matter. Now Sarah Lund not only has to find Emilie Zeuthen, but also has to reopen an old case.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was created under the dialogue direction of Dr. Uwe Gaube (seasons 1 and 2) and Marianne Groß (season 3) at the dubbing company Bavaria Synchron GmbH . The dialogue book also written dormer and John Keller .

actor Role name 1 2 3 German Voice actor role
Sofie Gråbøl Sarah Lund Katrin Fröhlich Detective Inspector
Soren Malling Jan Meyer Philipp Brammer Vice detective inspector
Troels II Munk Erik Buchard Hans-Rainer Müller Chief inspector
Morten Suurballe Lennart Brix Walter von Hauff Chief Inspector, initially deputy
Ann Eleonora Jørgensen Pernille Birk Larsen Bettina Redlich Wife of Theis Larsen
Bent Mejding Poul Bremer Reinhard Glemnitz Major; acting mayor
Bjarne Henriksen Theis Birk Larsen Thomas Albus Husband of Pernille Birk Larsen, owner of a moving company
Farshad Kholghi Rama Manou Lubowski Teacher
Lars Mikkelsen Troels Hartmann Matthias Klie Head of school, city council, candidate for mayor
Marie Askehave Rie Skovgaard Christine Stichler Hartmann's political advisor and partner
Michael Moritzen Morten Weber Frank Röth Hartmann's campaign manager
Nicolaj Copernicus Vagn Skærbæk Kai Taschner Employed by Theis Larsen; Family friend
Anne Marie Helger Vibeke Angelika Bender Sarah Lund's mother
Stine Prætorius Louise Ravens Kathrin Gaube Jens Peter Raven's wife, daughter of Colonel Torsten Jarnvig
Carsten Bjørnlund Christian Søgaard Jakob Riedl Major, deputy to Colonel Torsten Jarnvig
Charlotte Guldberg Karina Munk Jørgensen Claudia Lössl Office manager of the Minister of Justice
Flemming Enevold Torsten Jarnvig Frank Engelhardt Colonel, commanding officer of the barracks
Preben Kristensen Carsten Plow Achim Geisler Right hand of Justice Minister Thomas Buch
Igor Radoslavjevic Said Bilal Jochen Bendel Right hand of Major Christian Søgaard
Jens Jacob Tychsen Erling crab Timothy Peach Head of the Conservative People's Party
Ken Vedsegaard Jens Peter Raben Oliver Mink Formerly part of a Danish special unit in Afghanistan
Kurt Ravn Gert Grue Eriksen Christian Wolff Prime Minister
Lotte Andersen Ruth Hedeby Madeleine proud Vice Police Chief
Mikael Birkkjaer Ulrik Strange Alexander Brem Police investigator next to Sarah Lund
Nicolas Bro Thomas book Thomas Wenke Newly appointed Minister of Justice
Nikolaj Lie Kaas Mathias Borch Dominik Auer Special unit investigator
Olaf Johannessen Kristian Kamper Mike Carl Prime Minister
Peter Mygind Days of Steiner Martin Halm Political opponent of the Prime Minister
Jonathan Spang Kristoffer "Stoffer" Kamper Johannes Raspe Brother and campaign assistant to the Prime Minister
Sara-Marie Maltha Pink Lebech Stephanie waiter Head of the Center Party and temporary mistress of the Prime Minister
Holmen le Dous Asbjørn Juncker Sigurd Patrick Schröder Young, eager colleague from Sarah Lund
Stig Hoffmeyer Niels Reinhardt Ulrich Frank Personal assistant to Zeeland CEO Robert Zeuthen
Bright Fagralid Maja Zeuthen Angela Wiederhut Wife of Zeeland CEO Robert Zeuthen
Tammi Øst Birgit Eggert Marina Koehler Finance minister
Trine Pallesen Karen Fog Claudia Lössl Campaign assistant to the Prime Minister
Not so W. Berthelsen Robert Zeuthen Claus Brockmeyer Zeeland CEO



The first time it was broadcast in Denmark, the DR1 showed 55-minute episodes on a weekly basis. The first season comprises 20 episodes corresponding to the 20-day investigation period, which were first broadcast from January to March and September to November 2007, divided into two blocks of ten episodes each. The other two seasons each contain ten episodes and the DR1 aired from September to November 2009 (season 2) and September to November 2012 (season 3).

The broadcast of the series was a great success for the DR1 due to the high audience figures. For example, the last episode of the first season reached 2.1 million Danes when it was first broadcast, a market share of 76.6 percent.

