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Audience in front of the Kursaal Auditorium at the 53rd San Sebastián Film Festival

The International Film Festival of San Sebastián ( English : San Sebastian International Film Festival , abbreviated SSIFF ; Spanish : Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián ; official name: Donostia Zinemaldia - Festival de San Sebastián ) is a week-long international film festival . The venue for the festival is the Basque city ​​of Donostia-San Sebastián in Spain .


The San Sebastián Festival first took place on September 21, 1953. It has been classified as a so-called A festival by the Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films (FIAPF) . In addition to the official competition, which among other things helps the festival to be classified as an A festival, there are the following sections:

  • Zabaltegi (a kind of "best of" competitions at other festivals)
  • Horizontes Latinos (a retrospective of Latin American filmmaking)
  • Historical retrospective
  • Contemporary retrospective
  • Culinary Zinema
  • New Directors

In 1953 and 1954, only Spanish films were eligible for the competition.

The main prize of the jury is the golden shell ( Concha de Oro ), derived from the name of the characteristic bay “La Concha”, which is the symbol of San Sebastián. In addition, the “Silver Shell for Best Director” ( Concha de Plata al Mejor Director ) will be awarded. Since 1986, the Donostia Prize ( Premio Donostia , Basque Donostia Saria ) has been awarded annually to key people from the film industry whose life's work is to be recognized.

Since 1999, the international film critics association FIPRESCI has been awarding its Grand Prix de la FIPRESCI , a critics award for the film of the year (see FIPRESCI award for winners ) on the occasion of the San Sebastián International Film Festival .

In the past few years, the festival has felt the effects of the subprime crisis and, as a result, of the euro crisis , which particularly affected Spain. Festival director Jose Luis Rebordinos explained the relatively low presence of film stars for an A festival in 2013 with limited financial possibilities: “Unfortunately, we now have a certain uncertainty about how much money we will have at the end. That can mean that agreements with Hollywood stars do not come about because the travel costs are very high. "

Golden Shell Winner

year Movie Director country
1957 Grandmother Sabella (La Nonna Sabella) Dino Risi Italy , France
1958 Eva wants to sleep (Ewa chce spac) Tadeusz Chmielewski Poland
1959 Nun's Story (The Nun's Story) Fred Zinnemann United States
1960 Romeo, Juliet and the Darkness (Romeo, Juliet a tma) Jiří Weiss Czechoslovakia
1961 The Possession (One-Eyed Jacks) Marlon Brando United States
1962 Island of Forbidden Love (L'Isola di Arturo) Damiano Damiani Italy
1963 mafioso Alberto Lattuada Italy
1964 The Indomitable (America, America) Elia Kazan United States
1965 The 27th floor (Mirage) Edward Dmytryk United States
Zlatá reneta Otakar Vávra Czechoslovakia
1966 I was happy here (I Was Happy Here) Desmond Davis United Kingdom
1967 Two for the Road (Two for the Road) Stanley Donen United Kingdom
1968 Deadly Day (The Long Day's Dying) Peter Collinson United Kingdom
1969 Never love a stranger (The Rain People) Francis Ford Coppola United States
1970 Ondata di calore Nelo Risi Italy , France
1971 Claire's knee (Le genou de Claire) Eric Rohmer France
1972 The Glass House (The Glass House) Tom Gries United States
1973 The spirit of the beehive (El espíritu de la colmena) Víctor Erice Spain
1974 Badlands - Shattered Dreams (Badlands) Terrence Malick United States
1975 Poacher (Furtivos) José Luis Borau Spain
1976 When the gypsies move (Tabor ukhodit v nebo) Emil Lotjanu Soviet Union
1977 Unfinished score for a mechanical piano
(Neokonchennaya pyesa dlya mekhanicheskogo pianino)
Nikita Mikhalkov Soviet Union
1978 Alambrista (Alambrista!) Robert M. Young United States
1979 Osennij marafon Georgi Daneliya Soviet Union
1985 Yesterday Radoslaw Piwowarski Poland
1986 Half of Heaven (La Mitad del Cielo) Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón Spain
1987 Urs al-jalil Michel Khleifi Israel , France , Belgium
1988 Black Hill (On the Black Hill) Andrew Grieve United Kingdom
1989 Homer and Eddie (Homer and Eddie) Andrei Konchalovsky United States
The secret nation (La Nación clandestina) Jorge Sanjinés Bolivia
1990 Letters from Alou (Las cartas de Alou) Montxo Armendáriz Spain
1991 Butterfly wings (Alas de mariposa) Juanma Bajo Ulloa Spain
1992 A place in this world (Un lugar en el mundo) Adolfo Aristarain Argentina , Spain , Uruguay
1993 Principio y fin Arturo Ripstein Mexico
Sara Dariush Mehrjui Iran
1994 Your time is running out, killer (Días contados) Imanol Uribe Spain
1995 Margaret's Museum Mort Ransen Canada , UK
1996 Bwana Imanol Uribe Spain
Trojan Eddie Gillies MacKinnon United Kingdom , Ireland
1997 Life is a game (Rien ne va plus) Claude Chabrol France , Switzerland
1998 The last cinema in the world (El viento se llevó lo qué) Alejandro Agresti Argentina , France , Netherlands , Spain
1999 C'est quoi la vie? François Dupeyron France
2000 La Perdición de los hombres Arturo Ripstein Spain , Mexico
2001 A taxi for three (Taxi para tres) Orlando Luebbert Chile
2002 Mondays in the sun (Los lunes al sol) Fernando León de Aranoa Spain , France , Italy
2003 Gunfire fear Ditto Tsintsadze Germany
2004 Turtles can fly (Lakposhtha hâm parvaz mikonand) Bahman Ghobadi Iran , Iraq , France
2005 The season of happiness (Stesti) Bohdan Slama Czech Republic , Germany
2006 Half Moon (Niwe mung) Bahman Ghobadi Iran , Iraq , Austria , France
2007 Mr. Shi and the Song of the Cicadas
(A Thousand Years of Good Prayers)
Wayne Wang United States
2008 Pandora's Box (Pandoranin kutusu) Yeşim Ustaoğlu Turkey , France , Germany , Belgium
2009 City of Life and Death Lu Chuan China , Hong Kong
2010 Gangs of Glasgow (Neds) Peter Mullan United Kingdom , France , Netherlands
2011 Los pasos dobles Isaki Lacuesta Spain , Switzerland
2012 In her house (Dans la maison) François Ozon France
2013 Pelo malo Mariana Rondón Venezuela , Peru , Argentina , Germany
2014 Magical girl Carlos guess France , Spain
2015 Sparrows Rúnar Rúnarsson Denmark , Iceland , Croatia
2016 I Am Not Madame Bovary (我 不是 潘金莲Wǒ bú shì Pān Jīnlián ) Feng Xiaogang China
2017 The disaster artist James Franco United States
2018 Entre dos aguas Isaki Lacuesta Spain
2019 Pacificado ( Pacified ) Paxton Winters Brazil

