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Christian Wolff (2005)

Christian Wolff (born March 11, 1938 in Berlin ) is a German actor , dubbing and audio book speaker . He played his best-known role between 1989 and 2006 as forester Martin Rombach in the television series Forsthaus Falkenau .


Christian Wolff studied acting at the Max Reinhardt School in Berlin from 1955 to 1957 .

He was already known as a young actor. He made his debut in 1957 in the lead role of Veit Harlan's controversial film Different from You and Me . The FSK initially did not approve this film because it portrayed homosexuality too positively. The modified version finally shown in West German cinemas is also considered homophobic . In Austria the film ran unchanged under the original title The Third Sex . This was followed by crime and entertainment films such as On the day when the rain came , Alt-Heidelberg , Crime after school , Rheinsberg , Via Mala at the side of Gert Fröbe and The blue moth with Zarah Leander . For his portrayal in the drama Crimes after school , Wolff received the 1959 Critics' Prize at the San Sebastián Film Festival . In 1960 the bronze Bravo Otto followed the youth magazine Bravo .

Christian Wolff (center) with Christine Kaufmann (left) and his wife Marina Handloser (2014)

In the 1970s and 1980s, Wolff appeared in many television series and television films. In 1983 ZDF showed the film adaptation of Else Ury's baby boy with him in the lead role of the father and doctor Dr. Ernst Braun. The series was broadcast as a Christmas series in six episodes . In the 1990s, in addition to the TV series Forsthaus Falkenau , he shot many feature films for ZDF. He played together with his son Patrick Wolff in some television films such as Migratory Birds of Love and The Light of Africa . Wolff was also present on television in the 2000s.

Christian Wolff played his probably best-known role from 1989 as forester Martin Rombach in the family series Forsthaus Falkenau . The series became a long-running hit and rated success for ZDF in the 1990s. In 2005 Wolff announced that he was leaving the series. Wolff stood in front of the camera for over 2200 days of filming for the longest running early evening and family series in Germany. Wolff cited a heart attack in 2003 as the reason for his exit, which caused him to want to turn off fewer episodes, but which was against the ZDF's plans. Wolff was on December 29, 2006 for the last time as a forester in the series. With a feature film, the forester said goodbye to South Africa, where he runs a farm that he inherited from a friend.

In 2014 he starred in two movies: in stairs up and in the film Hanna's sleeping dogs next to Hannelore Elsner .

In addition to his work as an actor, Wolff dubbed Pierre Brice , Alain Delon and Anthony Perkins, among others . He was a speaker in TV documentaries and radio play productions such as B. The Heart of the Pirate by Benno Pludra or The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen . In addition, at the beginning of each new episode of the Christmas series Patrik Pacard broadcast in 1984 and the Christmas series Anna broadcast in 1987, he summarized the events so far from the off .

Wolff has also been seen as a theater actor on numerous stages since the beginning of his career, for example at the Deutsches Theater in Munich , the Hebbel Theater in Berlin, the Zimmertheater Hamburg or the Komödie im Bayerischer Hof in Munich. On numerous tours he played roles in classics such as The Merchant of Venice and Nora . His more recent theater activities in 2018/2019 included the plays Kerle im Herbst or once again in love by Joe DiPietro .

Private life

Wolff's first marriage was to actress Corny Collins . His son Sascha, born in 1967, comes from his second marriage to actress Helga Lehner . On June 27, 1975, Wolff entered into his third marriage with the Munich journalist Marina Handloser, whom he had met two years earlier. The son Patrick , born on November 11, 1975 , also became an actor and stood in front of the camera with Christian Wolff on various occasions. Wolff lives in Aschau im Chiemgau .

Filmography (selection)


TV films and series

  • 1959: Cabal and love
  • 1959: Post-school crimes
  • 1962: Weather changeable
  • 1963: My wife Susanne
  • 1963: ... and today in the theater: Lady Frederick
  • 1963: fireworks
  • 1963: The night at the lake
  • 1964: The coffee house
  • 1964: Alarm in the aquarium
  • 1965: The Keys ( Durbridge three-part )
  • 1965: The Crime Museum (episode The Letter )
  • 1965: The diplomat on hold
  • 1966: Nice stories with mom and dad
  • 1967: Diaries
  • 1967: A castle in Sweden
  • 1968: Sherlock Holmes (episode Das Beryll Diadem )
  • 1968: Lebeck
  • 1968: The story of Vasco
  • 1969: Father Brown (episode The Point of a Needle )
  • 1969: My sons-in-law and I (8 episodes)
  • 1970: Police radio calls (episode before the statute of limitations )
  • 1970: the girl of my dreams
  • 1970: The Chosen
  • 1970: The Minister and the Duck
  • 1971: The almost crashed trip
  • 1971: lucky guys
  • 1972: Hamburg Transit (following accident in the marina )
  • 1972: The pictures are running
  • 1973: Algebra at eight (follow-up class reunion )
  • 1974: Engadiner Bilderbogen (13 episodes)
  • 1974: The sham meal (from the series: The World of Hedwig Courths-Mahler )
  • 1974: An unloved woman
  • 1975: The passed out horse
  • 1975: a very common story
  • 1976: crime scene - cash drop
  • 1976–1977: The Enterprises of Mr. Hans (20 episodes)
  • 1977: Derrick - (Follow Via Bangkok )
  • 1978: Lady Audley's Secret (two-part)
  • 1979: Commissariat 9 (4 episodes)
  • 1980: Weekend
  • 1981: The Laurents (4 episodes)
  • 1982: My son, the minister
  • 1983: Derrick - (Follow Secrets of a Night )
  • 1983: The robbery of the Sabine women
  • 1983: Nesthäkchen (6 episodes)
  • 1985: Three ladies from the grill (4 episodes)
  • 1985: Limitless sky blue
  • 1986: The Secret of Lismore Castle
  • 1986: Broken bridges
  • 1988: Diary for a murderer
  • 1989–2006: Forsthaus Falkenau (223 episodes)
  • 1991: The men from K3 (follow-up anesthesia for the afterlife )
  • 1992: Wolffs Revier (Follow Reicher Gigolo )
  • 1994: The dream ship - Dubai
  • 1995: Islands under the wind
  • 1996: Rosamunde Pilcher - A special love
  • 1997: Cape of Good Hope (6 episodes)
  • 2000: Voice of the Heart
  • 2001: migratory birds of love
  • 2001: Lawyer of the Heart
  • 2002: Decision in Mauritius
  • 2003: The Light of Africa
  • 2004: Secret of the Caribbean
  • 2007: Fjords of Longing
  • 2007: Inga Lindström - Vickerby forever
  • 2007: Rosamunde Pilcher - Victory of Love
  • 2008: The dream hotel - China
  • 2009: Venice forever
  • 2008, 2010: SOKO Munich (episodes Requiem and On the Hunt )
  • 2011: Der Bergdoktor (episode The Course of Things )
  • 2012: SOKO Wismar (episode The most beautiful car in the world )
  • 2015: up the stairs
  • 2016: Hanna's sleeping dogs
  • 2018: The Specialists - In the Name of the Victims (episode The Lie )
  • 2019: SOKO Munich (episode The American Friend )

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