First broadcast in DR1
Season Series title Episodes Period Range
1 Forbrydelsen 1-10 0Jan 7, 2007 - Mar 11 2007 > 2 million
11-20 23 Sep 2007 - Nov 25, 2007
2 Forbrydelsen II 21-30 27 Sep 2009 - Nov 29, 2009 ?
3 Forbrydelsen III 31-40 23 Sep 2012 - Nov 25, 2012 1.7 million


In German, ZDF broadcast the seasons for the first time under the title Kommissarin Lund - Das Verbrechen in full-length episodes that were cut from two 55-minute episodes each. The ZDF showed the first season in ten parts from September to November 2008, the second season in five parts in October and November 2010 and the third season in five parts in February and March 2013.

All three seasons have been released in German in the ZDF version, also on DVD and Blu-ray. The first season appeared on DVD for the first time in 2008 in two boxes of five full-length episodes each, and in 2009 in a box with all the episodes. In 2016 a complete DVD and Blu-ray edition was released, each with all three seasons.

The French-German broadcaster Arte repeated the seasons from 2011 in the German-language version, but showed them in 55-minute episodes and under the series title The Killing .

German language first publications
ZDF first broadcast DVD Blu-ray
Season Series title Movies Period Range Market share date date
1 Commissioner Lund - The crime 1-5 Sep 14 2008 - Oct 12, 2008 2.8 million 15.1% Oct 17, 2008 Oct 22, 2010
6-10 Oct 26, 2008 - Nov 23, 2008 Nov 28, 2008
2 Commissioner Lund - The Crime II 11-15 Oct 24, 2010 - Nov 21, 2010 2.9 million 14.0% Nov 22, 2010 Nov 22, 2010
3 Commissioner Lund - The Crime III 16-20 Feb 10, 2013 - Mar 10 2013 3.4 million 16.1% 29 Mar 2013 Apr 12, 2013

Other countries

The series was exported to around 120 countries worldwide. It was particularly successful in Great Britain, where it was broadcast on BBC4 and had a reach of 500,000 (season 1) to 1 million viewers (higher seasons).


year country price category Award winners result
2011 United Kingdom BAFTA TV Award Best International Søren Sveistrup, Piv Bernth, Birger Larsen, Sofie Gråbøl Won
2011 Audience award Nominated
2012 Best International Søren Sveistrup, Piv Bernth, Kristoffer Nyholm, Sofie Gråbøl Nominated
2011 United Kingdom Dagger Award The best supporting actress Ann Eleonora Jørgensen Won
2011 Best international television drama Won
2011 Best main actress Sofie Gråbøl Won
2011 Best supporting actor Soren Malling Nominated
2011 Best supporting actor Bjarne Henriksen Nominated
2011 Best Actor Lars Mikkelsen Nominated
2012 Best main actress Sofie Gråbøl Nominated
2012 Best international television drama season 2 Nominated
2013 Best international television drama season 3 Won
2013 Best main actress Sofie Gråbøl Nominated
2013 Denmark Robert Audience award for television series Won
2013 Best Actor in a TV Series Nikolaj Lie Kaas Won
2013 Best Actress in a TV Series Sofie Gråbøl Won
2013 Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series Olaf Johannessen Won
2013 Best Danish TV Series Won
2013 Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series Trine Pallesen Nominated
2007 United States International Emmy Award Drama series Nominated
2008 Best Actress Sofie Gråbøl Nominated
2010 Monaco Golden nymph Best European producer Won
2010 Best Actress - Drama Series Sofie Gråbøl Nominated
2010 Best Actor - Drama Series Nicolas Bro Nominated
2013 Best Actress in a TV Series Sofie Gråbøl Won
2013 Best TV drama series Nominated


Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Novel adaptations

Based on the scripts, the three seasons also appeared as novel versions . The German translations are by Barbara Heller and Rudolf Hernstein .

  • David Hewson , Søren Sveistrup: The Killing , Macmillan , London 2012 (English, adaptation of the first season)
  • David Hewson: The Killing II , Macmillan, London 2013 (English, adaptation of the second season)
  • David Hewson: The Killing III , Macmillan, London 2014 (English, adaptation of the third season)


Two remakes of the series have already been made as television series: The American remake The Killing consists of 44 episodes in four seasons, which the TV station AMC first broadcast from 2010 to 2014. The series is set in Seattle , the protagonist is played by Mireille Enos . Furthermore, a Turkish remake was created, which bears the title Cinayet and consists of a season that appeared in 2014. The main role is played by Nurgül Yeşilçay .


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