Winner of the Silver Shell for Best Director

The Silver Shell for “Best Director” ( Spanish : Concha de Plata al Mejor Director ; Basque : Zuzendari Onenaren Zilarrezko Maskorra ) is one of the most important awards at the film festival.

year Director Movie
1953 Rafael Gil La guerra de Dios
1954 Pedro Lazaga La patrulla
1956 Pietro Germi The red signal (Il ferroviere)
1957 Alfréd Radok Dedécek automobile
OW fisherman I search for you
1958 Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo - From the realm of the dead (Vertigo)
1959 Alfred Hitchcock The Invisible Third (North by Northwest)
Folco Quilici Dagli Appennini all ande
1960 Sidney Lumet The Man in the Snakeskin (The Fugitive Kind)
1961 Alberto Lattuada Before the light goes out (L'imprevisto)
1962 Mauro Bolognini Senilità
1963 Robert Enrico At the heart of life (Au coeur de la vie)
1964 Miguel Picazo Aunt Tula (La Tía Tula)
1965 Mario Monicelli Casanova '70
1966 Mauro Bolognini Madamigella di Maupin
1967 Janusz Morgenstern Jowita
1968 Peter Collinson The Long Day's Dying
1974 Yannick Bellon Liberation from marriage
1977 Alf Brustellin and
Bernhard Sinkel
The girls war
1978 Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón Sonámbulos
1979 Pál Gábor Vera's upbringing (Angi Vera)
1984 Valeria Sarmiento Notre mariage
1985 Francisco José Lombardi The city and the dogs (La ciudad y los perros)
1986 Axel Corti Wherever and back - Welcome to Vienna
1987 Dominique Deruddere Crazy Love
1988 Gonzalo Suarez Remando al viento
1989 Miroslaw Bork consul
1990 Joel Coen Miller's Crossing
1991 Bruce McDonald Highway 61
1992 Goran Marković Tito i yes
1993 Philippe Lioret Tombés du ciel
1994 Danny Boyle Little Murders Among Friends (Shallow Grave)
1995 Mike Figgis Leaving Las Vegas
1996 Francisco José Lombardi Under the skin (Bajo la piel)
1997 Claude Chabrol Life is a game (Rien ne va plus)
1998 Fernando León de Aranoa Barrio
1999 Zhang Yang The bath house (Xizao)
Michel Deville ( ex aequo ) Diary of a country doctor (La Maladie de Sachs)
2000 Reza Parsa Storm of Retribution (Före Stormen)
2001 Jean-Pierre Améris C'est la vie
2002 Chen Kaige Xiao's way (He Ni zai yi qi)
2003 Bong Joon-ho Memories of Murder (Salinui chueok)
2004 Xu Jinglei Letter from an Unknown Woman (Yi ge mo sheng nu ren de lai xin)
2005 Zhang Yang Sunflower (Xiang ri kui)
2006 Tom DiCillo Flashlight Thunderstorm (Delirious)
2007 Nick Broomfield Battle for Haditha
2008 Michael Winterbottom Genova
2009 Javier Rebollo La mujer sin piano (Woman Without Piano)
2010 Raul Ruiz The secrets of Lisbon (Mistérios de Lisboa)
2011 Filippos Tsitos Adiko's cosmos
2012 Fernando Trueba The girl and the artist (El artista y la modelo)
2013 Carlos guess Magical girl
2014 Fernando Eimbcke Club sandwich
2015 Joachim Lafosse Les chevaliers blancs
2016 Hong Sang-soo Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot
2017 Anahí Berneri Alanis
2018 Benjamin Naishtat Rojo - If everyone is silent, nobody is innocent (Rojo)
2019 Aitor Arregi , Jon Garaño , Jose Mari Goenaga La trinchera infinita / The Endless Trench

Donostia Award winner

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